Chester, PA

A collection of GUTHRIE data found in CHESTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA.


Located on the DE border, Chester County is one of the 3 original counties formed by William Penn in 1682. The county borders stretched west across the entire territory. In 1729, with the formation of Lancaster County to the west, Chester’s county borders were shaped as you see them in the map below. Chester did not become an inland county until 1789 with the formation of Delaware County on its southeast side. 


Chester County, PA is a prime location for Guthrie Family Group 2A – Branches B, H, and I, although there are some records on the list below for other branches of the group. Neighboring Delaware was also home to the group’s Branch C as well as unrelated GFG6 lineages.

Samuel Guthrie is likely the GFG2A-Branch C progenitor Samuel Guthrie c1700-1746DE who married Mary MNU and purchased land in New Castle County, DE in 1737. Amongst his children are sons named Adam and Robert. He is a good candidate to be the 4th unidentified son of John Guthrie Sr.

Robert Guthrie of Fallowfield and Nantmeal are believed to be the same man. This is the Robert Guthrie identified by LRG to be Robert Guthrie the Ironmonger of Edinburgh (Branch B) and brother to John and James.

The Londonderry & Oxford entries above and below are for John Guthrie 1708IRE-1790PA from GFG2A-Branch H.

Archibald Guthery is likely to be the theorized father of GFG2A-Branch D lines John (1744) and Archibald (1753). He was listed as a private during the French and Indian War and made a New Purchase application for a 300 acre tract in Westmoreland County, PA in 1769.

Robert Guthrie of East Nottingham is supposed to be the son of GFG2A’s Branch C’s Samuel Guthrie who died single in 1750. Does that mean the Nottingham entries for Adam Guthrie are likely to be Robert’s brother/Samuel’s son Adam Guthrie?

Adam Guthrie of West Nantmeal is GFG2A-Branch B. Husband to Mercy Irwin.

James Guthrie of West Caln is either James Guthrie the Ironmonger of Edinburgh or his designated son James Guthrie. The son was born in 1731 and would be 18-19 by the first of the entries.

Adam Guthrie of West Nantmeal & East Caln – GFG2A-Branch B
James Guthrie of West Caln & East Caln – GFG2A-Branch I
John Guthrie of Oxford – GFG2A-Branch H
Samuel Futhey? of West Fallowfield – unknown if a transcription error
William Guthrie of Tredyffrin – unknown

There are frequent entries for James Guthrie who owned a tavern called the Plow and Harrow in East Caln Township. These tavern petitions were either accepted or turned down for various reasons.
A – Allowed (license granted)
D – Disallowed (no license granted)
B – Bond
R – Remonstrance (petition against the issuance of a tavern license)



John Guthery – 1790 – Will Book H v8.416-417
James Guthrie – 1799 – Will Book K v10.150-153
Ann Guthrie Senr – 1807 – Will Book L v11.184-185
William Guthrie – 1855 – Will Book Q v16.636-637


William Guthrie Estate Records (Chester Orphans Court)
Hannah Guthrie Estate Records (Chester Orphans Court)
Joseph Guthrie Estate Records (Chester Orphans Court)
William I Guhrie Estate Records (Chester Orphans Court)
Adam Guthrie Estate Records (Chester Orphans Court)
Henry C Guthrie Estate Records (Chester Orphans Court)

SOURCE: Abstracts of Chester County, Pennsylvania Land Records Volume 4 1753-1758, by Carol Bryant, 974.813 R28 v.4

Sheriff’s Deed. On 20 Sep 1756 John Fairlamb, Sheriff of Chester County to William Carson, Robert Kirkwood & JAMES GUTHERY, all of New Castle County on Delaware, yeomen. William Carson & Robert Kirkwood, assignees of provided of John Land & Benjamin Swell, administrators of the goods & chattels of Samuel land, dec. in the court of Common Pleas recovered agains John Flemming of Chester County, yeoman a debt of L90.45 damages to be levied on the land of John Flemming. John Fairlamb seized a tract in Londonderry containing 180 [sic] acres (subject to payment of L60 with interest). John Fairlamb for L204 granted to William Carson, Robert Kirkwood & JAMES GUTHERY a tract in Londonderry bounded by land of John Hayes, William Graham, William Allen, John McGrew, Robert Brown, James Strawbridge, & Matthew Harbison containing 193-3/4 [sic] acres. Signed John Fairlamb, Sheriff. Delivered in the presence of Henry H. Graham & Elisha Price. Recorded 19 March 1757 (K10:365)

