2A-F: Sarah Guthrie

of Litchfield, Connecticut and Onondaga, New York

Parents: John Guthrie 1700CT – 1756CT and Abigail Coe 1702CT – 1747CT
Birth: 30 April 1744
Birth Location: Woodbury, Litchfield, Connecticut
Marriage: 1766 to Reuben Murray in Kent, Litchfield, Connecticut
Murray Sons: Philo (1771), Reuben (1776), Heman (1778), Allen Swift (1783)
Murray Daughters: Lucinda (1768), Mary (1770), Sarah (1773), Aurora (1785), Harriet (1794)
Death: 1792
Death Location: Pompey, Onondaga, New York, USA
Burial Location: Unknown
Claim to Fame: Sarah Guthrie and Reuben Murray are the 2x great-grandparents of Sir Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister.

Parents: Jehiel Murray 1708CT-1798CT and Mary Way 1715CT-1806CT
Birth: 17 February 1743
Birth Location: East Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut
Marriage 2nd: Abt. 1793, Sarah Knickerbocker (1752-1796), daughter of John Knickerbocker and Jemima MNU
Death: 26 November 1810
Death Location: Pompey, Onondaga, New York, USA
Burial Location: Sweet Cemetery, Pompey, Onondaga, New York, USA

Sarah Guthrie was the third daughter and tenth child of John Guthrie and Abigail Coe. She was only twelve years old at her father’s death in 1756. He willed to her “one yoke of year-old steers and one half and four sheep; a bed and bedding, one pot and one kettle, one peel and tongs, and one trammel; one chest and a warming-pan; all to be at her dispose forever.” The items match those given her unmarried sistersmarried Reuben Murray about 1766. Sarah married Reuben Murray when she was about 22. “Reuben Murray was a man of more than ordinary intellect. Poetic, imaginative, witty many anecdotes are still related of him, illustrating his keen mind and ready wit. His personal appearance is described as being very impressive. He was tall and commanding in figure, handsome, graceful and elegant in bearing. His sons and daughters must have inherited many of his distinguishing qualities, as Allen and Aurora are still remembered for their charm and wit.” (Source) Reuben served as a Patriot Soldier in the American Revolution. They initially lived in Connecticut, but moved to Pompey, Onondaga, New York where Sarah died in 1792. Reuben remarried about a year later to Sarah Knickerbocker, the widow of David Griffin, by whom he had a daughter. This wife died in 1796 afterwhich Reuben remained a widower. He died in Pompey on 26 November 1810.



Lucinda Murray was born on 10 May 1768 in Canaan, Litchfield, Connecticut. She married Reuben Frisbee on 10 February 1795 when she was 26. A doctor, Reuben died only 6 years into their marriage leaving Lucinda with six children. They resided in Rensselaerville, Albany, New York. Lucinda did not remarry. She died on 23 January 1834 in Rensselaerville and is buried there at Trinity Church Cemetery.
1) Sophia Frisbie born 9 Nov 1790NY- died 27 April 1860NY remained unmarried.
2) Polly Frisbee born 15 April 1792NY-22 March 1816NY.
3) Franklin Frisbee born 15 Jan 1794NY- died 21 Mar 1881NY m. Maria Durrant. No children.
4) Laura Frisbee born 13 Dec 1795NY- died 20 Feb 1823NY m.1820 Hon. John Niles. No children.
5) Lucinda Frisbee born 22 Sep 1797NY – died 12 Aug 1825 m.David Adams
6) Temperance Frisbee born 25 July 1800NY- died 17 Aug 1887NY m.1821 James Grant Jarvis +children

Y-DNA Project Participant: N/A – Descendant of Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participant: No


Born in 1770 in Canaan, Litchfield, Connecticut, Mary Murray married Roger Carpenter (1768-1840) about 1791. She was known as a “high intellectual type very witty and charming”. They lived in Pompey, Onondaga, NY. She died on 14 May 1817.
1) Sarah Carpenter born 1792 – died 25 Jan 1811 at 19 years of age. Unmarried.
2) Reuben Carpenter born abt 1794 – died 1869. No further details.
3) Philo Murray Carpenter born 8 Dec 1796 – died 19 June 1869 m1.Rhoda Hinman, m2.Sabrina Gunn +children
4) Amanda Carpenter born 11 Feb 1798 – died 4 Nov 1862 m. John Curtis +children
5) Mary Aurora Carpenter born 1804 – died 25 Jan 1819 at only 15 years of age.
6) Marcus F Carpenter born 20 Mar 1808 – died 8 Feb 1888 m1. Betsey Worden, m2. Nancy R Edwards +children
7) Marcia Carpenter born 1810 – died 2 Mar 1856 (Painter) m. Ira L Rowlson +children

Y-DNA Project Participant: N/A – Descendant of Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participant: No


