Cumberland, PA

Created in 1750 from Lancaster County. All of this territory was once part of Chester County. The county seat of Cumberland County is Carlisle. All county business was recorded at Carlisle, and so the entries for that township also include documentation for people living in other townships.

SOURCE: Tax Lists – Cumberland County Pennsylvania 1750, 1751, 1752, 1753, 1754, 1762, 1763, 1764, by Morri Lou Scribner Schaumann, 1974, US/CAN 974.843 R4sc v.1, FHL

p.5 Lurgan – 1751 – Guthrie, William
p.7 Middleton – 1751 – Guthrie, Robert
p.10 West Pennsborough Twp – 1751 – Guthrie, Robert
p.14 Carlisle – 1753 – Guthrie, Robert
p.19 Hamilton – 1753 – Guthrie, James
p.38 Fermanagh – 1763 – Guthrey, Robert 200 W
p.40 Hamilton –  1763 – Gutrery, James 200 W
p.43 Letterkenny – 17__ – Guttery, James
p.57 Carlisle – 1764 – Guthry, Robert – 2 Lt. free
p.62 Hamilton – 1764 – Guthrey, James – 200 W

SOURCE: Listing of Inhabitants in 1778 – Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, compiled by Aimee Appleby, 1983, US/CAN 974.843 R4a, FHL

Guthrie, James (single) – East Pennsboro Twp
Guthrie, James – Guilford Twp
Guthrie, James (single) – Peters Twp
Guttery, Robert – West Pennsboro Twp

SOURCE: First Families of Old Cumberland County: Vol X – Chambersburg (Franklin County), by Hayes R. Eschenmann and Paul Barner, Cumberland County Historical Society, 2007, US/CAN974.843E7eV.10 supp., FHL

Tract CHM014: Cumberland Co. warrant G084

Survey C-073-157 dated 30 Jan 1764 on warrant to James Guthrie dated 3 Jun 1763. Part patented to Jacob S. Detwiler, 13 Sep 1869.

Survey C-203-031 on warrants to James Guthrie dated [3 Jun 1763] and [Daniel Solberger] dated 1 Jun 1805.

Resurvey dated 18 Jun 1805 on warrant to James Gutherie dated 3 Jun 1763.

Resurvey dated 11 Sep 1822 for the administrators of the estate of Michael Heckman, on warrant to James Guthrie dated 3 Jun 1763. Patented to Jacob S. Detwiler, 13 Sep 1869.

Resurvey dated 11 Sep 1822 for the heirs of Michael Heckman on warrant to James Guthrie dated 3 Jun 1763.

Tract CHM031: Cumberland Co. warrant G097; Franklin Co. warrant S002

Survey C-192-020 dated 14 Dec 1784 on warrant to Joseph Swan dated 1 Dec 1784.

Survey B-020-173 dated 23 Dec 1828 on warrant to James Guthrie dated 28 Apr 1767. This tract is included within a tract surveyed 14 Dec 1784 on warrant to Joseph Swan dated 1 Dec 1784. Currently owned by Jacob Stauffer.

The following entries denote that James Guthrie (of variant spellings) was listed as the owner of a tract adjacent to the one listed:

Guthery, James – Document # A-049-210 – Map: CHM – #081 – Surveyed 1 Apr 1790 for John Jestnut on order #1726 to John Erwin dated 29 Oct 1766.

Guthery, James – Document # C-006-135 – Map: CHM – #079 – Survey dated 21 Jun 1765 on warrant to David Brigham dated 3 Jun 1762.

Guthery, James – Document # C-006-138 – Map: CHM – #079 – Survey dated 21 Jun 1765 on warrant to David Brigham dated 3 Jun 1762.

Guthery, James – Document # K-244 – Map: CHM – # 010 – Survey dated 9 Mar 1767 on order #1006 to Samuel Gattys dated 27 Aug 1766.

Guthrie, James – Document # D-055-132 – Map: CHM – #017 – Survey dated 21 Feb. 1785 on warrant to William Cowan dated 30 Dec 1784.

