2A-A: Margaret Guthrie

Margaret Guthrie bef.1775 MD or NC – p1820TN & John Forrest
of Maryland, North Carolina, and Tennessee, USA

Parents: James Guthrie c1720IRE-1801NC & Elizabeth (MNU)
Birth: Before 1775, probably 1765-1770
Birth Location: Near Baltimore, Maryland or Orange County, North Carolina
Marriage: Before 1792 in North Carolina
Death: After 1820, probably 1820-30
Death Location: Carroll County, Tennessee, USA
Burial: Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, McKenzie, Carroll, Tennessee, USA
Margaret Guthrie is one of six daughters born to James & Elizabeth (MNU) Guthrie, the others being Ann, Mary, Martha, Jean, and Elizabeth. She had 2 brothers, James and Robert. The last will and testament of her father, James Guthrie bequeathed his married daughters a token 10 shillings each, suggesting that he had already provided them with their inheritance. He also named all of his namesake grandsons, including James Forrest. Margaret and her husband are a difficult couple to track down. All of the Guthrie children and their spouses moved from Orange, NC to Tennessee and/or Kentucky between 1791-1815. I believe that the John Forrest Household found in 1820 Humphreys County, Tennessee belongs to this family as one of its neighbors is the household of John Madden. Margaret’s sister Jean Guthrie married John Madden. The John Forrest listed as the HOH is likely a son rather than the husband, suggesting that she was widowed by that date. The website for the Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery lists daughter Elizabeth T (Forrest) Hamilton, mentions her parents “Mr Forrest” and Margaret (Guthrie) Dooewar” as though Margaret may have remarried after Forrest’s death. The surname may be a spelling variant of Dewar / Duerr. No info found.

Parents: Unknown
Birth: Unknown
Birth Location: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Death: Before 1820
Death Location: Tennessee, USA (presumably)
Burial: Tennessee, USA (presumably)
Mr Forrest’s given name may or may not be John. That name is found in records for Orange County, North Carolina. He presumably married Margaret Guthrie sometime before the birth of their daughter Elizabeth T Forrest in 1792 North Carolina. They lived in Humphreys County, TN and were there by 1812 when Elizabeth married Thomas Hamilton.


Elizabeth Forrest was born on 25 February 1792 in North Carolina, presumably either Caswell or Orange County. She moved to Tennessee with her parents settling in Humphreys County, Tennessee. She married Thomas Hamilton there on 2 January 1812. They moved to Carroll County, Tennessee where they were members of the Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Elizabeth died on 16 April 1858 and Thomas in 1879. “Amiable and beloved parents farewell, your worth is not recorded on this perishing stone but in the Book of Life and in the tears of your afflicted friends.”
1) Washington Ewing Hamilton 1812TN-1852TX married Ellender McClarey +children
2) Sarah C Hamilton 1815TN-1845TN married Robert Baker +children
3) Margaret Barnett Hamilton 1817TN-1891KY married Sidney S Broach +children
4) Jane L Hamilton 1818TN-1878TN married James Robinson Knox +children
5) William F Hamilton 1821TN-1842TN. No further details.
6) Elizabeth Ann Beard Hamilton 1823TN-1893TN married Ephraim Mark Cannon +children
7) Mary Susan Hamilton 1826TN-1891TN married Ephraim Cleveland Davidson +children
8) Martha Harriet Hamilton 1828TN-1902TN. No further details.
9) James Robert B Hamilton 1831TN-1904TN married Martha Louise Smith +children
10) Lucy Fatima Hamilton 1834TN-1907TN married Sidney Story Carroll _children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descends from a female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: No

James Forrest was born in North Carolina in 1795. He was named in the last will & testament of his grandfather, James Guthrie, along with all of the other grandchildren named for him. They all received 5 pounds to be cared for by their parents with interest. His parents moved to Humphreys County, TN along with a cluster of other extended relations: Maddens, Barnetts, Latimers, and Guthries heading from NC to TN. James married Sarah Dunlap there on 8 February 1814. He served during the War of 1812. Like many men within the family circle, James Forrest became a Cumberland Presbyterian Minister. He has a timeline and bio listed on Cumberland.org. His wife and children are listed in the Forrest Family Bible. James died on 16 March 1856 in Humphreys County, TN. Sarah died in 1880.
1) Margaret A Forrest 1817TN-1843TN married Allen Eaton Carter +children
2) Lydia Adeline Forrest 1819TN-abt1857TN married John M O’Guin +children
3) William L C Forrest 1820TN-1855TN. No further details.
4) Jane H J Forrest 1822TN-1897TN married John Hiram Knight +children
5) James Richard B Forrest 1824TN-bef1908 married 1st Margaret E Andrews, 2nd Mary H Parker +children
6) Samuel L Forrest 1826TN-1842TN died at 16 years of age.
7) Eli Guthrie Forrest 1828TN-1883TN married Angeline Forrest Alexander +children
8) Nancy T Forrest 1830TN-1837TN died in childhood.
9) Elizabeth L Forrest 1834TN-1851TN died at 17 years of age.
10) John T Forrest 1836TN-1863TN married Margaret M Fiser +children (incl. son named John Guthrie Forrest)

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descends from a female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: No

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