The eldest son of Reuben and Sarah (Guthrie) Murray, Philo was born on 26 November 1771 in Canaan, Litchfield, Connecticut. He married on 12 May 1793 to Prudence Cady, the daughter of Elijah and Sibyl (Jackson) Cady. They lived in Otisco, New York. Philo died on 25 July 1825 in Otisco, Onondaga, New York.
1) Jonathan Cady Murray born 10 Mar 1794 NY – died 6 June 1844 IL m. Pamelia M Owen +children
2) Isabel Cady Murray born 11 May 1799 NY – died 18 Jan 1884 WI m. Ichabod Ross +children
3) Sylvester Allen Murray born 7 Sep 1804 NY – died 21 Jan 1882 WI m. Orpha Wright +children
4) Harriet Maria Murray born 1 Sep 1807 NY – died 23 Feb 1889 NY m. Francis H Hale +children
5) Benjamin Franklin Murray born 9 May 1811 NY – died 25 July 1894 WI m. Susan Sophronia Smith +children
6) Horatio Jackson Murray born 30 Oct 1814 NY – died 8 Dec 1896 WI m. Martha Ross +children

Y-DNA Project Participant: N/A – Descendant of Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participant: No


Daughter Sarah Murray was born in 1773 in Canaan, Litchfield, Connecticut. She married John Redington about 1793 and they lived in Cato, Oswego, New York and had 3 sons and 1 daughter prior to Sarah’s death. According to online trees, that DOD is about 1800. The DOD may be off by up to 10 years. Her burial location is unknown to me. John remarried to Celia Cedar about 1810. They had additional Redington children. The last child attributed to Sarah (Guthrie) Redington is Reuben Murray Reddington, born either in 1801 or more likely 1807 according to census estimates. John Redington died on 5 March 1858 in Athens, Bradford, Pennsylvania, and is buried at Middlebury Center, Tioga, Pennsylvania. Celia was 16 years younger than John Redington. She lived until 5 February 1875 and died at 91 years of age in Tioga County, Pennsylvania and is also buried at Middlebury Center.
1) Heman Murray Redington 1795NY-1866IA (Farmer) m. Christina Auringer +children
2) Franklin Murray Reddington 1797NY-1866NY (Farmer) m. Pamelia Parmenter +children
3) Clara Murray Reddinton 1799-????. No further data. Married vs Unmarried? Children?
4) Reuben Murray Reddington 1807-1880IL (Farmer/Wagon Maker) m1. Judith Elizabeth MNU, m2. Emily K Miller +children

Y-DNA Project Participant: N/A – Descendant of Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participant: No


Named for his father, Reuben Murray was born in 1776 in either CT or NY. He married Sabra Butler (1781-1866), the daughter of Stephen and Sarah (Rossiter) Butler. The data for his wife is sourced from ‘The descendants of Jonathan Murray of East Guilford, Connecticut‘. Erroneous online trees list his spouse as Sabra Doty (1772-1851), the daughter of Reuben Doty and Hannah Delano. The latter married a Nathaniel Brown and died in NY 12 Dec 1851). Reuben Murray and his wife Sabra Butler lived in Pompey, Onondaga, New York. Sabra died a year before her husband on 4 August 1866 and is buried with him at Sweet Cemetery in Pompey. Reuben died on 27 Sep 1867.
1) Rhoda Murray 1807NY-1898NY died at 91 years of age. Unmarried.
2) Albert Guthrie Murray 1808NY-1879NY (Merchant/PostMaster) m.1839 Emily Ann Morse +children
3) Minor Butler Murray 1810NY-1885NY (Farmer). Unmarried.
4) Frederick Rossiter Murray 1812NY-1889NY (Farmer). Unmarried.
5) Cornelia Murray 1814NY-1865NY. Unmarried.
6) Reuben Murray 1816NY-1897NY (Farmer) m. Adeline Morse +children
7) Sarah Murray 1818NY-1853NY died at 35 years of age. Unmarried
8) Euphemia Murray 1821NY-1911NY died at 89 years of age. Unmarried.

Y-DNA Project Participant: N/A – Descendant of Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participant: No


Heman Murray was born in 1778 in Chatham, Columbia, NY. He married Prudence Hale about 1808. They lived in the Pompey-Manlius area of Onondaga County prior to moving to Clinton, Rock County, Wisconsin. Heman also served as a soldier during the War of 1812. His son John S Murray was a “miner ’49-er” having travelled west to California during the gold rush. Heman died in Wisconsin on 13 March 1848 and was considered to be a leading citizen of Rock County. His widow Prudence returned to New York after his death. She died on 24 March 1857.
1) Sarah Guthrie Murray 1809NY-1846 m.1837 Amasa Hodges Jerome +children
2) Caroline Hale 1811NY-1893WI m.1839 Stephen O Slosson +children
3) Edward Delamater Murray 1812NY-1895IL m.1838 Mary Johanna Lynch +children
4) William S Murray 1814NY-1877WI m. Maria Frisbee Jarvis. No children?
5) Charlotte J Murray 1816NY-1885 m.1847 Amassa Hodges Jerome +children
6) Heman H Murray 1818NY-1886WI. Unmarried
7) Louisa M Murray 1821NY-1844. Unmarried
8) John S Murray 1824NY-1898WI. Unmarried
9) Theodore Murray c1826NY-1831NY died in early childhood.
10) George Maxwell Murray 1828NY-1890WI. Unmarried.