Sheriff’s Deed. On 17 May 1757 John Fairlamb, sheriff of Chester County to ADAM GUTHERY of West Nantmell, cordwainer. James Garner in the Court of Common Pleas recovered against John Anderson of West Nantmell a debt of L51.9.7 & 45 shillings damages to be levied on the lands of John Anderson. John Fairlamb seized a tract of land in West Nantmell containing 100 acres. John Fairlamb for L65.1 granted to ADAM GUTHERY a tract in West Nantmell bounded by land of Arthur Graham, Robert Matthew, Robert Lusk & John Hannah containing 100 acres. Signed John Fairlamb, sheriff. Delivered in the presence of Henry H. Graham & E. Price. Recorded 13 Sep 1757. (K10:462)

SOURCE: 1765 Chester County  – Pennsylvania Archives, by Katharine F. Dix, Closson Press, 1990. US/CAN 974.813 R4d

Name – Page – Township – Acres – Horses – Cattle – Sheep – Servants

Culbertson, Jane – 21 – Kennt – 144A – 1H – 1C – 5Sh – 1S
Culbertson, Jno – 83 – Ecaln – 180A – 3H – 6C – 6Sh – 0S
Culbertson, Jno – 128 – Lndng – 295A – 3H – 5C – 8sh – 0s
Culberson, Jno ex’r – 83 – Ecaln – 200A – 0H – 0C – 0Sh – 0s
Culbertson, Jno Jr – 83 – Ecaln – 80A – 2H – 3C – 0Sh – 0s
Culberston, Samuel – 58 – Vncnt – 70A – 2H – 2C – 6sh – 0s
Darlington, Abraham – 124 – Brmhm – 100A – 4H – 4C – 9sh – 1s
Darlington, Abraham – 124 – Brmhm – 200A – 3H – 7C – 9sh – ?S
Darlington, Jno – 19 – Ebrad – 150A – 4H – 7C –  0sh – 0s
Darlington, Jno – 24 – Kennt – single man
Darlington, Jno – 86 – Wcaln – 0A – 1H -1C – 0Sh – 0s
Darlington, Josh. – 44 – WNant  – 100A – 2H – 6C – 3sh – 0s
Darlington, Robert – 44 – Wnant – 100A – 3H – 4C – 10sh – 0s
Darlington, Robert – 82 – Ecaln – 200A – 4H – 5C – 3sh – 0s
Darlington, Thomas – 19 – Ebrad – 150A – 4H – 8C – 11 sh – 0s
Gutery, Jno – 37 – Oxford – 70A – 2H -2C – 8sh – 0s
Guthrie, Adam – 44 – Wnant – 100A – 2H – 2C – 6sh – 0s
Gutrey, James – 87 – Wcaln – ?0A – 1H – 1C – 0sh – 0s  

Ann’s Notes: The Culbertson and Darlington families are associated with the Branch B lineages.

SOURCE: Abstract of Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania Vol. II 1758-1777, by Jacob Martin. Indexed by Gilbert Cope. 1900. US/CAN 974.83 P2a v.2

#1927  – William Dunn – West Caln – Dec 1, 1760 – Jany 7, 1761
(JOHN GUTHERY is listed as a witness.)

#3808 – JAMES GUTHERY – Oxford – Dec 8 1773
Sarah Guthery – Adm
At Orphan’s Court 20 June 1775 – On petition of Sarah Guthery Court appointed John Stewart guardian of Ann Guthery, dau of James, deceased, of Oxford.

