1A-A: James Guthrie (1st of Craigie)

James Guthrie 1698SCT – 1788SCT and Elizabeth Gardyne d.1745
1st Baron Guthrie of Craigie
of Dundee, Angus, Scotland

JAMES GUTHRIE, 1st Baron Guthrie of Craigie
Parents: James Guthrie (merchant) 1669SCT-1710SCT and Christian Scott 1669SCT-aft.1710SCT
Birth: 28 March 1698
Birth Location: Dundee, Angus, Scotland
Baptism/Location: 30 March 1698 at Dundee, Angus, Scotland
Marriage/Location: Elizabeth Gardyne (Gairden) on 22 July 1733 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland
Occupation: Proprietor / Land Owner
Death: 9 March 1788 (age 89)
Death Location: Dundee, Angus, Scotland (presumably)
Burial Location: Dundee, Angus, Scotland (presumably, specific location unknown)
As is the tradition for those in Dundee, James Guthrie’s baptism was witnessed or sponsored by several “name fathers”: James Guthrie, son to Mr Jo: Guthrie, merchant; Ja: Crawford, son to __: Crawford, merchants, James Mare merchant.”

The lands of Craigie, prior to creation of the Barony, were held by several prominent families living in the vicinity of Dundee leasing it out to tenant farmers during the medieval period. Boundaries of the Barony went through frequent changes as individual territories were exchanged between abbeys, merchants, towns, and nobles. The Kyd family remained in possession of most land within Craigie until the mid 18th century. Patrick Kyd was 1st Baron Kyd of Craigie between 1666-1677, and afterward James Kyd, 2nd Baron Kyd of Craigie bet. 1677-1728, but James Guthrie had been buying up the Craigie properties over the course of a couple of decades. By early as 1728 he was referenced in documents as being “of Craigie” .

James Guthrie of Hiltoun of Craigie and other lands, is recorded in a crown charter of 12 February 1729 also as James Guthrie 1st Baron of Craigie, 6 Aug 1764. He purchased the lands of Craigie from the Dundee Town Council. By 1770, James Guthrie was the 3rd greatest value landowner in Dundee. (Directory of Landownership in Scotland circa 1770)

The seat of the Barony was Craigie House, built either by the 1st Baron of Craigie, James Guthrie, or his son.

James Guthrie of Craigie & Miss Eliz. Gairden were thrice proclaimed in a day being contracted on 21 July and married on 22 July 1733 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland.

Parents: David Gardyne, 4th of Lawton, 1st of Middleton, and Ann Graham
Birth: After 1706 (probably 1706 – 1716)
Birth Location:  Angus, Scotland (probably)
Baptism/Location: No document found, but likely in Angus, Scotland
Children: Ann (1734), Christian (1736), Jean (1737), Emelia (1739), James (1740), David (1742), Lilias (1744)
Death: 25 July 1745
Death Location: Angus, Scotland
Burial Location: Inverkeilor, Angus, Scotland
Elizabeth died in 1745, after giving birth to 7 children. Her husband James outlived her by 43 years. The memorial stone inscription for the David Gardyne family of Middleton includes: “David heir to Robert Lawton, marrd. Ann Graham of Fintray, 1706. Their issue, Eliza. who married James Guthrie.” (Monuments)

Y-DNA Project Participants: Yes
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

1734 SCT- Aft.1767 SCT
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

The eldest daughter of James Guthrie and Elizabeth Gardyne was named Ann. She was born abt./baptized on 21 Oct 1734 in Dundee. Her baptismal record identified her parents as “James Guthrie of Craigie & Eliz. Gardyne” and her Name Mothers: Ann Murray, lady of Trenlic(?), and Ann Graham, Lady of Lawton, grandmother.

An Old Parish Record was found for Anne’s marriage dated 15 Dec 1765:
“Mr James Paterson, surgeon, & Miss Anne Guthrie lawful daughter of James Guthrie of Craigie…. (by Mr Roberts) Contracted 14, married 15 Dec 1765.

