2A-F: Abigail Guthrie

of Middlesex & Litchfield, Connecticut

Parents: John Guthrie 1700CT – 1756CT and Abigail Coe 1702CT-1747CT
Birth: 3 May 1742
Birth Location: Durham, Middlesex, Connecticut
Baptism: 21 July 1742 by Rev Nathaniel Chauncey
Death: 4 June 1761
Death Location: Connecticut
Burial Location: Unknown, presumably in Connecticut.

Abigail Guthrie was one of John and Abigail’s youngest children, yet only their second daughter. Her father died in 1756 when she was only 14. He made a bequest of “a two-year old heifer and one calf and four sheep; one bed and bedding; one pot; one large brass kettle; one peel; one pair of tongs; one trammel; a trunk; one warming-pan; all to be at her own dispose forever’, which seems to be typical for unmarried daughters. Abigail died at the age of 19 on 4 July 1761, cause unknown. There is no mention of her listed in Old Judea Cemetery where her parents are buried.