SOURCE: Listing of Inhabitants in 1765 of Chester County PA, US/CAN 974.813 R4m, FHL

Gutery, Jn’o – Oxford 

Guthrie, Adam – West Nantmeal

Gutrey, James – West Caln

Darlington, Jno – West Caln

Darlington, Jno (single) – Kennett

Darlington, Josh – West Nantmeal

Darlington, Robt – East Caln

Darlington, Robt – West Nantmeal

Darlington, Tho’s – East Bradford

Darlington, Abraham – Birmingham (x2)

SOURCE: Tax list of Chester County, 1768 : pertaining to the inhabitants of Chester County, including the present-day county of DelawareFamily Line Publications, 1989, US/CAN 974.813 R4t, FHL

There are NO Guthrie entries in this book for 1768. However, Chester County seems to be full of Darlingtons.

East Bradford Twp – John Darlington, Blacksmith – 150acres, 4 horses, 6 cattle, 10 sheep, no servants

East Bradford Twp – Tho’s Darlington, Joyner – 150 acres, 4 horses, 7 cattle, 6 sheep, no servants

Birmingham – Abraham Darlington – 200 acres, 1 horse, 5 cattle, no sheep, 1 servant

Birmingham – Abraham Darlington Jr – 100 acres, 5 horses, 3 cattle, 12 sheep, no servants

West Nantmeal (Inmates) – Jos’h Darlington, Tanner, Tanyard – 150 acres, 3 horses, 4 cattle, 10 sheep, 1 servant

West Nantmeal (Inmates) – Robert Darlington, Saddler – 100 acres, 2 horses, 3 cattle, 4 sheep, no servants

East Caln Rate – Rob’t Darlington – 200 acres, 4 horses, 3 cattle, 6 sheep, no servants

West Caln Rate – John Darlington, Tanner – No acreage, 1 horse, 1 cattle, no sheep, no servants

SOURCE: History of Chester County Pennsylvania with Genealogical and Biographical Sketches, by J. Smith Futhey & Gilbert Cope, 1881, Family History Archive Digital Collections.  [ONLINE]

p.169 Land Owners – 1774 East Caln Township (key names only)

Adam Guthry 

James Guthry 

Robert Darlington

Samuel Culbertson

John Culbertson

p.182 “The court appt Thomas Woodward, Lewis Pennock and Josep Musgrove to make a survey and ascertain the line of New Garden & London Brittain.” The following is the first assessment in 1725: Samuel Guttery 1s d0

p.228 Post Offices – #57 – Guthriesville – Established 7 Jan 1831 – First Postmaster: James B. Guthrie

p.266 Rev. J.M. Guthrie, who had been pastor for some years, resigned and became pastor of the Berean Church of West Chester in the present year.

p.268 East Brandywine – The church building was erected in 1842, and the church constituted Feb 21 1843. The first pastor was Thomas S Griffith; deacons (included) Joseph Guthrie; constituent members (included) Joseph Guthrie, Margaret Guthrie. The church building was burned Mar 9 1856 and rebuilt the same year. Incorporated Aug 9 1864. First trustees (included) Joseph Guthrie. A succession of pastors followed including the current (1881) James M. Guthrie. Parsonage located at Guthriesville.

V. Roster of Soldiers Killed in the War of the Rebellion

Company II – 1st sergt. S. Guthrie, mustered in May 28, ’61; mustered out with Co. June 11, 1864.

X. Fredrick Guthrie – mustered in Feb 26 1864; mustered out with company June 30 1865

XXI. Privates – Company K (Wayne Guards)

J.C. Guthrie, mustered in Dec 9 1861; killed in action, May 18 1864, veteran

XXII. 108th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers

Corp. John D. Guthrie mustered in Aug 19 1861; promoted to bugler Feb 1 1864; to corporal July 1864; discharged Aug 18 1864; ex of term

XXV. Company I – corporals – Jonah B. Guthrie

SOURCE: Biographical and portrait cyclopedia of Chester County, Pennsylvania : comprising a historical sketch of the county, by Samuel T. Wiley, Gresham Publ. Co., 1893, Microfilm 1000549 item 2; Index 568079 item 10, FHL

East Caln Township – Landholders in 1774 (included) James Guthry, Robert Darlington

West Caln Township – Landowners in 1774 (included) James Guthrie

Guthriesville – This village of one hundred and fifty population, eleven miles northwest of West Chester and four miles from Downingtown, is in East Brandywine township, and has a flouring mill, store, and woolen mill. The postoffice was established January 7, 1831, and James B. Guthrie served as the first postmaster.