Paterson Children: 1
1) James Guthrie Paterson – born 11 / baptized 11 Jan 1767 in Dundee – Parents: Mr James Paterson, chirurgeon, Mrs Anne Guthrie, Sponsors: J. Guthrie Esq. of Craigie, Mrs Emilia Guthrie, & D. Scott

1736 SCT – Aft. 1775SCT
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

Christian Guthrie was born 1 March 1736 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland. Her “name mother” was her grandmother, Christian Scott.

The Nielson marriage occurred when Christian was 26 years of age, on 25 November 1762 in Dundee. “Richard Neilson of Corsick & Ms Christian Guthrie daughter of James Guthrie of Craigie.” Richard, a manufacturer and surgeon in Dundee, was a son of John Neilson and Janet Rae.

Corsock (rather than Corsick) refers to the seat of the Neilson family in Kirkcudbrigtshire, Dumfries and Galloway. See Neilson’s of Corsock.

One OPR Death and Burial Record was found for Dundee listing Mr Richard Neilson on 17 Dec 1776. That date makes sense as Richard and Christian had a child almost every consecutive year up to 1775. There are 8 records for infants/children/women named Christian Neilson bet. 1775-1830, but none in Dundee. In 1775, Christian would have been 39 years of age, certainly young enough to remarry even with 11 children to her name. There are 6 marriages of a Christian Neil/Neilson in Scotland, none specifically in Dundee, bet. 1777-1800.

Neilson Children: 11
1) John Neilson – Born 1 / Bapt. 5 Jan 1764: Parents: Richard Nielson of Corsick Esq and Mrs Christian Guthrie, Child: John, Name Fathers: J. Nielson of Corsock Esq father’s father, J. Guthrie Esq, mother’s brother. No further details.
2) James Neilson – Born 5 / Bapt. 12 May 1765, Parents: Richard Nielson of Corsock and Mrs Christian Guthrie, Child: James, Name Father: J. Guthrie of Craigie. No further details.
3) Elisabeth Neilson – Born / Bapt 25 Apr 1766, Parents: Richard Nielson of Corsock and Mrs Christian Guthrie, Child: Elisabeth, Name Mother: Comm: (In commemoration of) E. Garden Lady Craigy, grandmother. No further details.
4) Richard Neilson – Born 20 / Bapt 22 Jun 1767, Parents: Richard Nielson of Corsock and Mrs Christian Guthrie, Child: Richard, Name Father: R Rae, gr f. No further details.
5) William Neilson – Born 21 May 1768, Parents: Richard Neilson of Corsoick and Mrs Christian Guthrie, Child: William, Name Fathers: William Tod, merchant in London, grand uncle, William Collon, merchant in London, second cousin. This son presumably died in infancy or prior to 4 years of age as there is another son by the same name born in Feb 1772. No further details.
6) Janet Neilson– Born 25 Jun, Bapt. 1 Jul 1769, Parents: Richard Neilson of Corsock and Mrs Christian Guthrie, Child: Janet, Name Mother: Janet Rae gr.mother. No further details.
7) Amelia Neilson – Born Oct 20, Bapt. Nov 2 1770, Parents: Richard Neilson of Corsock and Christian Guthrie, Child: Amelia, Name Mothers: Amelia Gardyne Lady Blackness, Amelia Murray, Lady Craigie, Amelia Guthrie, aunt. No further details.
8) Archibald Neilson – Born 11 Feb / Bapt. 27 Feb 1772, Parents: Richard Neilson of Corsock and Christian Guthrie, Child: Archibald, Name Father: Archibald Neilson, uncle. Deaths reported by Edinburgh Magazine for 1823 — “At London, Archibald Neilson, merchant in London, son of the late Richard Neilson, Esq. of Corsock.” There is a will for Archibald Neilson whose heir is a natural daughter __ Neilson and her husband Thomas Carmichael. Difficult to read if anyone wants to give it a whirl.
9) William Neilson – Born 1 Feb / Bapt. 11 Feb 1773, Parents: Richard Neilson of Corsock and Christian Guthrie, Child: William, Name Fathers: William Tod, merchant in London, g uncle, William Collon, 2d cousin. There are 2 death/burial records for Dundee: 4 Dec 1786 and 11 Sep 1799. No further details.
10) David Neilson – Born 15 / Bapt. 18 May 1774, Parents: Richard Neilson of Corsock and Christian Guthrie, Child: David, Name Fathers: David Guthrie, uncle, David Gardyne of Middletown. No further details.
11) Josiah Martin Neilson – Born 19 / Bapt. 21 Oct 1775, Parents: Richard Neilson of Corsock and Christian Guthrie, Child: Josiah Martin, Name Father: Josiah Martin, Governor of North Carolina. (This is an interesting historical connection. Martin was a friend of Archibald Neilson c1745-1805.).

