About Us

The Guthrie DNA Project People are…..

Primary Guthrie DNA Project Admin: Ann Guthrie
Ann Guthrie will be your main contact providing you with an interpretation of your DNA results and Guthrie matches. In the ‘real world’, Ann is a full-time Registered Nurse specializing Newborn/Neonatal Care and Women’s services. Taking care of people also translates to her love of ancestry and genetic genealogy as she strives to help folks from around the world discover their Guthrie origins. Although her personal research focuses on Guthrie Family Group 2A – Branch A, as the website owner and coordinator of the Guthrie Genealogy website she frequently researches a little (or a lot) about all project participant Guthrie lineages.

Guthrie DNA Project Founder / Project Admin: Larry Guthrie
Larry Guthrie was the first to purchase a Y-DNA test back in March 2004. Others followed and suddenly there was a Guthrie DNA Project with plenty of room to grow. Larry’s family belongs to Guthrie Family Group 1A -Branch B, the Guthries of Middlesex County, Virginia. This group and those associated with it are his primary interests.

Guthrie DNA Project Co-Admin: James Guthrie
James Guthrie is another early participant in Y-DNA testing. His line is associated with Guthrie Family Group 8. He is another expert on the colonial Virginia lineages, especially those associated with Halifax County, Virginia.

What Do the Admins Charge to Help You?
Nada. Nothing. Zero. There is absolutely no fee for participating in the Guthrie DNA Project or benefitting from our experience or the resources here at Guthrie Genealogy. We are volunteers, not employees of any company associated with genetic testing or genealogy. Want to support our cause? Contribute to discussions, research, or offer to sponsor a family member’s DNA tests.

We’re Not Clan Guthrie USA
FYI, the Guthrie DNA Project and Guthrie Genealogy are not officially associated with Clan Guthrie USA, which is a nonprofit fraternal organization celebrating all things Guthrie. Most admins are life members or on the board, so we’re definitely indirectly involved. We support their genealogy program through collaborative efforts and offering support when genealogy questions arise. Clan Guthrie USA is adopting the official Family Group System utilized by the Guthrie DNA Project so that we’re all utilizing the same terminology for the identification of Guthrie families around the globe. We’re happy to assist Clan Guthrie members, but that membership is not required to participate in the project or contribute to Guthrie Genealogy’s goal of being a resource for all Guthrie descendants.

Want to Get Involved?
If you have a burning passion for Guthrie ancestry, DNA interpretation, family research, and digging through online databases, you might consider joining the Guthrie DNA Project as a volunteer co-administrator. This could be focused on a specific Guthrie Family Group as a coordinator and champion, or as overall helper. Contact Ann Guthrie to talk about the details.

What We Do & Don’t Do….
Project administrators are experienced family researchers here to guide you on your genetic genealogy journey, collect and analyze group data, and may offer advice or information based on what has already been learned. We are not are not certified genealogists or geneticists, and as such do not typically conduct individual family research. We will verify your lineage for comparison to others in the project, and can occasionally work with you on a problem. Ask questions about new matches or findings. We are here to convey new discoveries to the Guthrie community at large and suggest lineage corrections when errors are identified.

Admins may be able to help you refine your research, rule out lineages known to be connected to other family groups, or collaborate with a group of related participants. Use us as a sounding board for your ongoing research ideas and theories.

Please be aware that all project admins are volunteers. We are not paid by Family Tree DNA, Ancestry, nor any other genealogy or genetics company for the work done on behalf of you and the project. We do not receive kickbacks for recruitment of participants, subscribers, purchases, or test upgrades. All recommendations for the use of any company, product or test is an opinion based on our experience. 

It is not required that project administrators provide any level of direct assistance with DNA interpretation, genealogy research, or provide an extensive genealogy website/family database such as this one. We simply have a passion for Guthrie Genealogy, our collective history, and a desire to be helpful.