Chester County Authors (include) 
Mrs. M.J. Guthrie – “Silver Lining” – Published 1872


There is a long biography for Frank P. Darlington, the 4th of 5 sons of Amos H. and Sarah H. Darlington, born 1 June 1850, in East Bradford township, Chester, PA. I will not copy the whole article, but simply include the important info on the Darlington ancestors, which might apply to Branch B.

“The Darlingtons of Chester County are descended from Job and Mary Darlington, of Darnhall, Cheshire, England, two of whose sons, Abraham and John, emigrated to America prior to 1711, and settled near the town of Chester, in what is now Delaware county. John, the younger of these two brothers, finally removed to Maryland, and his history and that of his descendants, if any, has become obscure and uncertain.”

“Abraham Darlington married Deborah Carter, a daughter of Joseph Carter, and after her death without issue, in 1716, he wedded Elizabeth Hillborn, a daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Hillborn, of Bucks County, and became the progenitor of the numerous family of Darlingtons in Chester county and its vicinity.”

10 Children: Mary, Deborah, Elizabeth, Abraham, Thomas, John, Hannah, Rachel, Job, and Rebecca.

Based on the dates given here, it seems unlikely to me that Robert Guthrie’s wife could be a Darlington daughter. Even if she was the first child born that would still make her only about 10 when the Guthrie children were estimated to be born. However, they are only estimates.

I have still not found any source besides LRG that mentions a Guthrie-Darlington link for Branch B. If anyone wants a scan of the full Frank P. Darlington bio or the one for John H. Darlington, please ask.

John H. Darlington, the eldest of two sons of Job & Lydia (Huey) Darlington, born Feb 11, 1850, in East Bradford township, near West Chester.

“The old, numerous and distinguished Darlington family of Chester county was founded in the early years of the eighteenth century by Abraham Darlington, an English Quaker, who came over with his brother John from Darnhall, Cheshire, and settled in Aston township, Chester (now Delaware) county, Pennsylvania.”

The remainder of the 3-page article is similar to that of his cousin Frank P. Darlington above, with additional details on his own Darlington line of descent.

SOURCE: Will Index Chester Pennsylvania, Microfilm 0020840, FHL

Adam Guthrie – Brandywine – Date of Granting Letters: July 6, 1798

Names of persons to whom granted: Adam Guthrie

Amt. of Bond: 1000L Jas and Wm Guthrie

Inv. Filed: Aug 21, 1798

Acct Filed: (Blank)

No. of Papers: 4643

Will Book & Page: (Blank)

