August Updates

New Branches, Project Members, Website Additions, Mistaken Identities, and a Hot Summer Sale are all included in this month’s Guthrie Genealogy update.

Guthrie Family Group 2A Grows Again

Descendants of adoptee Ahiel Guthrie (1789MA – 1851NY) and Diantha Bullock are now represented in the Guthrie DNA Project by a direct line male descendant with a Y-DNA test matching the genetic profile for Guthrie Family Group 2A.

Ahiel Guthrie was born in Massachusetts in 1789 at a time when there was really only one Guthrie family in the area, but there is little documented on his origins. There was some doubt as to whether he was a Guthrie by blood or through adoption, so the Y-DNA test has provided conclusive evidence that Ahiel’ biological ancestry is definitely of Guthrie origin.

Guthrie Family Group 2A is the largest of all seventeen groups currently established within the project, and while it is suspected that Ahiel Guthrie is the son of a GFG2A-Branch F descendant, the identity of his father remains a mystery. An expansion of our participant’s Y37-marker DNA test may reveal whether there are any of familial markers found in the other branches, or if the results continue to match Branch F’s results.

Guthrie Family Group 2A – Branch O: Descendants of Ahiel Guthrie and Diantha Bullock has already been added to the Guthrie Genealogy website for your exploration.

Elizabeth Yamons Guthrie (wife of Levi Guthrie) – Correct Death Date Found

Many trees have listed Elizabeth’s DOD as 1810, but the discovery of a death notice published in the Edwardsville Spectator in Madison County, Illinois provided the correct information. Mrs Betsy Guthrie, the widow of Levi Guthrie, died on 25 December 1825 at 82 years of age (born about 1774). Her son, Dempsey Guthrie, and family were living in Madison County, Illinois at that time.

Death Notice
Edwardsville Spectator
Saturday, 7 Jan 1826, Page 3

Guthrie Genealogy Website Expansion – GFG1A Completed.

The expansion of GFG1A including additional generations for Branches A thru G is now complete. Go to the Guthrie Family Group dropdown menus.

Since GFG2A’s expanded branches are already complete, next up will be the GFG3A branches. This entire group may require a bit of an overhaul due to the discoveries discussed in ‘The Forgotten Sons‘ to address additional branches and their descendants.

Mistaken Identity in GFG1A – Branch G: Descendants of William Guthrie & Elizabeth Wingfield

Online trees have merged together two great-grandchildren (see Generation 4), John W Guthrie and William Guthrie to create a man named John William Guthrie. The confusion is somewhat understandable due to having a grandfather by that name, and because the younger son was born after his father’s death. For a time the Guthrie children were even listed under their stepfather’s surname. Read more details and the evidence here.

Check your trees:
Generation 1: William Guthrie m. Elizabeth Wingfield
Generation 2: John William Guthrie m. Elizabeth White
Generation 3: John Wingfield Guthrie m. Marietta Rankin
Generation 4: John W Guthrie (1856VA-1911NY), Elizabeth Jane Guthrie (1859VA-p1870), William Guthrie (1862VA-1919NJ)

New Member Lineages:

Thomas Guthrie 1744PA-1837KY / Mildred Howell
– YDNA and Autosomal DNA results pending
– Theorized to be associated with GFG2A – Branch I

John Guthrie 1700CT-1756CT / Abigail Coe > Ebenezer Guthrie 1740CT-1825CT / Hannah Richards
– Autosomal DNA results pending
– GFG2A – Branch F, but we still need verification from Ebenezer’s direct line YDNA

David Guthrie 1650SCT-1732SCT / Janet Stewart > Alexander Guthrie / Anne Ker
– Autosomal DNA results are in. Participant’s Guthrie father considering YDNA test.
– GFG17 – We have YDNA participants representing David and Janet’s sons David and Robert. This would provide evidence for a third descendant line.

Patrick Guthrie / Bridget Collier > Patrick Guthrie c1825IRE-1905MA / Bridget Flaherty > Capt. Martin Guthrie (Master Mariner) 1857IRE – 1914MA / Helen Whalen
– YDNA results pending
– This line is from County Clare, Ireland and settled in Essex County, Massachusetts.

James Guthrie c1720IRE-p1801PA / Jeanette Wilson > William Guthrie / Elizabeth Guthrie
– YDNA results pending
– This lineage is already represented by multiple YDNA and autosomal tests, which should add to the GFG2A-Branch G genetic profile.

Thomas Guthrie 1732SCT-1797SC / Jean Duncan > John Guthrie / Jean Norwood > John Lee Guthrie / Elizabeth Sweat
– Another descendant with Autosomal DNA.
– We really need more YDNA representation for GFG9 descendants in order to determine if the whole family matches the same genetic profile, or if they truly belong to one of the major groups. Are there any Guthrie men who descend from John Lee Guthrie with a YDNA test or willing to take one?

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