SOURCE: Collections of The Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania Vol. 91, Abstracts of Cumberland County, Penna Wills 1750-1800, Copied by Mrs. A.K. Watts, 1905. US/CAN 974.843 P2c v.1, FHL

Book A – Page 83. John Burns – Hamilton (Twp)
2 Dec 1760
17 March 1761
Wife. – Son Leard. – Dautrs Ann and Martha
Exrs – son Leard Burns & JAMES GUTHREY
Witnesses: John Burns, Robert Campbell
John (his B mark) Burns

Book C – Pages 1-2. Robert Brown – Ril.
7 May 1776
14 April 1777
Wife, Martha. – Two youngest dautrs, Grace Brown and Martha Brown. Other four children, viz. Roger Brown, MARGARET GUTHREY, Mary Hattey, Elizabeth Boggs. Robert Boggs. Land purchased from Francis West and Nathaniel McKeney. 
Extrs wife Martha Brown and son Mathew Brown. 
Witnesses: Finlaw (his + mark) McCown, Robert Call, David Mitchell, Robert Brown

Book E – Pages 4-5. James Gordon – West Pennsborough. Farmer
16 Nov 1784
16 Dec 1786
wife Agness. Daughter’s son & dau: James Ewin and Jane Ewin. To my John Gordon’s three sons, viz: James, Samuel & John Gordon. ROBERT GUTERY (GUTHRIE?) Richard Own, Nancy Gordon, widow.
Exrs: Bros in Law, William Douglass & James Douglas
Witnesses: Patric McCanna, Mary (her X mark) Douglass, Jennet Douglass
James Gordon (his X mark)

SOURCE: Marriages of the Reverend John Conrad Bucher 1763-1769, Film 0504289

1765: April ye 1st            ANDREW FORSTER  &  ELIZABETH GUTHRIE

SOURCE: Baptisms of the Reverend John Conrad Bucher, Film 0504290

No Guthrie entries

SOURCE: Oyer and Terminer Dockets 1798-1895, Film 1011064

No Guthrie entries




Orphan’s Court – 11 Sep 1793


Will Book C – Pages 1-2 (Abstract)
BROWN, ROBERT, Rie (Rye Township)
7 May 1776                        14 April 1777
Youngest Daughters: GRACE BROWN and MARTHA BROWN

Will Book H – Pages 180-181 (Abstract)
BROWN, ROGER, Juanita (Township)
3 Apr 1810            10 Apr 1813
Wife: MARY
Granddaughter: GRACE WALLACE
Daughter: ELEANOR
Son: WILLIAM, deceased
Papers of estate of JOHN GUTHRIE dec’d with FINLAW McCOWN, dec’d, to MARGARET GUTHRIE, now MARGARET MARSHALL.

[NOTE: The original document lists John’s daughter as Margaret rather than Mary Guthrie, which is found in her birth record. The original also reveals her married name to be Marshall rather than Mitchell]

SOURCE: The Pennsylvania County Archives Collection, Part Twenty-One, Cumberland County Archives, Series One, Records of the Office of the Recorder of Deeds, Volume One, Deed Abstracts, Books A, 2A, B through G, and Mortgage Book A, 1750-1785, by John C Fralish, Jr., “Annewood,” Middlesex Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, 1988. US/CAN 974.984 R2f. [BRANCH E]

Cumberland County Deed Abstracts
Francis McNICHOLS, release to ROBERT GUTTRY, L4.4.6.
                        All debts.
                        31 March 1753.                        Thomas HUTCHINS, Jr.
                        no rec. date

2A   185
Full Text:
            This day WILLIAM CUNKETON came before me Harms ALRICHS Esqr one of his Majesty’s Justices of the peace for said county and made oath on the holy Evangelist of Almighty god that on the first day of June last he lost his pocket Book comeing from Fort Pitt to Legonier in which was a Draft on Coll CROUGHAN for six pounds Drawn by WILLIAM GUTTERY and never found nor hard of it since & further this Deponent saith not. Sworn & Subscribed before me at Carlisle this 9 day of August 1763.
                                                WILLIAM CRUNKELTON            HARMs ALRICHS
            Recorded 9 August 1763.

