2A-H: William Guthrie

William Guthrie 1740-43PA – c1803/04VA and Esther McClellan and Franky Haley
of Chester County, Pennsylvania and Shenandoah County, Virginia

Parents: John Guthrie 1708 IRE – 1790PA and Ann Hill (or Emmons) 1715 IRE – 1814PA
Birth: 1740-1743 {Not 1836. See Notes.}
Birth Location: Chester County, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Unknown
Military Service: Revolutionary War [Possible, but not as originally reported. See notes.]
Marriage 1st: Esther McClelland about 1759 in Pennsylvania
Marriage 2nd: Mrs Frances ‘Franky’ (Haley) Young on 19 Jan 1796 in Shenandoah, Virginia, USA
Death: About 1803-1804 {Not 10 Mar 1823. See Notes}
Death Location: Shenandoah County, Virginia, USA {Not Henry County, KY. See Notes}
Burial Location: Unknown

Parents: William McClelland ‘whose descendants are in York and Adams Counties, PA’
Birth: 1740
Birth Location: Chester County, Pennsylvania
Guthrie Children: John (1760), Nancy (1763), Ann (1764), Daniel (1766), William (1769), Esther (1771), Polly (1773)
Death: 1794
Death Location: Waynesboro, Augusta, Virginia, USA
Burial Location: Unknown, presumably in Waynesboro, Augusta, Virginia

Parents: Benjamin Haley 1726-1800VA and Elizabeth Agnes Hawkins 1726-17??
Birth: 1756
Birth Location: Unknown, probably Virginia
Marriage 1st: Alexander Wright bet. 1777-1784 probably in Virginia, USA
Marriage 2nd: Edwin Young on 19 Dec 1785 in Orange County, Virginia, USA
Marriage 3rd: William Guthrie on 19 Jan 1796 in Shenandoah County, Virginia, USA
Wright Children: Possibly yes. Needs verification as Alexander Wright was previously married.
Young Children: Possibly yes. Needs verification as Edwin Young was previously married.
Guthrie Children: Haley Guthrie
Death: Between June 1834 and April 1835
Death Location: Page County, Virginia, USA
Burial Location: Unknown, presumably in Virginia, USA


William Guthrie was the eldest son of John Guthrie of Londonderry, Northern, Ireland who settled in Oxford Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania about 1730 and his wife Ann. The family story revealed in American Guthrie and Allied Families, p.160 includes a DOB of 1736. This date was a calculation from the death age of William Guthrie of Henry County, KY, a Revolutionary War Pensioner, whose information has been incorrectly attributed to this William Guthrie. (More on that below.) The 1736 DOB left a 9 year gap between William and his next closest sibling born in 1745. This discovery makes much more sense for William Guthrie’s timeline. A basic estimation of being at least 18 at his first marriage in 1761 and no more than 5 years older than his next sibling provides an est. birth range of 1740-1743.

The family were members of Middle Octorara Church, and both William and his sister Mary were married there by the Rev. John Cuthbertson to siblings Esther (15 Jun 1761) and Thomas McClelland (15 Dec 1762) as noted in the Cuthbertson Diary. Note that the transcription of the diary names Esther as Esther McDowell rather than McClelland. Unknown if Esther was previously married or if this was a transcription error. All other references list her as a McClelland and identify her as the sister of Thomas who married Mary Guthrie.

The McClelland family is briefly discussed as one of the Allied Families, pp.565-566 . The father of Esther and Thomas McClelland is stated to be a William McClelland whose descendants resided in Chester and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania. Different versions exist in online trees which will not be addressed due to conflicting data. Esther was born about 1740. She was the mother of the majority of William’s children. They had seven known children born between 1760 – 1773.

