Family Group Update

Ongoing site updates include expansion of generations, data, stories, and resources for each Guthrie Family Group. I began with the biggest group first. The section for GFG2A and its 13 major branches now offers much more for you to explore. Now I’ll get started adding content to the other groups and their descendants. If you would like to contribute to the family stories or the biographical sketches created for your ancestors we can work together on those updates. My next task will be to start on the GFG1A branches and then move forward.

To find the expanded info simply go to the Guthrie Genealogy home page and hover over the drop down box for Guthrie Family Groups. Slide down to GFG2A and the additional generations open up to the right.

Many of the new pages will also have Reading and Resources sections that include content or links to Books, Newspaper Articles, Websites, Research, or Related Topics of Interest. You can help add to these if you want to share sources with your Guthrie Genealogy cousins.

Don’t forget to refer back to the Guthrie Research Tree when reviewing data. You may find other materials listed for individuals. You can search by Guthrie DNA Project Family Groups or by individuals using your tree search. Tree search tip: Search for the Spouse. There will probably be 10 pages of Guthrie men or women by the name you want to find, but only one or two with the spouse’s name.


  1. Ann, I am a direct decedent of John Franklin Guthrie of the GFG11 – BRANCH. I would like to submit my DNA. What method do you prefer? James Archie Guthrie

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    • If you have an AncestryDNA test, you can send me a “Viewer” invitation. Go to your DNA settings to get to the Sharing section. My email is Make sure I have your lineage starting with you and going back to John Franklin Guthrie. If you already have a YDNA test at FTDNA, you can simply complete the Group Project Join Request process. If you want your Autosomal DNA results to be added to FTDNA to give you access to another database of results, follow their instructions for a free Autosomal DNA upload. You’ll need your RawDNA report from your original testing location.

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