B   41-43
Isaac PATTERSON:P, yeoman of Hamilton Twp., gr. To his son James PATTERSON of Hamilton Twp., L150.
300a. in Hamilton Twp. With buildings: Capt Joseph ARMSTRONG, Patrick KNOX, John ERWIN, JAMES GUTTERY, and a new dividing line.
Part of tract by propr. Warrant 2 June 1750 to William MAYFIELD.
20 October 1764            George LIVINGSTON, Theobert SPOLLAS
22 October 1764            Hance HAMILTON, York Co.                                                8 October 1766.

B   333-335
James STACKPOLE, mason of Carlisle  & wf Margaret:X, gr. To THOMAS WILSON, Esq. of Carlisle, L245.
Lot No.153 in Carlisle:  E Hanover St., S an alley, W James Bell, N Timothy SHAW.
15 May 1764            Elizabeth MAGAW, Robert MAGAW
6 Aug 1765            John Holmes                                                no rec. date.

ANN’s NOTES: I included this particular Thomas Wilson entry because it also involves James Stackpole, a man to whom Branch E’s Robert & Bridget (Dougherty) Guthrie sold a Carlisle lot, and had an ongoing feud as evidenced by their court appearances. 

SOURCE: A History & Genealogy of Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania 1751-1835, by Merri Lou Scribner Schaumann, Dover, Pennsylvania, 1987. US/CAN 974.843/C1 H2s

LOT #50

Stephen Foulke listed on map as original owner. Deeds keep saying this is Lot #58, but according to names of adjoiing owners, and owner on 1858 map, this has o be #50.

7 March 1791 John Guthrie of Carlisle & Sarah his wife selling to Jacob Wiser of Carlisle for L22. (1-M-267)

LOT #241

Robert Guthrie listed on map as original owner.

10 April 1760 Penn grant.

Guthrie sold lot to Joseph Diven and he conveyed to Thomas Jones 13 Feb 1784. (1-I-191) 

20 Nov 1787 Thomas Jones of Carlisle, bricklayer & Agnes his wife selling to Joseph Given of Carlisle, merchant for L36. (1-I-191)

18 Oct 1801 Robert Fosset of Carlisle, brickmaker for $1 to John Hughes, Esq. of Carlisle. Fosset pay to Hughes $150 or 50,000 well-burnt, good and merchantible bricks. (Mortgage Book B-7). The 1858 & 1867 map shows James Martin with this lot.


Robert Guthrie, Jr. listed on map as original owner.

In 1807 the heirs of Jacob Scandridge (Scandritt) own according to adj. property. (1-R-380)

Records for adj. Lot#259 show Matthew Crawley willded this lot in 1782 to Mary wife of Jacob Scanritt of Carlisle. (1-V-448)

Mathew Crawley’s will D-112 (1782) devises 2 houses and lots in Carlisle to mary wife of Jacob Scandritt. One is Lot #259 and the other is this lot, I think.

22 March 1855 William Scandritt of Carroll Co., Kentucky; Thomas A. Barker and George Barker of Beaver Co., Pa; Samuel Adams & Eleanor his wife of Grant Co., Wisconsin selling to Samuel Hepburn. (2-F-522) 

LOT #258

Blank on original map.

21 Sep 1795 Robert Guthrie & George Brown selling to James Ramsey. (1-R-380) See 1-T-33 for Ramsey’s heirs. 

5 June 1807 Margaret Ramsey, executor of James Ramsey of Carlisle dec’d, selling to Samuel Early of Carlisle for L18. (1-R-380)

28 Feb 1809 Samuel Early of Carlisle & Martha his wife selling to Philip Wiant of Carlisle, merchant for $80. (1-T-33)

Philip Wiant died ca.1812. The 1820 tax list shows heirs of Philip Wiant. James Roads is listed on the 1835 tax list with this. He sold in 1835 to John Phillips, guardian of Leonard Heckendorn. (2-B-545) 

LOT #266

Robert Guthrie listed on map as original owner.

1770 Property of Robert Guthrie sheriffed and sold to James Stackpole for L10, 10shillings. HOUSE. (S.D. A-4)

21 July 1786. Property of Thomas Brown sheriffed and sold to Gilbert Searight for L51. (S.D. A-55)

16 Aug 1810 Gilbert Searight of Middleton Twp selling to William Glancy of Carlisle for L100. (1-U-67)

William Glancy sold 1/2 in 1845 to George P Hoffman (2-B-402) and John Pool owned the other 1/2. 