1737 SCT – 1737-38 SCT
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie / No Descendants
Autosomal DNA Participants: N/A – No Descendants

Jean Guthrie was born and/or baptized on 3 December 1737 and died in her infancy, presumably in Dundee, Angus, Scotland. This child needs some source documentation. No OPR birth or death record found.
Children: N/A – Died Young

1739 SCT – 1795 SCT
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No Known Descendants

The transcription lists Emelia’s birth/baptism as 23 Jan 1739, but the original image appears to list the 25th and describes the date and time as Monday 5 in the Morning. A day of the week calculator reveals that the 25th was actually a Sunday, so it may be that she was actually born on the 26th, or maybe it’s a difference in calendars. Her baptismal record does not list any sponsors, witnesses, or name mothers.

Contracted on 25 April and Married on 29 April 1767 at Dundee, Angus, Scotland:
Mr John Bell, merchant in Dundee, & Mrs Amelia Guthrie lawful daughter of James Guthrie Senr of Craigie.

There was only 1 burial record for a John Bell in Dundee between 1767 and 1795. He was buried on 7 May 1787.

The burial record for Emilia (Guthrie) Bell is listed as “Emly Guthrie” on 12 Nov 1795 in Dundee, and a newspaper notice reads: At Mayfield, Mrs Emelia Guthrie, widow of the deceased Mr John Bell, late merchant in Dundee. (The Edinburgh Magazine-1795)

Bell Children: None Found
No OPR birth/baptismal records found listing children.

CHILD 5: JAMES GUTHRIE, 2nd Baron Guthrie of Craigie
1740 SCT – 1830 SCT
Y-DNA Project Participants: YES
Autosomal DNA Participants: No

James Guthrie’s birth/baptismal record in the OPR lists “May 15th” (1740) and then “Thursday 7th alt night”. Parents: Mr James Guthrie of Craigie and Mrs Eliz. Gardyne, Child: James. There are no witnesses, sponsors, or name fathers listed.

On 26 Nov 1767, James Guthrie married Aemilia (Emilia/Amilia) Murray, a daughter of Alexander Murray of Lintrose, a merchant burgess.

James Guthrie certainly lucked out through the Laws of Primogeniture considering he had several sisters born before him. As the eldest male in the family he served as heir to his father and became 2nd Baron Guthrie of Craigie in 1788.

He obtained Crown Charters on 5 July 1792 and 5 July 1815. On 16 April 1817, James Guthrie of Craigie was admitted as a burgess of Dundee. He was considered a landowner of “moderate” fortune.

Emilia died on 7 Nov 1824. James died 14 January 1830.

