New Group Identified

Australia and Canada can claim a common Guthrie line rooted in Dunbartonshire and Lanarkshire, Scotland. Men from two hemispheres share Robert Guthrie (1776-1827) & Janet Andrew as their common ancestors. This new group will be known as Guthrie Family Group 16.

Read about GFG16, the group’s origin theories, the family, historical highlights, and connections to the Guthrie DNA Project.

Guthrie Research Tree: Robert Guthrie & Janet Andrew


    • Start by asking your family about your Guthrie ancestors.
      Next, do a little research on Family Search (free database) or Ancestry (paid database).
      Do not blindly accept Ancestry hints or copy other people’s trees without some due diligence.
      Check their work.
      Get involved in DNA testing to expand what is known about your Guthrie line.
      Guthrie men should participate in Y-DNA (direct paternal line) testing.
      All other Guthrie descendants can participate in Autosomal DNA testing, such as Ancestry’s DNA test or Family Tree DNA’s Family Finder test.

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