New Y-DNA Match

A descendant of Richard Hope Guthrie 1821KY-1911KY now has Y-DNA confirmation of his Guthrie Family Group.

This lineage was already inferred to belong to GFG2A – Branch B based on traditional documentation for the family. This test proves it.

KIT 894912
GFG2A – Branch B: Descendants of Robert Guthrie & Miss Darlington > William Guthrie c1726PA-1778SC & Elizabeth Barnett > James Guthrie 1764PA-a1827KY & Jane Carnes > Samuel Guthrie b1800 & Elizabeth Hope > Richard Hope Guthrie 1821KY-1911KY & Sarah Ellen Stewart (2xGGP)

There are currently 47 men matching the GFG2A genetic profile in the project. Five others descend specifically from GFG2A – Branch B.

This is a Y-DNA 37 marker test. About 35 participants have tested at the 111 marker level. The participant has 1 genetic mutation at CDYi compared to the group mode results (most common value). This marker is considered ‘fast moving’ and not especially valuable in determining pattern markers (signs of inherited genetic change) within the group. Several others share the marker difference (mutation), but they are spread across several GFG2A branches.

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  1. James Archie Guthrie direct decedent of John Franklin Guthrie of Texas
    I would like to add my raw DNA data?

    • If you have an Autosomal DNA test from AncestryDNA (or elsewhere), you can upload it to Family Tree DNA via their Autosomal Transfer process. Go to the FTDNA homepage and click the Upload DNA link to begin. Once FTDNA issues you a Username/Kit Number and Password, you can use those to Sign In to complete a Guthrie DNA Project Join Request form. Once your data is processed by FTDNA and results available, I will send you an analysis.

      If you are interested in Y-DNA (direct paternal line genetic) testing, you can order one at FTDNA. This can be done as an upgrade after you transfer your Raw Data file. They would send you another kit because they need an actual specimen for new tests, but doing it that way allows you to keep the same Username. It would also keep your results attached to the project.

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