Admin Docket & Page: 2-434

Adam Guthrie – Londonderry – Date of Granting Letters: June 20, 1872

Names of persons to whom granted: Jones Guthrie

Amt. Bond: 18,000

Surety: William Hill & Lewis Medenhall

Acct. Filed: July 17, 1873

No. of Papers: 16903

Guthrie, Charles – residence unknown – Date of Granting Letters: Nov 10, 1743

Names of persons to whom granted: Thomas Downing

Acct. Filed: Feb 7, 1753

No. of Papers: 836

Admin Docket & Page: 2-210

Guthrie, Emza W. – Bradford – Death 11 Oct 1898 – Granted Letters 27 Feb 1899

Persons to whom granted: Edward W. Young

Amt Bond: 200

Surety: John F Young & M.K. Heddleston

Inventory: 11 March 1899

Acct Filed: 10 Feb 1900

Admin Docket & Page: 8-18

Guthrie, Hannah – Brandywine – Date of Granting Letters: 24 April 1851

Persons to whom granted: James M Dolen

Will Book 21 – Page 348

Guthry, James – Oxford – Date of Granting Letters: 8 Dec 1773

Persons to whom granted: Sarah Guthry

Bond: 550L

Surety: Jas. Guthry, Thomas Love

Inventory: 8 Dec 1773

Acct. Filed: 12 Oct 1774

No. of Papers: 2808

Admin. Docket & Page: 2-238

Guthrie, James – Brandywine – Date of Granting Letters: 18 Nov 1799

Persons to whom granted: Wm and John Guthrie

Inventory Filed: 22 Nov 1799

No. of Papers: 4751

Will Book: 10 – Page: 150

Guthrie, John – Brandywine – Date of Granting Letters: 15 April 1814

Persons to whom granted: Mary Guthrie

Bond: 500

Surety: Eli Shugart, Wm Jackson

Inventory Filed: 12 May 1814

Acct. Filed: 27 Mar 1824

No. of Papers 6008

Admin Docket & Page: 3-39

Guthrie, John – Brandywine – Date of Granting Letters: 10 Nov 1836

Persons to whom granted: Jacob & Joseph Guthrie

Bond: 200

Surety: Jones Davis & Isaac Hicklaw

Inventory Filed: 10 Dec 1836

Acct. Filed 14 Feb 1839

No. of Papers 9447

Admin. Docket & Page: 4-323

Guthrie, Joseph – E. Brandywine – Date of Granting Letters: 14 Aug 1865

Persons to whom granted: John D. Guthrie Jr, John D. Guthrie, Sr

Bond: 5000

Surety: Wm Guthrie, John G. Allison Senr

Inventory Filed: Sep 1865

Acct Filed: 12 April 1866

No. of Papers: 15078

Admin Docket & Page: 5-548

Note: No entries under the name of Robert Guthrie or any variant spelling

Guthrie, William – Brandywine – Date of Granting Letters: 24 Jan 1844

Persons to whom granted: William G. Mullin

Bond: 1800

Surety: Wm Rigg, James Batten Senr

Acct Filed: 7 Apr 1858 (or 1855)

No. of Papers: 10599

Will Book & Page: 16-636

Admin Docket & Page: 5-27

Source: Index to Chester County Pennsylvania Wills and Intestate Records 1713-1850, by Bart Anderson, Dorothy B. Lapp, Marwood Darlington, US/CAN 974.813P22a



Abraham – Birmingham – 1778 – Will
Abraham – Birmingham – 1799 – Will
Abraham – Thornbury – 1844 – Will
Amos – West Goshen – 1828 – Will
B.S.B. Lieut U.S.N. – 1845 – Int.
Edward – Birmingham – 1825 – Int.
Elizabeth – West Brandywine – 1845 – Int.
Emanuel – East Bradford – 1837 – Int.
George – Pennsbury – 1839 – Will
Hannah – East Bradford – 1811 – Will
Isaac – West Chester – 1839 – Int.
Jesse – West Chester – 1839 – Int.
Jennetta A. – West Chester – 1838 – Int.
Job – East Bradford – 1841 – Will
John – East Bradford – 1813 – Int.
John – Brandywine – 1833 – Will
Joseph – (no location given) – 1748 – Int
Joseph – West Nantmeal – 1805 – Int.
Joseph – Brandywine – 1810 – Int.
Joseph – East Bradford – 1821 – Will
Joseph – West Brandywine 1849 Int.
Mary – Honey Brook – 1813 – Will
Otley – Westtown – 1844 – Int.
Otley – Westtown – 1845 – Will
Robert – East Caln – 1777 – Int.
Susanna – Thornbury – 1849 – Will
Thomas – East Bradford – 1809 – Will
Thomas – Westtown – 1848 – Int.
William  – West Nantmeal – 1757 – Will


GUTHRERY,  John – Oxford – 1790 – Will
GUTHEY, James – Oxford – 1773 – Int.
GUTHRIE, Adam – Brandywine – 1798 – Int.
GUTHRIE, Ann, Sr. – Brandywine – 1807 – Will
GUTHRIE, James – Brandywine – 1799 – Will
GUTHRIE, John – Brandywine – 1814 – Int.
GUTHRIE, John – Brandywine – 1836 – Int.
GUTHRIE, William – Brandywine – 1835 – Int.
GUTHRIE, William – Brandywine – 1844 – Will

SOURCE: Abstract of Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania Vol. 1 1714-1758, by Jacob Martin. Indexed by Gilbert Cope. 1900. US/CAN 974.83 P2a v.1

(No Guthrie Entries)

