Guthrie Men Only

You possess the best chance to identify your Guthrie family origins through Y-DNA.

Many of your Guthrie cousins no longer have a living male Guthrie in their family line to provide a direct link to one of the established Guthrie Family Groups, or identify unique origins.

Your Y-DNA may be the key to proving the origins for all of the branches connected to your ancestral tree. One Y-DNA test can provide the conclusive evidence that the clues in a dozen routine tests cannot.

Even if many generations separate two Guthrie men from their most recent common ancestors matching YDNA results will reveal their shared origins. Please consider participating with a Y-DNA test.

Purchase Y-DNA Tests from Family Tree DNA.

  • Begin with a Y-37 marker test to identify your link to an established Guthrie Family Group.
  • Upgrades to higher testing levels are offered by FTDNA depending on your genealogy goals and interests. The same test kit can be used without having to test again. Ask the project admin if an upgrade is recommended or not.
  • Connect your kit to the Guthrie DNA Surname Project at FTDNA in order to be placed within your assigned Guthrie Family Group and receive assistance interpreting your results.
  • Family Tree DNA offers frequent sales events on its Y-DNA Kits and upgrades if you are looking for a price break.

Sponsorship / Group Funding options are also available.