(((((AGAF, p.160 tells us that after their marriage, William Guthrie and Ester removed to that portion of York County, PA, which was called the Monaghan Settlement, now embraced in northwestern Adams County, PA, but that in early 1777 William moved the family to Augusta County, VA. Despite having moved his family, he reportedly returned to York, PA where he enlisted in the 7th Regiment of the Pennsylvania Continental Line, on 27 May 1777. The footnote #127 in the appendix on p.693 discuss the Rev. War Services of the William Guthrie who was born in 1836 and died in 1823 in Henry County, KY. Those records do not identify his parents, or the name of his wife, but she was alive in 1810 during the Census of Henry County, KY when he and an inferred spouse were living there. She died prior to one of his attestations dated 1820, when he also revealed he had only 1 son with whom he had not spoken in 5 years, and 1 daughter, who had nine children and a poor husband. None of the details of his personal life fit what is known about William Guthrie, son of John & Ann, spouse of Esther McClelland Guthrie and Franky Haley Young Guthrie, or their children. There is a large file of documents at Fold3 detailing the service record of William Guthery of Henry, KY, and letters from a few people seeking information for inclusion in their DAR/SAR applications querying about different men of the same name. Examining other records in Henry County, KY shows Property Records:
DB-5, p.193 Property purchase by William Guthrie of Henry County, KY from Baronet Chasten and wife Sally of Washington County in Indiana Territory, consideration $500, 136 acres on Floyd’s Creek
DB-6, p.200, Property sale by William Guthrie of Henry County, KY, and wife Catherine of Clark County, Indiana to Stephen Drane of Shelby County, KY, consideration $112, 136 acres on Floyd’s Creek

William Guthrie’s wife died prior to 1820. He died in 1823.
However, the property and census records of Henry County, KY show that another William Guthrie (1784-1854) a son of Thomas Guthrie and Mildred Howell came there from Shelby County and purchased land on the Little Kentucky River. His brother Robert also arrive about the same time and purchased land. So, those records belong to different individuals.)))))

Note that the Revolutionary War Pension Act of 1818 was not created as public policy during the lifetime of William Guthrie, who died in Shenandoah County, Virginia bet. 1803 – early 1804. (More on that below.)
The pension record documents for this other William Guthrie list his residence in Henry County, Kentucky. He enlisted in York County, PA in 1777 and served as a Private in Capt. William Alexander’s Company belonging to the 7th Pennsylvania Regiment commanded by Colonel William Erwin of the Pennsylvania Line and Gen. Anthony Wayne’s Brigade for 4 years. He was discharged at Trenton, NJ. Battles included Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth and Paoli. Another document in the packet is an entry for the Henry County KY July Court 1823 stating that William Guthry died intestate and assigning John Montgomery as his administrator. Another listed his DOD specifically as 10 March 1823, as sworn to by Booth Tucker and Moses Hankins.

After the death of his wife, Esther, William sold his Augusta, VA home to one of his sons and returned to live in York County, PA until about 1800. During his time there he remarried to widow Frances “Franky” (Haley) Young on 19 Jan 1796 in Shenandoah County, VA but the Rev. John Coonts. She had been married and widowed twice, first to Alexander Wright and secondly to Edwin Young. Some of the Wright children may belong to Franky, but detailed research about their identities and birthdates is required to make that determination. No children to the second marriage have been noted to belong to Frankey, but there were several children of Edwin Young listed in an 1837 lawsuit. It is noted in the suit that Frankey “took her dower in slaves, then she married William Guthrie.” No further information known about the status of the slaves after her subsequent marriage, but census records show that William’s son John Guthrie was a slave holder. There was one child born to Frankey’s marriage to William Guthrie, a son named Haley Guthrie whose story is found in American Guthrie and Allied Families beginning on p.60.

Although William’s second marriage had taken place in Shenandoah County, Virginia, it appears that he was still living York, PA until about 1800. There is a notation of him witnessing a property transaction in Shenandoah on 13 March 1798, but he had given his son-in-law, Isaiah Roberts, power of attorney to transact business for him in that county from 29 Mar 1795 through 23 Jan 1800 when it was finally revoked. William died in Shenandoah County, VA bet. 1803 – 1804. His executors conducted an estate sale on 9 Nov 1804 and an inventory and appraisement was later ordered to be recorded on 9 Dec 1805. A final accounting was entered October 1806.

Frances “Franky” Guthrie is listed as 70-80 during the 1830 census where she is listed next to the household of Haley Guthrie in Western District, Shenandoah, VA. She died about 1835. An estate sale was held in Page County, VA on 7 Apr 1835.