SOURCE: Abstract of Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania Vol. III 1714-1758, by Jacob Martin. Indexed by Gilbert Cope. 1900. US/CAN 974.83 P2a v.3

#4075 – JOHN GUTHERY – Oxford – May 16 – 1787 – Feby 16, 1790
Provides for wife Ann. (Dau June mentioned.) All Real & Personal Est to be sold & <divided?> among my chil. Viz. William. Mary. Elizabeth Martha. Ann. John. Margery & Abigail (and Jane omitted in will) & my gr dau Ann dau of John Jane Guthery decd share & share alike. Thomas Live & Alex Andrews. My sons. Exrs. John Gardner. James Love. Andrew Fleming. Wit.

#4104 – James Lockhart Sr. – E. Caln – Apr 21 1790 – June 15 1790
(WILLIAM GUTHRIE is listed as a witness)

#4154 – Robert Thompson – E. Caln – Mar 15 1791 – JAMES GUTTERY, Adm.

#4240 – Phebe Lockhard – Brandywine – Aug 9 1792 – Aug 24 1792
(WILLIAM GUTHRIE is listed as a witness)

#4298 – Roger Davlin – Brandywine – Sept 15 1791 – June 10 1793
Provides for wife Susanna. To eldest dau Margaret Beaty 5/. To eldest son John 5/. To dau Susanna atkin 5/. To son Jacob 5/. To my 3 sons viz Saml, Isaac & Abner. All rem. of Est. Friend WM GUTHRIE – EX
WILLIAM GUTHRIE, James Lockhart – wit.

$4643 – ADAM GUTHRIE – Brandywine – July 6 1778 – ADAM GUTHRIE Adm. 

#4751 – JAMES GUTHRIE – Brandywine – Aug 11 1798 cod. Aug 1799 – Nov 18 1799
Provides for wife Ann. To son in law James Antrican $1. & to his wife Sarah the value of L5 per year for 20 years & in case of her death the rem to her dau Mary Antrican. To son in law & dau Jacob & Ann Haines L50 & to their son James L30 when 21. To gr dau Ann Guthrie dau of Jas: L100 at 21. To gr dau Mary Antrican L30 at 21. To son Wm the land he now lives on & 6 acres of Woodland. To gr son Jas Guthrie son of Wm L30 at 21. To Hannah Cornwell L10. To Presbyterian Congregation at Brandywine Manor L10 &c. Sons Wm & John & son in law Jacob Haines Exrs. Cod. Gives to gr son Jas Guthrie youngest son of John L25 at 21. Letters to sons Wm & John.
James Lockhart, William Moore – wit.

#4768 – Henry Schlich – Brandywine – Feby 17 1800 – 

SOURCE: Abstract of Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania Vol. IV 1801-1825, by Jacob Martin. Indexed by Gilbert Cope. 1900. US/CAN 974.83 P2a v.4

#5363 – Rachel White – Brandywine – Feb. 7, 1801 – May 5, 1807 – 11-169
(Witnesses include ADAM GUTHRIE)

#5411 – ANN GUTHRIE SR – Brandywine – Mar. 4, 1803 – Nov. 3, 1807 – 11-183
To gr. Dau Mary Battin, formerly Entriken & gr. dau. Ann Guthrie, dau. of Jas Guthrie, dec’d, household goods. To sons John and William Guthrie articles named. To gr dau Ann Hains case of drawers. To gr daus Ann Guthrie, dr of William, and Ann Guthrie, dr of James, $8 each. To gr son Geo. Entriken $26-2/3. To gr son Jas Guthrie jr, walnut chest. Rem. to two daus. Sarah Entriken and Ann Hains.
Exr. Son-in-Law Jacob Haines of Lancaster Co.
Wits. Phineas Whitaker, George Lockhart, Jas. Lockhart.

#6008 – JOHN GUTHRIE – Brandywine – April 12, 1814. – Mary Guthrie, admr.

SOURCE: The Pennsylvania Genealogical Catalogue, Publication: Malvern, PA: Accessible Archives, c1993, CD-ROM no. 6

Dec 24, 1834
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Marriage on Thursday evening the 11th December by the Rev. Cyrus H Jacobs, MR JAMES GUTHRIE to MISS ELIZABETH ALBRIGHT, both of East Whiteland, Chester county.