Y-DNA Project Participant: N/A – Descendant of Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participant: No


“Allen Murray was born at New Canaan, Columbia county, New York, in 1782, and in the early years of the present century (19th) came to Pompey, which he left many years afterward to settle at Clinton, Rock county, Wisconsin where he died in 1876, when lacking but six years of being a centenarian. He was a farmer and a democrat, and possessed mental faculties unimpaired up to the hour of his death. He was well known for his honesty and good judgment.” (source)

Allen Swift Murray was born on 17 Dec 1783 and “known to have a strong personality and very witty, charming, and handsome in his younger days.” He married Isabel Cady Murray on 4 January 1810 at Pompey Hill in Onondaga County, New York. All of their children were born in New York State. They moved to Clinton, Rock County, Wisconsin about 1850. Isabel died there on 9 Nov 1853 at the age of 68. Allen was actually 92 at his death on 18 January 1876, also in Clinton. He and his wife are buried at the old cemetery at Clinton Corners.
1) George Stranahan Murray 1811NY-1857WI m.1834 Rebecca Favor +children
2) Noah Murray 1812NY-1893WI (Farmer) m.1841 Jane Holliday +children
3) Prudence Murray 1815NY-1878 m.1837 Hiram C McKay (Door & Sash Maker) +children
4) Allen Gould Murray 1817NY-1882MO (Farmer) m1.1844 Lois Cheseboro, m2.1875 Elizabeth (Baker) Post +children
5) John Thornton Murray 1819NY-1900NY (Lawyer) m. Mary Dayton +children
6) Sylvester Cady Murray 1821NY-1891NY (Lawyer) m.1848 Mary P Woods +children
7) Mary P Murray 1824NY-1835NY died at 11 years of age.
8) Henry Angus Murray 1826NY-1847 died at 21 years of age, unmarried.

Y-DNA Project Participant: N/A – Descendant of Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participant: No


Born on 18 January 1785 in Chatham, Columbia, New York, Aurora Murray was the youngest child born to Reuben and Sarah (Guthrie) Murray. Aurora was “witty and wholesouled possessing a very attractive and charming personality.” She married Isaac Jerome on 18 March 1807 at which time “her father was a man of means and her husband enjoying an inheritance which promised them a very successful start in life. Adversity overtook them however through losses in connection with contracts for the building of the Erie canal. These were made up however in later years by the love and devotion of their children who surrounded them with every comfort that filial affection could suggest. In 1857 they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.” Isaac Jerome died in Syracuse, Onondaga, New York on 20 July 1866 at 79 years of age. Aurora, known as “Oura / Orie” by some extended family members, died 6 April 1867 in New York City.
Claim to Fame: Great-grandmother of Sir Winston Churchill via her son Leonard Walter Jerome and granddaughter, Jennie Jerome (Lady Churchill) who married Sir Randolph Churchill.
1) Allen Murray Jerome 1808NY-1840NJ died at 31 years of age, unmarried.
2) Thomas Atwater Jerome 1810NY-1896NY (Farmer) m.1838 Emma Vanderbilt +children
3) Addison Gardiner Jerome 1811NY-1864NY (Baker) m.1840 Julia Gould +children
4) Aaron Brained Jerome 1813NY-1839 (Minister) m.1838 Eliza Craig +children
5) Mary Jerome 1815NY-1817NY died in early childhood.
6) Leonard Walter Jerome 1817NY-1891ENG (Financier) m.1849 Clarissa Hall +children
7) Lawrence Roscoe Jerome 1820NY-1888CT (Broker) m.1844 Catharine Hall +children
8) Mary Sophia Jerome 1822NY-1867NY m.1847 George Hancock Middleton (Lawyer) +children
9) Isaac Jerome 1824NY-1891NY m. Helen McDonald. No children.
10) Chauncey Bush Jerome 1826NY-1880IL possibly m. Mary Ann Wood, possibly 1 child
11) Charles Lee Jerome 1830NY-1861NY m. Susan Martha Brown

Y-DNA Project Participant: N/A – Descendant of Female Guthrie
Autosomal DNA Participant: No


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PORTRAIT: Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965), Statesman, by artist James Guthrie (1859-1930), Oil on Canvas. Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, UK