1760PA – 1845VA

John Guthrie’s birth year is given in AGAF as 1760. That may be an approximate date as Rev. Culbertson’s diary recorded William and Esther’s marriage as occurring in June of 1761. His family moved to Augusta County, VA when he was still a boy. The family were members of Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church (originally founded in 1740 by missionaries from Pittsburgh), which is the oldest Presbyterian congregation in the Shenandoah Valley. He married two first cousins. His marriage to Margaret Gilkeson occurred on 15 May 1794 by the Rev. John McCue. She was the daughter of Hugh Gilkeson and Elizabeth Guthrie. They had 10 children and remained residing in Waynesboro, Augusta, Virginia. The 1830 census shows that his household included a total of 44 people: 16 white family members and 28 slaves. By 1840 the household had dwindled in size to 3 white family members and 12 slaves. About five years after Margaret’s death in 1815, when he was about 60 years old, John married Ann Guthrie, who was a spinster daughter of James Guthrie and Sarah Love. She was about 47 at the time of her marriage to John, and they had no children. She died on 27 April 1832 in Fishersville, Augusta, Virginia, and is buried at Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church. John Guthrie died on 27 January 1845 in Augusta County, Virginia.
1) Hugh Gilkeson Guthrie 1795VA-1881VA m.1849 Mrs. Elizabeth ‘Bettie’ Evans (Patterson) Gilkeson. No children.
2) William Gilkeson Guthrie 1796VA-1886VA (farmer) m. Margaret McClanahan +child
3) Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Guthrie 1798VA-1879VA m.1817 Charles Harrison (Dancing Instructor). Children Unknown.
4) David Guthrie 1801VA-1877VA m.1845VA Jane Ann Paxton +children
5) Matilda Guthrie 1803VA-1873WV m.1824 George Evans Craig +children
6) Hadassah McClellan Guthrie 1805VA-1886VA m.1827VA Robert Stuart Moffett +children
7) Ann Guthrie 1808VA-1887KY m. Samuel Wallace. No children
8) Amanda Guthrie 1810VA-1875IL m.1838VA Jacob Lehre Guthrie +children
9) Margaret Lynn Guthrie 1813VA-1893VA m.1841VA Daniel Fishburne +children
10) John Gilkeson Guthrie 1815VA-1891VA m.1846 Adeline Barclay Paxton +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes

1763PA – 1807OH

Nancy Guthrie was born 30 December 1763 in Pennsylvania. She married Isaiah Robert in Augusta County, VA on 14 Jan 1794 presided by the Rev. John McCue. They had temporarily settled in Kentucky prior to a permanent home in Highland County, Ohio by 1800. They had 4 sons and 3 daughters prior to her death at 43 years of age on 13 Jun 1807. Isaiah remarried sometime prior to 1830 to Elizabeth (Lewis) Bottleman / Beidelman by whom she had at least 4 children. Christian and Elizabeth (Lewis) Bottleman’s eldest daughter, Mary, married Isaiah and Nancy (Guthrie) Robert’s eldest son, James. Elizabeth died on 15 March 1850. Isaiah Roberts died on 17 April 1850 in White Oak, Highland, Ohio. Isaiah, Nancy, and Elizabeth along with children and family members are buried at The Roberts Cemetery on land that was once part of the Roberts homestead farm.
1) James Perry Roberts 1794KY-1863OH (farmer) m1.1813OH Mary Bottleman, m2. 1856 Eliza Miller +children
2) Polly Roberts 1796KY-1796KY died in her infancy.
3) Mary Roberts 1798OH-1883OH m.1818OH John ‘Jack’ Davidson (farmer) +children
4) Abraham Roberts 1800OH-1876OH (farmer) m.1829OH Mary Ann ‘Polly’ Fender +children
5) Nancy Roberts 1802OH-1818OH died at 15 years of age.
6) Isaiah Roberts Jr 1806OH-1871IA m.1836OH Margaret ‘Peggy’ Wilkin +children
7) Judah Roberts 1807OH-1812OH died at 5 years of age.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