LOT #274

Robert Kinslough listed on map as original owner.

5 Feb 1779 Robert Guthrie, the younger, of Carlisle, joiner, selling to Charles Sewall of Heidleburg Twp., York Co., PA for L30. (1-30-304)

In 1817 deed this  is the Chapel lot & Church. 

LOT #287

Robert Guthrie, Jr. listed on map as original owner.

Transactions for Eastern 1/2

Joseph Reynolds and others selling to George Hamilton. (1-FF-32)

6 June 1786 George Hamilton & Sarah his wife selling to Thomas Dickson. (1-FF-32)

14 June 1814 Thomas Dickson of Carlisle selling to Patrick Loney of Carlisle for $525. LOG HOUSE. (1-AA-427)

9 Oct 1818 Patrick Loney of Carlisle selling to Francis McManus for $450. He is on the 1835 tax list with this.

Transactions for Western 1/2

Thomas Dickson is shown on the 1811 tax list with this.

Thomas Dixon, by his will dated 13 March 1815 (H-308) bequeathed lot to Jane Caldwell intermarried with Samuel Caldwell for her life, and at her death, to her children. In 1874 heirs sold viz: Thomas Caldwell of Bellfonte, Centre Co., PA; Jane Caldwell; Mary Caldwell; George S. Rothrick & Margaret his wife formerly Caldwell; Samuel Caldwell & Hannah his wife; William W Caldwell & Isabella his wife. (3-N-410) 

LOT # 290

Robert Guthrie, Jr listed on map as original owner.

30 March 1779 Robert Guthrie, the younger, of Carlisle, joiner, selling to Jacob Weber of Carlisle, wheelwright for L200, (1-E-322)

(The Penn Grant was to Robert Guthrie, the elder of Carlisle, joiner and was sheriffed 3 june 1771 and sold to Robert Guthrie the younger. (1-E-322)3 Jan 1793 Jacob Weaver of Carlisle & Catharine his wife selling to Adam Reisinger of Carlisle for L20

(1-K-342) Deed for adj lot #298 says Adam Riesinger owns this lot in 1834. 

LOT #298

Robert Guthrie liste don map as original owner. There are only 2 original deeds pre 1835 for this lot. Property of Robert Guthrie, Sr. sheriffed and sold to James Stackpole of Carlisle, mason. (1-H-469)

25 Oct 1782 Property sheriffed and sold to John Harvey, in trust for Barbara, the daughter and devisee of James Stackpole, dec’d, which Barbara intermarried with Patrick Weldon. (1-H-469)

28 Oct 1784 Patrick Weldon of Lack Twp & Barbara his wife selling to Jacob Weaver. (1-H-469)

10 Jan 1791 Jacob Weaver selling to Melchior Hoffer & Martha his wife. (1-H-469)

10 Jun 1791 Melchior Hoffer & Martha his wife selling to Adam Cope & Catharine his wife. (1-H-469)

7 March 1793 Adam Cope & Catharine his wife selling to Abraham & Catharine Wise. (1-H-469)

5 Feb 1797 Abraham & Catharine Wise selling to John Krisher & Mary his wife. (1-H-469)

7 Jan 1800 John Krisher & Mary his wife selling to Abraham & Catharine Wise. (1-H-469)

5 April 1802 Abraham & Catharine Wise selling to Adam Reisinger. (1-H-469)

3 April 1834 Adam Reisinger selling to David Reisinger of Carlisle for $350. (1-QQ-453) 

LOTS #307 and #299 

Lot #307 Rev. George Duffield listed on map as original owner.  

Lot #299 Blank on original map. Sold together with Lot #307 from 1791 on.

27 April 1771 Property of Robert Guthrie, Sr., sheriffed and sold to James Stackpole for L8. (Lot#299) LOG HOUSE. (S.D. A-17)

Northern 1/2 #299 & #307 Samuel Criswell 1791-1815 

Southern 1/2 #299 & #307 John Colhoun 1791-1792; Wm Alexander 1792-1795; Samuel Criswell 1795-1815

Owners of Both Lots.