Guthrie Children: 11
1) James Guthrie (1768-1795) – Lt. Royal Navy (HMS Victory, HMS Providence)
Born 1 / Bapt. 13 Aug 1768 – Parents: James Guthrie of Craigie and Mrs Amelia Murray, Child: James, Name Father: James Guthrie, grandfather.
This son joined the Royal Navy and served with the infamous Captain Bligh, but that service did not occur on the HMS Bounty where the mutiny occurred. James Guthrie is not listed amongst the officers or crew of that vessel. Instead, James Guthrie, 2nd Lieutenant, is listed on the HMS Providence, a brand new frigate with three decks, armed with 12 carriage guns, and 14 swivels, carrying a crew of 134 on Captain Bligh’s second fruit bread expedition to Tahiti and Australia from 3 Aug 1791-7 Aug 1793. James’ health failed during this voyage. He was invalided home, but did not make it back to Scotland. He died on 10 July 1795 at Innsbruck, Austria. Unmarried. No children.
2) Alexander Murray Guthrie (1769-1829)
Born 8 / Bapt. 10 Dec 1769 – Parents: James Guthrie of Craigie and Amelia Murray, Child: Alex. Murray, Name Father: Alexr. Murray, merchant in Dundee, grandfather.
Alexander Murray Guthrie married Margaret Makgill on 26 April 1815 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland:
Alexr. Murray Guthrie, Esq. younger of Craigie, St. George’s Parish, and Miss Margaret McGill, St Andrews Parish, youngest daughter of the late George McGill Esq. Kemback
Alexander Murray Guthrie was admitted as a burgess of Dundee on 6 Aug 1817 by right of his father James Guthrie of Craigie.
Alexander was not expected to inherit the Barony of Craigie, but when his older brother James died in 1795 prior to their father, Alexander then assumed that expectant role. However, on 31 Dec 1829, he too died just 14 days prior to his father, and so their lands and title of Craigie passed to the next generation, Alexander’s only son, James Guthrie, 3rd Baron Guthrie of Craigie. James served as such from 1830-1866, but died unmarried and without heirs. He left the lands and title of Craigie to his cousin, George Makgill of Kemback, who held it for a year prior to returning it to the Guthries. (See Succession and more Family History)
Children: James Guthrie (Abt. 1816)
3) Lilias Guthrie (1772-1845)
Born 1 / Bapt. 9 Oct 1772 – ParentsL James Guthrie of Craigie Esquire and Amelia Murray, Child: Lillias, Name Mother: Lillias Stewart, grandmother.
At Dundee, Angus, Scotland, Contracted June 8 and Married June 12 1794 – Geo. Cheape in parish of Strathmeiglo & Miss Lillias Guthrie daughter of Jas. Guthrie Esq of Craggie in this parish.
This family resided in Strathmiglo, Fife, Scotland and are enumerated there during the 1841 census of Scotland. Lillias died on 1 Dec 1845 and George in 1850. They are buried at Strathmiglo Cemetery in Fife.
Children: James (1795), Robert Clerk (1798), Emily (1800), George Clark (1801), Alexander (1803), Helen (1805), Hugh (1808), and Elizabeth (1812).
4) John Guthrie (1774-bef. 1791)
Born 16 Feb / Bapt. 2 Mar 1774 – Dundee – Parents: James Guthrie Junr. of Craigie and Mrs Amelia Murray, Child: John, Name Fathers: John Murray of Lintrose, John Lyon of Brigton.
This son likely died during infancy or childhood. Another son by the name John was born in 1791. There are 5 John Guthrie records in Dundee dated 1774-1791 without ages, COD, or relatives listed for identification.
Children: N/A – Died Young
5) Elisabeth Guthrie (1775-1814)
Born/Bapt. 28 Jun 1775 – Dundee – Parents: James Guthrie Esq. of Craigie, Child: Elisabeth, Name Mother: Elizabeth Gardyne, Grandmother.
The marriage of John Rait Esq of Anniston and Miss Elisabeth Guthrie of Craigy Dundee was recorded 23 March 1799 in the Inverkeilor church register. The Dundee register lists the marriage contract on 23 March 1799 and the marriage on April 26. “John Rait Esqr. of Anniston in the Paris of Inverkeilor & Miss Elizabeth Guthrie daur. of James Guthrie Esq. of Craigie in this Parish.” John Rait was 51 years old at the time of the marriage. He had inherited the moveable estate of his grandfather in addition to Anniston House. Elizabeth died on 5 Feb 1814, less than 15 years after her marriage. John died at Anniston House in 1823, aged 75. They had six sons and three daughters.
Children: William (1800), Georgina Henrietta Rait (1801), John (1803), James (1804), Agnes (1805), Amelia (1807), and Murray (1811)
6) George Dempster Guthrie (1777-1813) – Honorable East India Company
Born 9 / Bapt. 22 Aug. 1777 – Dundee – Parents: James Guthrie of Craigie Esq. and Amelia Murray, Child: George, Name Father: Geo. Dempster of Dunnichen, Esq.