1764PA – 1816KY

Ann Guthrie was born in Pennsylvania about 1764. She married Isaac Blain on 9 April 1794 in Augusta County, VA. They settled in Lincoln County, Kentucky prior to 1800 when Isaac shows up on the local tax list. Both Isaac and Ann Blain were witnesses to the Lincoln, KY will of William Giles written 5 July 1805 (WB-C p43). Isaac died in Lincoln County, KY bet. Nov and Dec 1807 and Ann in 1816. American Guthrie and Allied Families (p.160) mentions only one son, James, who after the death of his parents moved to Missouri (census records show he ended up in Fannin, Texas). Isaac Blain’s will dated 23 Nov 1807 names James Blain, George Blain, and Polly Blain as his three eldest children and then mentions, but does not name youngest child/children.
1) James Guthrie Blain 1796VA – 1871TX m.1825KY Nancy Davis Lewis +children
2) George Blain 1801KY – Aft.1850 was still single in 1850. No further data.
3) Polly Blain 1805KY – Aft. 1850 was still single in 1850. No further data.
4) John Blain Abt. 1807KY – Aft. 1850 was still single in 1850. No further data

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

1766PA – ????IL or KY

Daniel Guthrie was born about 1766 in Pennsylvania and moved with his parents and siblings to Augusta, VA in 1777. Years later, he sold his share of the family estate to his brother, John Guthrie on 9 Jan 1799: Daniel Guthrie to John Guthrie, Jr, for 90 pounds, 40 acres, conveyed to him by William Guthrie, Sr., May 2, 1795. (Augusta County VA Deeds, liber 30, folio 212). Daniel married Nancy Shackleford on 26 Dec 1800 in Lincoln County, Kentucky. Be aware that another woman of the same name, Nancy Shackleford, born about 1799VA married Henry C Guthrie (GFG5 / unrelated to this family) in Fayette County, KY in 1796. American Guthrie and Allied Families lists two children for Daniel and Nancy, a son and a daughter, John and Catherine.

The 1810 Census of Lincoln, KY lists a Daniel Guthrie Household: 1M and 1 F 26-44, 2M under 10 and 2F under 10, which would suggest a much larger family. Daniel Guthrie and family appear to have moved temporarily to Randolph County, Illinois.Their daughter Catherine born in 1828 is listed with a birthplace of Illinois. There is a Daniel M Guthrie listed in the 1825 Kaskaskia, Randolph, IL state census (2FWM 21 and up, 1F), and a Daniel Guthrie on the 1830 census for Randolph County, Illinois: 1M60-69 (1761-1770, 1F50-59 (1771-1780), 1F under 5 (1826-1830), 1F Slave under 10 (1821-1830).

They reportedly had an older child, John Guthrie, who may be the man listed in the Randolph, IL census in his own household. I found no concrete data on Daniel Guthrie’s DOD or place of death. It appears that his widow Nancy returned to Hopkins County, Kentucky where she died on 2 July 1857. She is buried at Union Cemetery in Nebo with a grave marker identifying her as the wife of Daniel Guthrie. The 1850 census of Hopkins,KY lists her living with Catharine Guthrie, 22, and a John F Dobyns, 40.
1) John Guthrie 1801-10KY – ????. No further data.
2) (FNU Son) Guthrie 1801-10KY – ????. No further data
3) (FNU Daughter) Guthrie 1801-10KY – ????. No further data.
4) (FNU Daughter) Guthrie 1801-10KY – ????. No further data.
5) Catharine Guthrie 1828IL – Aft 1850. m. (FNU) Reynolds. Unknown if there were children. No further data.