March 30, 1831
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Marriage on the 17th inst by James McFarland Esq. MR THOMAS BENTLEY of West Caln to MRS JANE GUTHRIE of Brandywine

Sep 20 1837
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Marriage on the 13th inst by George Meridith Esq. MR JAMES GUTHRIE of the city of Wilmington, State of Delaware, to MISS DEBORAH NEWLIN, of BIRMINGHAM, DELAWARE.

Nov 4, 1851
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Marriage in Philadelphia on the 23rd ult. By the Rev Mr Mann. GEORGE W VERNON, of Wilmingham, Delaware to ANNIE F GUTHRIE, of Chester county.

Dec 30 1851
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Rev G.H. Mitchell on the 24th inst. MR WILLIAM GUTHRIE to MISS MARY MOORE.

Feb 7, 1854
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Death Notice of consumption at the residence of his parents, JOSEPH and MARGARET GUTHRIE, in East Brandywine Twp, LEVI A. GUTHRIE, aged 21 years, 1 month, and 5 days.

Feb 28, 1854
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Marriage on Thursday the 23rd of February at J. Spencer Leopard Hotel, Lancaster City, by Christian Kiefer, Mayor, MR ALBERT F. GUTHRIE, of West Bradford, Chester County, PA, to MISS RUTH ANN YOUNG of the former place.

Oct 20, 1855
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Marriage on May 8th by Rev Robert DuBois, of New London, RICHARD J GUTHRIE, to MISS HANNAH SMITH, both of Highland twp, Chester county.

Nov 27, 1855
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Marriage by the Rev R.P. DuBois on the 23rd of November. MR ALEXANDER LURABEE? To MISS MARY GUTHRIE, both of Penn twp.

June 1, 1858
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Death Notice in Wallace Township on the 30th of April, JOHN GUTHRIE, son of WILLIAM GUTHRIE, aged 13 years and 26 days. The deceased was a promising boy and an attentive Sunday School scholar— who thought, and spoke, and sung of the happy land.

Aug 24, 1858
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Death Notice on the 9th of August in Brandywine township, Chester County, MARGARET GUTHRIE, wife of JOHN GUTHRIE, aged 46 years.

Sep 14, 1858
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Death Notice at Emmitsburg, Maryland on the 19th of August, ADAM GUTHRIE, formerly of West Brandywine, Chester County, aged about 55 years.

May 15, 1860
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Marriage on the 10th instant, by the Rev A.G. Morrison, at the house of the bride’s father, in Highland township, MR JOSIAH B. GUTHRIE to MISS ABBIE J. STEWART, all of Chester county.

May 14, 1861
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Death Notice at Guthriesville, on the 7th ult., MRS HANNAH GUTHRIE, relict of WILLIAM GUTHRIE, decd, in the 84th year of her age.

Mar 31, 1863
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Death Notice in East Bradford, March the 17th, of consumption. SUE GUTHRIE, eldest daughter of JOS. GUTHRIE in the 24th year of her age.

Apr 7, 1863
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Death Notice near Guthriesvllle, Chester County, on the 17th of March 1863, MISS SUSAN J GUTHRIE, daughter of MR JOSEPH GUTHRIE in the 26th year of her age.
ANN’s NOTE: This second entry could potentially be a correction. Note the difference in her age.

May 3, 1864
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Marriage on the 19th of November 1863. JOSEPH GUTHRIE of East Brandywine to HARRIET GIBSON of Philadelphia, formerly of Chester.

June 14, 1864
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Marriage at the Metropolitan House, Arch Street, Philadelphia, on the 9th June 1864, by the Rev E.V. King. MR EVAN W JOHN to MISS JANIE E. GUTHRIE, all of Chester.
ANN’s NOTE: This is Evan William John and Jane Elizabeth Guthrie (21 Feb 1841 – 7 Apr 1921)

Oct 18, 1864
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Death Notice. Departed this life in West Bradford September 26th, RUTH ANN GUTHRIE, wife of ALBERT F. GUTHRIE in the 29th year of her age. She leaves a husband and 5 small children to mourn her early loss.