George Dempster Guthrie and Barbara Dunbar were married in Oct 1806 in Delhi, Bengal, India.
Serving with the Honorable East India Company, in 1795 he was the Superintendent of Police and Justice of the Peace in Calcutta, Bengal, India.
Died at Sea on 16 Sep 1813, aged 36, Ship: Countess of London – “On his passage to the Cape of Good Hope, George Dempster Guthrie, Esq., in the service of the Honorable East India Company.” His estate was probated 19 Sep 1814.
Barbara died 21 Aug 1834 at Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.
Children: Charles Seton Sinclair (1807), James Baillie (1809)
7) Amelia Guthrie (1780-1844)
Born / Bapt. 21 Feb 1780 – Dundee – Parents: James Guthrie Esq of Craigie and Amelia Murray, Child: Amelia, Name Mothers: Amelia Guthrie, aunt.
Amelia Guthrie resided with her sister at Carlton Place, Regent Terrace in Edinburgh. She was there during a break-in by a 16-year old thief in 1832.
She died unmarried at 64 years of age in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland on 10 Apr 1844 leaving a will.
Children: None
8) Henry Guthrie (1785-1800) – Royal Navy – East India Company
What is a younger son to do but join the Royal Navy? It seems that Henry Guthrie followed in the seafaring ways of his older brothers. The “Earl Talbot” was a ship of the East India Company. The ship was on its second voyage led by Capt. John Hamilton Dempster (probably a Dempster relation), who had received a letter of marque on 11 Dec 1799. He sailed from Portsmouth on 7 Jan 1800 bound for Bombay and China. The ship left Bombay on 17 August carrying cargo worth £2,603, its crew and passengers numbering 150. It was sight”Coe of ed again on 2 October at the Anambas Islands. Later that month during a gale, the Earl Talbot struck on the Perates in the South China Sea about 300 miles SE of Hong Kong. All aboard were lost at sea. Henry Guthrie was only 15 years of age.
Children: None
9) David Charles Guthrie (1788-1859)
Born 30 Jun / Bapt. 16 Jul 1788 – Dundee – Parents: James Guthrie Esq. of Craigie and Amelia Murray, Child: David Charles, Name Fathers: (None Listed), Baptized by Dr Alexr. Duncan.
David Charles Guthrie was a merchant who resided in London. He was also involved with the sugar business in Mauritius acting in Britain on behalf of about 20 Mauritian sugar producers. (See his profile at the Legacies of British Slavery site.)
Marriage Recorded 7 June 1820 in Edinburgh Church Register – David Charles Guthrie Esq., London, & Miss Jane Campbell Hunter, St Georges Parish, married 7 inst. by Bishop Sanford. Jane was the daughter of Sir John Hunter, Consul General in Spain.
The family is enumerated in St Marylebone, Middlesex, England during the 1841 and 1851 Census.
Both David and Jane died in the same year. He died 27 Jun 1859.His wealth at the time of his death totaled £120,000. His widow Jane died in London on 31 Oct 1859.
Children: Elizabeth Arbuthnot (1821), Emily Louisa (1822), James Alexander (1823) – later 4th Baron of Craigie, Arbuthnot Charles (1825), Charles George (1826), Georgina Lilias (1828)
10) John Guthrie (1791-1795)
The OPR birth/baptism index currently leads to the wrong image. The transcript can been seen at FindMyPast.
Born 12 Dec 1790 / Bapt. 3 Feb 1791 – Dundee – Parents: James Guthrie and Amelia Murray, Child: John, No other notations on the transcription.
John Guthrie died on or about. 29 March 1795 at 4 years of age.
Children: N/A – Died Young
11) Rose Mary Guthrie (1793-1863)
Born 17 Jul / Bapt. 1 Aug 1793 – Dundee – Parents: James Guthrie, Esq. of Craigie & Amelia Murray, Child: Rose Mary, Name Mother: None Listed. Notation: Baptized by the Rev. Dr Duncan, Minister of the English Chapel.
Rose Mary remained single.
In 1832, Rose Guthrie of Carlton Place, Regent Terrace, Edinburgh was the victim of theft by housebreaking. Amelia Guthrie is also listed along with two others as victims of the crime. The accused was Robert Mackenzie, 16, a cork cutter, and ironically a son of a former Police Sergeant. See Crown Office Precognitions.
In 1861, se is the Head of Household at 2 Carlton Terrace, South Leith, Edinburgh, with an occupation of “Fund Holder”. Gertrude Rait, 15, and Jane Burton, 51, are listed as visitors. She has 4 servants.
She was 69 years old at her death, which occurred at 9PM on 18 Jan 1863 in Carlton Terrace, Edinburgh. Parents: James Guthrie of Craigie (deceased), Amelia Guthrie m.s. Murray (deceased), COD: Disease of the spinal cord & brain – 1 year at least as cert. by Adam Hunter, MD.
Children: None