Samuel Criswell to 1815

Benjamin Junkin 1815

James Quigley 1815-1827

John D Mahon 1827-1829

Northern 1/2 #299 & #307

Samuel Bechtell 1829-1831

Crawford Foster 1831-1832

James Bell & Heirs 1832 on. 


Guthrie, John: 1 house & lot



Guthrie, Robert – married    (Ann’s Notes: Robert D Guthrie?)

TAX LIST 1820 

Guthrie, D. Robert, watchmaker 

TRIENNIAL TAX LISTS for 1835, 1836, 1837 taken November 22, 1834

Guthrie, Robert D., watchmaker: 1 lot unimproved on North St. 

SEPTENNIAL CENSUS of 1807: Inhabitants of Borough of Carlisle November 1807

No.138 Robert D. Guthrie Silversmith 


American Guthries & Allied Families… by Laurence R Guthrie, Kerr Printing Co., Chambersburg, Pa.,p.308 on contains a genealogy of Robert Guthrie. Criminal Court Indictments for Cumberland County for the period of the 1750’s to the 1770’s show that Robert Guthrie, Sr. and Jr. & even Robert, Sr’s wife Bridget, indicted constantly for assault and battery on town’s people. They seem to have had a feud going for 20 years with James Stackpole. They were constantly beating each other up, and it probably gave James Stackpole great satisfaction to buy one of Robert Guthrie’s lots when it was sheriffed. (See transaction in main section).


Indicted for keeping a Tippling House in Carlisle in 1758 (CCHS). Tavern License – Carlisle, 1759, 1770.

Colonial & Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania, by W. Jordan, Vol. IV p.455 contains a genealogy of the Stackpole family. Only a portion included here. James Stackpole of Carlisle had 2 sons: (1) John served in the Revolutionary army as a member of the Third Pennsylvania Regiment, Continental Line, 1777-81. He died in the Tuscarora Valley about 1814. (2) James, a soldier in the Revolution in Captain George Hay’s company of Cumberland Co., Pa. He died at McVeytown, Pa. in 1804. (Orphan’s Court Docket #3 p.252) 12 Feb 199. Among 9 children of Thomas Holt of Cumberland County dec’d and his wife Elizabeth, was Dorcas Holt wife of James Stackpole. Letters of administration issued 13 March 1794 to William Ripton for James Stackpole. James Stackpole, the original lot owner, appears to have been very rowdy. There are many indictments in the 1760s and 1770s for assault & battery on and by James Stackpole. There also seems to have been a feud between James Stackpole and Robert Guthrie and his family. As early as April 28, 1761 James Stackpole is indicted for assault and battery on Robert Guthrie, the elder. In 1772 Robert Guthrie & Bridget his wife attempted assault & battery on James Stackpole. In the same year James Stackpole is indicted for entering Guthrie’s lot and pulling down part of his fence. When one of Guthrie’s lots was sold at sheriff sale, it was bought by James Stackpole.

LOT # 153
Thomas Wilson listed on map as original owner.
15 May 1764 James Stackpole of Carlisle, mason & Margaret his wife selling to Thomas Wilson, Esq of Carlisle for L2345. (1-B-333)
19 Dec 1771 Thomas Wilson, Esq of Middleton Twp selling to William Irwin of Carlisle, tavernkeeper, & Esther his wife, who is the daughter of Thomas Wilson, for 5 shillings. (1-C-335)
25 Nov 1788 William Irvin, Esq of Buffalo Twp, Northumberland Co., PA selling to Margaret Armstrong, widow of Middleton Twp (1-H-591). Deed 1-I-220 says Margaret Armstrong was the widow of Thomas Armstrong, decd. Deed 1-L-171 says Margaret Armstrong, widow married Andrew Armstrong.
27 March 1790 Andrew Armstrong of Middleton Twp & Margaret his wife selling to Henry Shell of Lebanon Twp, Dauphin Co., PA tavernkeeper for L225. (1-I-220).

SOURCE: Cumberland County Pennsylvania Will Book M – Pages 488 & 489