2A-D: Elizabeth Guthrie

of Fayette and Greene Counties, Pennsylvania

Parents: Archibald Guthery 1753PA-1779PA & Rebecca Phillips
Birth: 20 December 1774
Birth Location: Fayette County, Pennsylvania
Marriage: 29 November 1798 in Pennsylvania, USA
Death: 20 December 1857
Death Location: Center, Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA
Burial: Fordyce Cemetery, Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA
Elizabeth Guthrie was the eldest of three children of Archibald Guthery and Rebecca Phillips. Her father died during the Revolutionary War when she was about 4 or 5 years of age. Her mother Rebecca remarried to Solomon (or Samuel) Hobbs. After their 1798 marriage Jacob and Elizabeth settled in Greene and Franklin in Greene County. Between 1810-20 they made their home in Center, Greene, PA and remained there. Elizabeth died in 1857 and Jacob tw0 years later.

Parents: Samuel Fordyce 1734-1824PA & Elizabeth Clough Huggins
Birth: 16 October 1772
Birth Location: Morris, New Jersey
Occupation: Farmer
Death: 21 November 1859
Death Location: Center, Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA
Burial: Fordyce Cemetery, Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA
Jacob’s father, Samuel Fordyce, may have been born in Scotland or Ireland. Online references are inconclusive and some list Aberdeen, Scotland as a birth location. George Fordyce (1663-1733) of Broadford, a merchant and Provost of Aberdeen, had 20 children, one of whom was James Fordyce, DD(1720-1796), a Scottish Presbyterian minister and poet best known for his collection of sermons published in 1766 as Sermons for Young Women. Popular culture today may be familiar with Fordyce’s Sermons as being mentioned in the movies based on Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice wherein Mr Collins reads to his cousins. It is unknown whether Samuel Fordyce, and therefore, Jacob was a relative.

Samuel was a Revolutionary War soldier serving in the Morris County New Jersey Militia. The family had 11 children and Jacob was one of the youngest. He was a farmer, married Elizabeth Guthrie in 1798 and settled in Greene County, Pennsylvania.


Solomon Fordyce was born on 16 September 1799 in Franklin, Greene, PA. He was twice married, first on 31 October 1822 to Catherine Crouse, born 20 Jan 1803 and died 26 April 1859. He remarried to Sarah Leonard, born on 26 Aug 1809. Children by both marriages. Catherine’s three children: John, Elizabeth and Solomon. Sarah’s children: Milton, Martha, David, George, Rachel, Joseph, and Jacob. Solomon died on 1 April (or May) 1865 in Greene, PA. His will was probated on 13 May 1865. He is buried at Fordyce Cemetery.
1) John A Fordyce 1823PA-1904PA married Sarah Simmons +children
2) Elizabeth Fordyce 1825PA-1859PA married David K Fry +children
3) Solomon Fordyce 1827PA-1837PA died in childhood aged 10
4) Milton Fordyce 1832PA-1840PA died in childhood aged 7
5) Martha Fordyce 1834PA-1840PA died in childhood aged 5
6) David Fordyce 1837PA-1840PA died in childhood aged 2
7) George Fordyce 1841PA-???? – Not found after 1850 census.
8) Rachel Fordyce 1843PA-1933PA remained unmarried. Died at aged 89. Accidental death due to gas stove fire.
9) Joseph Fordyce 1846PA-1896PA married Sarah Ann Carter +children
10) Jacob Fordyce 1849PA-1862MO was unmarried at the time of his death during the Civil War.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: No