1742 SCT – 1763 SCT
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – No Known Descendants
Autosomal DNA Participants: No Known Descendants

Born / Bapt. 18 Aug 1742 – Dundee – Parents: Mr James Guthrie of Craigie & Mrs Eliz. Gardyne, Child: David, Name Fathers: None listed.
An unsourced DOD of 1763 in Calcutta, India is listed on my tree. I have not yet found the reference.
Children: None Identified

1744 SCT – 1760 SCT
Y-DNA Project Participants: N/A – Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participants: No Descendants

Born / Bapt. 17 Jun 1744 – Tuesday 4th in the Morning – Dundee – Parents: Mr James Guthrie of Craigie & Mrs Eliz. Gardyne, Child: Lelias, Name Mothers: None Listed.
Lilias died at 15 years of age on 16 Feb 1760.
Children: None


WEBSITE: Scotlands People (National Records of Scotland)
Old Parish Records – Church Registers for Birth/Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths/Burials
Statutory Registers – (After 1854) – Births Marriages, Divorces, Deaths, etc.
Census Returns and Valuation Rolls, Poor Relief and Migration Records, Prison Records, Kirk Sessions
Legal Records – Wills and Testments, Coats of Arms

LEGAL RECORDS: James Guthrie, Esq of Craigie – 2 Apr 1832 – Dundee Sheriff Court – SC45/31/1
Digital Repository: ScotlandsPeople.
[This is a 3 page document containing a will and personal estate inventory.]

WIKIPEDIA: Barony of Craigie
[Provides a brief on the lands, location, history and formation of the barony, a list of the Barons of Craigie, and some family history on the Kyds, Guthries, and Makgills.]

BOOK (TRANSCRIBED): Thompson, James (1874). The History of Dundee. Clickable Index.

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[Source of much of the data in the Wikipedia entry.]

FAMILY WEBSITE: Our Family History – The Neilson Family in Scotland

BOOK: Nelson, William (1904). Contributions Towards a Nelson Genealogy, Part I: some Neilson of Scotland, Paterson, NJ, The Patterson History Club. PDF Download. Digital Repository: Forgotten Books.

WEBSITE: Bligh Encyclopedia
Includes information on Captain Bligh (of Mutiny on the HMS Bounty fame) and a Guthrie connection.
See HMS Providence.

BOOK: Lee, Ida (1920). Captain Bligh’s Second Voyage to the South Sea. Longmans, Green, and Co., Paternoster Row, London. Digital Repository: Project Gutenburg Australia.
[There are several entries describing Lt. James Guthrie’s activities and orders. He may have been the first foreign-born man to killed a platypus.]

