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In 1299, Squire Guthrie was sent to France to bring William Wallace back to Scotland. The charter for the BARONY of GUTHRIE has been in existence since the time of King David II of Scotland (1324-1371). Burke’s ‘Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry’ indicates that the origins of the Guthrie surname extend back to a time where its earliest writs are unattainable, and thus untraceable before the reign of James II of Scotland.

The name may have stemmed from the name of the Barony of Guthrie, and the landed gentry of that time. Perhaps a Scandinavian Prince by the name of Guthrum deserves the credit for the name, so one theory goes. Or was it just an old wives’ tale about a fisherman instructing his wife to “gut three” fish for the king? The answers to these mysteries will not be found through traditional research alone, but with the added evidence of genetic testing.

DNA testing has proven the existence of several different GUTHRIE FAMILY GROUPS, meaning that they have ancestors of different genetic origins. Some may have descended from the ‘Landed Gentry’ of historical note. Others may have assumed the GUTHRIE name at a time that surnames came into use during the 10th-12th centuries because they were in some way associated with the family or the location. Your DNA can tell you if your ethnic makeup is Celtic, Scandinavian, or has other ancestral origins.

Discovering your GUTHRIE DNA will help you to identify if your ancestors belonged to one of the known Colonial American Guthrie lines, or to a group that might be able to trace some of its ancestry back to Scotland or Ireland. The project also includes participants from around the world tracing their Guthrie ancestry directly back to Scotland from places like England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Sweden.

Collaborating on our individual families and related research can solidify data that is frequently corrupted through common errors. The use of DNA testing can help us discover more about our diverse history and strengthen our genealogical pursuits.

Guthrie Castle

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