Rebecca Fordyce was born in Greene, Greene County, Pennsylvania on 12 January 1802. She married there on 1 January 1823 to farmer Samuel Crouse (1798-1885). They remained in Greene County living in Center township raising a family of 11 children. The Waynesburg Republican reported Samuel Crouse’s death on 6 Oct 1885 indicating that the “Deceased was a good, kind-hearted citizen, always ready to assist the poor and needy in time of want. He made a profession of religion when quite young, and so lived that his daily walks were in accordance with his religion, dying in the hope and firm belief of wearing the crown that is promised to the faithful. His wife had many years ago passed on before him. The sorrowing firends have the sympathy of the community.” Rebecca had died on 24 December 1853. The are buried in the Crouse Cemetery in Rogersville, Greene, PA.
1) Lucind Crouse 1823PA-1886IL married Byron Masters +children
2) Benson F Crouse 1825PA-1890KS married Melissa Ambrose Allen +children
3) Layton Crouse 1827PA-1890PA married Catherine Thomas +children
4) June Crouse 1829PA-???? Is this a real person? Not sure. Need info.
5) Jane Crouse 1830PA-1916IL married Abraham J Syphers +children
6) Spencer Crouse 1831PA-1900NV died unmarried, a prospector.
7) Franklin Crouse 1834-???? No further confirmable data found.
8) Elizabeth Crouse 1836PA-1916PA married Dr Thomas T Williams +children
9) Enos G Crouse 1839Pa-1892PA married Mary Elizabeth Bennett +children
10) Carolina Crouse 1841PA-1871PA married Silas Walter Martin +children
11) Unidentified Child

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: Yes

Mary Fordyce was born on 22 November 1803. She married David Wilson (1810-1862) about 1825 likely in Greene County, PA. The family lived in Fayette County, PA until David’s death in 1862 and then Mary moved to Center in Greene. She died on 13 January 1882.
1) Helen ‘Ellen’ Wilson 1826PA-1912PA married Isaac Childs +children
2) James Wilson 1828PA-1864VA married Sabina Davis +children – died during the Civil War
3) Peter Thomas Wilson 1831PA-1870PA married Nancy Hughes +children
4) Simeon Laughrey Wilson 1832PA-1913PA married Elizabeth McKnight +children
5) Elizabeth Wilson 1833PA is listed in the 1850 and 1860 census in Fayette, PA. No further data.
6) David Wilson 1834PA-1905PA married Maria McKnight +children
7) Justin Wilson 1836PA-1863NC died during the Civil War and appears to have been unmarried.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: No

Jane Guthrie was born on 16 Oct 1805 or 1806. She married John Leonard, a Methodist Minister, on 14 Nov 1830 in Greene County, Pennsylvania. He was born on 27 Nov 1810 and died 31 March 1858, the son of William Leonard and Elizabeth Whitlatch. Jane outlived her husband. She died on 8 January 1876. They lived in Greene County throughout their lives and are buried in Fordyce Cemetery.
1) Tom Leonard 1832PA – ???? iss listed with the family in 1850 at age 18. No further data.
2) Lot Leonard 1835PA-1904KS married Julietta Lane +children
3) Sarah Elizabeth Leonard 1839PA-1919PA married Samuel Carlisle Shakespeare +children
4) Jacob Fordyce Leonard 1838PA-1912OH married Elizabeth Ann Craig +children
5) Nancy M Leonard 1840PA-1930NC married Isaac Bennett. No children.
6) Asa Shinn Leonard 1842PA-1921MI married 1st Adelia M Reynolds +children, m2nd Mary F Taylor
7) Jane Leonard 1848PA-1858PA died in childhood at aged 10.
8) George W Leonard 1851PA-1877 died unmarried at 25 years of age.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: No known descendants.