DOCUMENT: British Royal Navy, Ships’ Musters – HMS ProvidenceView Original
James Guthrie, Male, Muster Year: 1791, Muster Date: Jun 1791, Ship Name: Providence, Record Type: Ship muster books, Archive: The National Archives, Series ADM 36, Series DescriptionL Admiralty muster books (series 1), Date Range: May 1791-Sep1792, Archive Reference: ADM36/11154, Record Set: British Royal Navy, Ships Musters. Digital Repository: Find My Past.

WEBSITE: Centre for the Study of the Legacies of British Slavery
Biographical profile of George Clerk Cheap (1801-1886). Also mentions David Charles Guthrie, and other Cheape relations. Same site search results include 10 individual Guthries in 13 records.

COLLECTION: James Cheape Letters
(The eldest son of Lillias Guthrie and George Cheape.)
The James Cheape letters collection contains correspondence from or concerning James Cheape, a naval student at the Royal Naval College in Portsmouth, England, and midshipman on board the Caledonia, Warspite, Tigris, Express, and Belette, during the Napoleonic Wars, the War of 1812, and in the Algerian conflict. 62 items
Repository: University of Michigan

WEBSITE: The Raitt Stuff – The Raits of Anniston House

YouTube Video: The Raits of Anniston Memorial Gravestone Marker Inverkeilor, Scotland
Tour Scotland video of the Raits of Anniston memorial gravestone on visit to Inverkeilor, Angus. In memory of John Rait Esquire of Anniston born 1748, died at Anniston 1823. And of his wife Elizabeth Guthrie, daughter of James Guthrie Esquire of Craigie who died in 1814 and of their children, William who died at Anniston in 1806, Georgina Henrietta who died in 1812, John who died in 1815, Agnes, wife of George Arbuthnott Esquire of Mavisbank third son of Sir William Arbuthnott, Bart. who died in London in 1842. Alexander who died in 1830 whilst home on sick leave from the Madras Cavalry. Murray who died at Anniston in 1819. JAMES who erected this monument is the only survivor. In loving memory of Walter Garnet Rait son of Arthur Rait of Anniston and of Kathleen Georgina his wife ” Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori ” And in ever loving memory of Eileen Anna Arbuthnott Rait of Anniston, who died on Thursday the 11th of January 1904, aged 23; only and much beloved daughter of Colonel Rait, C.B. of Anniston, and his wife Kathleen Georgina, youngest daughter of Walter Arbuthnott of Hatton, Montrose. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God: Matthew. V.VIII. Also Gertrude Jean Rait, daughter of the late James Rait Esquire of Anniston and Lady Clementina Rait his wife and sister of the above Colonel Arthur John Rait C.B. of Anniston who died at Annesley Arbroath on the 9th day of September 1922.

WEBSITE: The Mercer Millions
Mentions George Dempster of Dunnichen and George Dempster Guthrie.
“In Volume 2 of the above book series, for the years 1800-1805, there is a letter dated 20th June 1800 to a George Dempster Guthrie in Bengal who appears to have recently taken up a post in the Revenue & Judicial Departments and who aspires to be a late (in life) attendee of Marquis Wellesley’s College, which he still does not envisage attending, possibly, for another 3 years hence. Scott assures him that though he is past Regulation age to attend even now, he would support any future application to the College. Scott makes mention of having seen this George’s father who ‘has certainly not failed as to his faculties. .. in his looks or his strength.’”

BOOK/DATABASE: The county families of the United Kingdom, or, Royal manual of the titled and untitled aristocracy of Great Britain and Ireland. Digital Repository: Ancestry.


NEWSPAPER OBITUARY: Morning Chronicle, July 24, 1850, Page 8, London, Middlesex, UK. Digital Repository: Newspaper Archive.
DIED. On the 18th inst., at La Bossier, near Geneva, Lieutenant Charles George Guthrie, R.N., late of the HMS Harlequin, third son of David Charles Guthrie, Esq., of 30 Portland-place, London, aged 23.

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