Feb 14, 1865
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Marriage on the 19th of January by the Rev Wheaton Smith at the parsonage in Philadelphia, MR WILLIAM WILSON GUTHRIE to MISS MARIE JANE RIGGS, both of Guthriesville, Chester county.

Feb 14, 1865
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Marriage in Philadelphia by the Rev J. Wheaton Smith, on the 18th inst., SAMUEL MOORE, of Valley township, to MISS LIZZIE GUTHRIE, daughter of JOS. GUTHRIE of Guthriesville.

July 18, 1865
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Marriage by the Rev. R.P. DuBois on the 13th inst., MR JAMES BAYARD SHELLADY to MISS HANNAH R. GUTHRIE, both of Penn township.

Mar 21, 1865
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Marriage on the 9th inst, by the Rev. Alexander Reed, MR. J. HOPE HERSHBERGER, to MISS VIENNA J. GUTHRIE, both of Chester.

July 25, 1865
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Death Notice in East Brandywine, on the 15th of July, JOSEPH GUTHRIE, aged about 55 years.

March 27, 1866
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Marriage in Penningtonville, March 21st by Rev. Charles E Young, CAPT JOHN W FORD to MISS HETTIE A. GUTHRIE, both of Wallace Township, Chester county.

May 22, 1866
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Death Notice in Chattanooga, Tennessee, March 25th1866; of Phthisis Pneumonia, WILLIAM W. GUTHRIE, formerly of Chester County, Pennsylvania, in the 32nd year of his age, son of JOSEPH  and MARGARET GUTHRIE.

July 10, 1866
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Memorial in memory of our beloved friend, WM W GUTHRIE, who departed this life in Chattanooga, Tennessee, March 25th 1866, formerly of Chester County… there still remains a large circle of friends in the counties of Callaway and Clay, Missouri, who deeply mourn his loss. During the 5 years which he spent in travelling through the 2 counties, where his business called him, he was much respected and loved by all who knew him…..Liberty Mission, May 15, 1866.

August 7, 1866
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Death Notice at the Franklin Hotel, Chattanooga, Tennessee, of fever, about 12 o’clock, Friday night, July 27, MR. W.S. GUTHRIE, aged 18 years. He was born in Chester County, where his parents now reside. He was an estimable and worthy young man, and his death is sincerely regretted by all with whom he was acquainted.

August 28, 1866
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Death Notice. Less than a month since our highly esteemed and much lamented friend, W.S. GUTHRIE, was enjoying all the blessings of this life, health, happiness, hope, but after a few days of suffering a fever, terminated with congestion of the lungs . . . He died in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on the 28th of July, in the 19th year of his age, lamented by many friends found in his distant home. The writer of these few lines, who knew and loved him from his early boyhood, fails to remember a change throughout, in his genial, pure, and truthful course. On Monday, August 8th, from his father’s I.D. GUTHRIE, near Guthriesville, Chester County, Pennsylvania, attended by a numerous and most respectable cortege of friends, all that was mortal of our dear friend SCOTT, was interred at the Brandywine Manor Burying Ground, close by the side of many he and we loved in common…

December 4, 1866
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Marriage on November 28th at the residence of the bride, –by Rev. J. Lindemuth, MR ROBERT GUTHRIE of Wallace township, to MISS KATE JOHNS, of West Whiteland, Chester County.

December 11, 1866
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Marriage on November 28th at the residence of the bride, by the Rev. H.S. Miller, MR ROBERT GUTHRIE of Wallace township, to MISS KATE JOHNS of West Whiteland, Chester County.
ANN’s NOTE: A correction? 

May 28, 1867
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Death Notice. GUTHRIE— JOSEPH SHERMAN, infant son of WILLIAM and MARY W. GUTHRIE, died May 7th, 1867, aged 16 months.

Sep 29, 1868
West Chester, PA
Chester Village Record
Death Notice— GUTHRIE— in Upper Uwchaln township, on the 19th of August, LAURA L., infant daughter of ROBERT H. and KATE GUTHRIE, aged 10 months and 9 days.

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