“Archibald G. Fordyce Sr, died at his home in Center township, (Greene) county, Friday evening, April 28 at five o’clock. Mr Fordyce was 85 years of age and was among the oldest and best known citizens of that community. He had formerly resided three miles west of Waynesburg at what is known as the Adamson farm but had lived at his late home for about 55 years. He was an upright, honest man, known for his integrity and respected by all his neighbors and acquaintances. He had been a member of the Christian denomination for many years and was faithful in church work. He was married twice, his first wife being Nancy Leonard who died about thirty-five years since. He afterward married Miss Elizabeth Simmons, who survives him. He also leaves a family of eight children living. They are: Silas, Albert G., Mrs Jesse Wood, Mrs. A.B. White, all of Bluff postoffice; Jacob L and Mrs Edward Wood, of Michigan, Barnet, of North Dakota and Mrs E J Eagon, of S. Dakota. One child, Wm C, is dead. The funeral was held on Sabbath last at 11 am. The remains were laid to rest in the burial ground on the home farm.” [Waynesburg Republican, May 4, 1893 (Greene County, PA)] Sons Oscar and Samuel Fordyce also predeceased their parents. The two youngest children are from the second marriage.
1) Jacob Leonard Fordyce 1828PA-1913MI married 1st Sarah Jacobs +children, married 2nd Elizabeth Ann Craig.
2) Elizabeth Jane Fordyce 1830PA-1907MI married Lafayette A Eagon +children
3) Maria Fordyce 1832PA-1922PA married Jesse Chesny Wood +children
4) Sarah Fordyce 1834PA-1912PA married Edward Wood +children
5) William C Fordyce 1835PA-1888WV married Malinda Simmons +children
6) Oscar Fordyce 1840PA-1861PA died unmarried at 21 years old.
7) Silas G Fordyce 1842PA-1907PA married Mary Jane Orndoff +children
8) Barnett Fordyce 1848PA-1906PA married Martha Mildred +children
9) Clarinda Fordyce 1851PA-1907PA married Annanias R Whyte +children
10) Samuel W Fordyce 1857/8PA-1862PA died in early childhood.
11) Albert Giles Fordyce 1859PA-1902PA married Malissa Ann Burge +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: No

Jacob F Fordyce was born on 4 December 1809 in Greene County, Pennsylvania. He was a farmer and a Republican. He married Martha Reinhart on 3 Oct 1830. They raised 8 children:
1) Jesse Fordyce 1831PA-1885PA married Rachel Orndoff +children
2) Hannah Mary Fordyce 1832PA-1877PA married John Remley +children
3) Archibald Fordyce 1837PA-1899MI married Martha J Leonard +children
4) Elizabeth Fordyce 1839PA-1918PA married George H Watson +children
5) Simon Rinehart Fordyce 1841PA-1907PA married Elizabeth Orndoff +children
6) Rebecca Fordyce 1844PA-1871MI married John L Leonard +children
7) Nancy Jane Fordyce 1845PA-1922PA married John T Cole +children
8) Martha Fordyce 1847PA-1918PA married Zadock Wells +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: No

John Wesley Fordyce was born on 13 Feb 1812 in Greene County, Pennsylvania. He married there in 1833 to Sarah Bayn (Bane or Bean), who became mother to his 7 children. John was a farmer. She died in 1879 in Coe, Isabella, Michigan. He married again when he was 70 years of age to Elizabeth Jones Knapp. He died 12 March 1894 and she followed two years later in 1896.
1) Thomas J Fordyce 1834PA-1913MI married 1st Elizabeth Jane Turner, 2nd Francis Emeline Wilcox. No children.
2) Isaac Newton Fordyce 1836PA-1910MI m.1st Harriet R Norris +children, m.2nd Hattie V Wellman +children
3) Solomon H Fordyce 1838PA-1928MI married 1st Leah Simmons, 2nd Hattie Smith +children
4) Elizabeth Mary Fordyce 1842PA-1925MI married Morris Pethtel +children
5) John Milton Fordyce 1842PA-1897WV or MI married Cassandra Steward +children
6) Martha Jane Fordyce 1845PA-1920MI married John McClellan +Children
7) Winfield Scott Fordyce 1852PA-1930MI married 1st Clarinda Parkinson +children, 2nd Mary Kirby +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: No

Elizabeth Fordyce was born on 3 March 1816 and died at 11 years of age on 26 July 1827 in Greene County, PA.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Descendant of a female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Project Participants: N/A – Died in Childhood. No Descendants.


BOOK: ‘Descendants of Samuel Fordyce (1734-1824)‘ compiled by Jim Fordyce, 1999. Source: Fordyce.org

BOOK: The Tenmile Country and its Pioneer Families, by Howard L Lecky, includes entries on the Fordyce family.

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