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Here’s a quick breakdown of the new website and some tips.

The Home Page:
It’s the hang out for any hot topics, announcements, and can be used to create a space for group/specialty discussions and project. Sign up to follow the blog if you want to receive an email when I update the page.

Guthrie Family Groups:
This section is broken down into the DNA Project’s official Guthrie Family Group designations (GFG1A thru GFG14) and their major branches. These groups are created with genetic-based evidence. Y-DNA testing confirms matching direct paternal ancestry.

Instead of focusing solely on my own Guthrie Family Group, I have given each group its own area. Any information I have on the Origin Theories for each group, their basic YDNA matching/mutation data, family structure, and historical highlights will be on these pages.

This site is best used in combination with data collected at my Ancestry tree ‘Ann’s Ancestors and Guthrie Research‘. Most documents, pictures, stories, and other sources are in the Gallery or linked there. I will eventually add more content to the pages developed here, but the tree is a great resource for those of you who are already using that service.

Ungrouped Guthrie Families are those without a representative in our YDNA project and no current documentation or proof of a connection to a specific group. Summaries for these individual families are listed in order of earliest ancestor’s Given Name. Some families have a lot more data on the Guthrie Research Tree than in the summary.

Search for your Kit Number if you need a shortcut to find your family.

Guthrie DNA Project:
If you need some hints about DNA Testing, need a sponsor, or you want to sponsor / group fund a test, check out this area. There is also a link to my tree, which includes all project lineage and hundreds more. Some family lines are merely in the state of data collection gathering family names, dates and census records. Others have in-depth research.

Topics of general and genealogical interest including ‘Claim to Fame: Guthrie People & Places’, Scottish Naming Traditions/Patters, and anything else that pops up. Submissions and topic requests are welcome.

My Role:

I am here to help you wade through the questions you have about Guthrie ancestry, how these lineages do and don’t relate to one another, and provide an interpretation of your DNA results as they apply to Guthrie genealogy.

  • Provide data analysis of your Guthrie-related DNA results
  • Help you correct lineage errors in your Guthrie family tree
  • Make Recommendations for your Guthrie research
  • Be a moderator for any Guthrie project/s you want to create here
  • Collect and share data submitted by Guthrie researchers like you

Your Role:
This place is designed to give you the opportunity to ask questions about your Guthrie Family Groups, share ideas and research, and to build up what we know about each group. Let’s try to untangle some of those twisted family trees. If you have questions or data you want to share, find your Group or Ungrouped Guthrie Family page and add a comment…or start right here.

  • Ask/Respond to questions about your ancestors.
  • Clarify your Guthrie lineage. Make sure you’ve got the right ancestors.
  • Collaborate with your cousins by Sharing Theories.
  • Start a family/group project to discuss and share data with each other.
  • Submit sources info to expand what is known about your ancestors.


  1. I wonder if someone is familiar with my family and would know where to start my search. My Grandfather was Joseph Leatherman Guthrie of Allen County, Ohio. He was born in the 1870’s or 80’s. His parents were Willian Richard Guthrie & Tabitha Jane Hawk. His grandparents (my great great grandparents) were Richard Guthrie and Sarah Leatherman. Any help on looking for where I start my looking would be much appreciated.

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