The earliest ancestor named for Guthrie Family Group 14 is George Nelson Guthrie of New York, not to be confused with other men of a similar name from Pennsylvania or New York. We don’t have a solid history for George including his dates and places of birth and death. His story occurs at the time of the American Revolution when he moved his family westward to safety, while his 4 brothers stayed behind to fight for the rebel cause. There is also a YDNA mismatch. Is George Nelson Guthrie the progenitor of this entire group, or do his brothers also share the same Joyce YDNA as his descendants?



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  • Descendants of George Nelson Guthrie & Unknown (MNU)
  • Descendants of William Guthrie 1803NY-1853NY & Susan Wright

There is no documentation on the identity of George Nelson Guthrie’s brothers or parents. This was a family of “pioneers, farmers, and distillers.” The route taken was reportedly from NY to NJ into PA and then OH.  

William Guthrie was born in NY on 18 Jul 1803. So, his parents were still in NY by the time George Nelson Guthrie had taken his family away from the area. William remained in NY his entire life, and married in 1831 to Susan Wright in Salem, Washington County, NY. Her family was from Hebron, Washington, NY. William was a cooper by trade. 


Since William Guthrie does not appear to be the son of George Nelson Guthrie, it is likely that he is a nephew, a son of one of the unidentified brothers who remained in New York. This would indicate that Joyce YDNA was probably introduced to this Guthrie line in the generation of George’s father. It could be further back, but if that was the case we would probably see more matching results. Who were George Nelson Guthrie’s brothers? Are there any Joyce households in the earliest US census / tax records for New York, and are they living near any Guthrie households?

If William Guthrie is indeed a nephew of George Nelson Guthrie, or any indirect relationship, it means that George was not the only Guthrie of his generation to possess Joyce/Joice DNA. At minimum, he would have had to have 1 Guthrie sibling with the same DNA. Either an example of 2 paternal events within the same generation or an adoption of multiple children. Another likely reason is that the father of George Nelson Guthrie also carried Joyce/Joice Y-DNA and passed it on to his sons. If this is the case, then we presume that all 4 of George Nelson Guthrie’s brothers would also have the Joyce/Joice Y-DNA, and that the originating paternal event or adoption would have been in earlier generations, most likely in Ireland because that is the origin of their genetic matches’ Joyce lineages. Future DNA Tests of Guthrie men might reveal new matches to the Joyce/Joice DNA providing us with more clues about their Irish and NY origins. 

The Guthrie men of this group are encouraged to participate in the Joyce DNA Project at FTDNA. An upgrade to the Big-Y 700 test is also encouraged by that group administrator in order to compared Joyce family branching so that you may determine which line you are most closely related.

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