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

1769PA – 1855IL

William Guthrie was born in Pennsylvania on 11 Nov 1769 and moved with the family to the Shenandoah Valley of Augusta County, Virginia in 1777. After making a move to Franklin County, Kentucky, he met and married Katherine Lehre at the home of Henry Payne, located between Lexington and Frankfort, Kentucky on 8 June 1797. Soon afterward, the couple moved to Ross County, Ohio where they lived for several decades until moving to Paris, Edgar County, Illinois. According to the family story in AGAF, William Guthrie moved with his unmarried children to Paris, Edgar County, Illinois after the death of his wife Katherine on 20 Jan 1843. However, Katherine’s marker is also found in Paris at Edgar Cemetery. William died on 9 Oct 1855 and is interred there.
1) Anna Marie Guthrie 1798KY – 1855OH m.1814OH Richard Ritter +children
2) Miranda Guthrie 1800OH – 1855IL – Unmarried. Buried at Edgar Cemetery in Paris, Edgar, IL.
3) John Guthrie 1802OH – 1854IN m.1826OH Barbara Foy +children
4) Caroline Matilda Guthrie 1806OH – Aft. 1850IL m.1827OH Joseph Robinson Griffith +children
5) Louisiana Guthrie 1806OH – 1865IL m.1849IL William Fellows – No children.
6) William Guthrie 1808OH – 1874IL m.1834OH Lucretia Henderson +children
7) Martha Jane Guthrie 1810OH – 1881IL m.1832 John Dill Wallace +children
8) Jacob Lehre Guthrie 1812OH – 1858IL m.1838 Amanda Guthrie d/o John & Margaret (Gilkeson) Guthrie +children
9) Daniel Guthrie 1817OH – 1869IL m.1867 Margaret Ann Guthrie d/o William Gilkeson & Margaret (McClanahan) Guthrie – No Children.
10) Horatio Nelson Guthrie 1820OH – 1897IL – Never Married
11) Emily H Guthrie 1820OH – 1886IL m.1843IL Stephen Ogden +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: No
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

1771PA – ????

Esther Guthrie was born in or about 1771 in Pennsylvania. The family moved to Augusta County, Virginia in 1777. She married a Mr. Monroe. No further details are known.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

1773PA – ????

Polly Guthrie, probably a nickname for Mary, was born in or about 1773 in Pennsylvania. The family moved to Augusta County, Virginia in 1777. She married a Mr. Bigham. The closest marriage record I could find is a Polly Guthrie to an Adam Bingaman in Montgomery, VA on 29 Jun 1802. Bingaman is probably related to this family from Virginia. No Family Trees or additional records with Guthrie connections to expand on that theory. No further details.

Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

Bet.1795-1800 – Bet.1831-32VA

This one gets a little complicated.

The family data on Haley Guthrie is reported by Laurence R Guthrie in ‘American Guthrie and Allied Families’ on pp.60-61 as a proposed descendant of GFG5 associated with the family of Henry Guthrie and (the other) Nancy Shackleford. The Virginia connection of both families perhaps made the choice a difficult one due to lack of any other documentation. Y-DNA testing has since proven Haley Guthrie’s direct male descendants belong to GFG2A. Reading about William Guthrie’s 2nd marriage to Mrs Frankey Young wasn’t an automatic fit until realizing that she had been twice married prior to her attachment to William Guthrie and that her maiden name was Haley.

Haley Guthrie was born between 1795 and 1800. He married Mrs Annie Dearing on 11 June 1821 in Shenandoah County, Virginia, their bondsman being Robert Allen. His wife’s maiden name was Frances ‘Fanny’ Allen. She had a daughter, Elizabeth Dearing, with her first husband. A few months after their marriage, Haley and Fanny sold 50 acres of land in Culpepper County, VA to John Allen, likely her brother. This was the same tract of land left to her by her father in his will.

LRG makes one additional supposition regarding the identity of Haley and Fanny’s children that likely includes an error. He identified that George Wyatt Guthrie 1826-1896 might also be their son, however other sources list parents as John William Guthrie and Elizabeth White, a GFG1A family, which makes sense when reviewing descendant names.

For now, it appears that Haley and Fanny were parents to 1 son and 4 daughters. The 1830 household of Haley Guthrie in Western District, Shenandoah County, Virginia lists: 1M 30-39, 1F 20-29, 1F 10-14, 1M 5-9, 2F under 5, and 3 slaves. Haley Guthrie, who had been living next door to William’s widow, Fanny (Haley) Guthrie, which is another reason to connect him to the GFG2A family, died in Page County, Virginia between 1831-1832. An estate appraisement and sale was conducted on 8 March 1832 pursuant to a court order dated Feb. Term 1832. A further accounting with a notation about interest from 1 Jan 1833 was reported on 31 Aug 1839 by administrator Daniel Strickler.

Fanny (Allen) Guthrie lived for a time in Rockingham County, Virginia. Ten years after her husband Haley Guthrie’s death, she had a son born on 7 Jan 1841 named Andrew Jackson Guthrie. Descendants attribute this son to a Guthrie marriage, listing either Haley Guthrie (long dead) or some variation of his name. Confusion over his father’s identity can been seen in various trees listing him as Alie/Eli Guthrie (phonetic variations of Haley), Page Guthrie (Page County, VA being the location Haley and Fanny lived and died), and Alexander (presumably an elongated version of Alie) and an amalgamation Alexander Page/Paige Guthrie. No marriage record has been found under those names to suggest that Fanny legally remarried.

Additionally, a direct male descendant of her son Andrew Jackson Guthrie matches Booher/Bucher Y-DNA, so it is likely that she had a relationship with a man of that surname in 1840. Her child would have retained the Guthrie surname because that was her legal widowed surname at the time of his birth. The parents listed on his 1869 marriage record to Sarah Eye are Eli Guthrie and Frances Guthrie, and his death record as Alie Guthrie and Fanny Smith. No info on source of the Smith name, but it cannot be the Frances Smith documented in some trees as living in Rappahannock, VA in 1880 and dying about that year because the probate of Frances Guthrie’s estate is documented in 1879 WV.

Fanny (Allen) Guthrie died about 1879 in Pendleton, West Virginia. The probate of her estate was dated 12 July 1879 with her son Andrew J Guthrie as her executor, and daughter Jane Bolton also acting as security.
STEPCHILD (Dau. of Fanny):
1) Elizabeth Dearing 1819VA-1886WV m.1833VA Henry Z Houdersheldt +children
CHILDREN (of Haley and Fanny):
1) William Guthrie 1821-25VA – aft. 1900MD m1.1849 Sarah Hartman, m2.1863 Phebe (Robertson) Flinn +children
2) (FNU Daughter) Guthrie 1826-1830VA – ???? – No further details.
3) Nancy E Guthrie 1826VA – 1890MO m.1844VA Ahio Hartman +children
4) Jane Guthrie abt.1831VA – 1894WV m1.1849VA George Bolton, m2.1882WV Robert Eye +children
OTHER CHILD (Son of Fanny):
1) Andrew Jackson Guthrie 1841VA-1931WV m. 1869WV Sarah Eye +children

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Autosomal DNA Participants: Yes


BOOK: Guthrie, Laurence R., ‘American Guthrie and allied families : lineal representations of the colonial Guthries of Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North and South Carolina, some post-Revolutionary emigrants and of some allied families‘, Kerr Printing, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, 1933. Digital Repository: Family Search. [See p.160 for William Guthrie and Esther McClellan and Franky (Haley) Young. See p60 for information on Haley Guthrie of Shenandoah, VA.]

BOOK: The Cuthbertson Diary – A Biographical Sketch of the Rev. John Cuthbertson, The First Reformed Presbyterian Minister in America from 1751-1791, Published Pittsburgh, PA, 1878. Digital Repository: The Digital Shoebox Project at Digitalshoebox.org [See the “G” images on p.25-28]

BOOK: Munsell, Frank, ‘American Ancestry: Embracing lineages from the whole of the United States‘ Harvard University, 1898. Digital Repository: Google Books. [See Biographical Sketch of John Newton Craig whose wife was Matilda Guthrie, daughter of John and Margaret (Gilkeson) Guthrie and granddaughter of William and Esther (McClelland) Guthrie, p136.]

BOOK: Patterson, Robert G., ‘Tirzah’s Packet: Willson, Patterson, and Blackwood Family Letters, 1837 to 1929, Collected and Preserved by Tirzah (Willson) Patterson, Memphis, TN, Nov 2007. [Includes mentions of descendants of John Guthrie and Margaret Gilkeson in various letters and text. See. The Guthrie Siblings, pp.118-119.]