Celebrate Fathers (and Forefathers) this June

Father’s Day is just around the corner. It’s the time of year we celebrate our Dads, thank them for surmounting all of the parenting challenges we have provided over the years, and show our appreciation. Whether you celebrate with a Cook Out or special gift, there are some interesting traditions celebrated around the world.

This is also time for Family Tree DNA’s annual Father’s Day Sales event – June 5th – 18th for those of you who want to celebrate with something uniquely personal. Explore the genetic line of your forefathers with a Y-DNA Test or Upgrade to a Big-Y Test.

Father’s Day is one of the best times to catch cost-savings on these Paternal Line DNA tests. See FTDNA’s site for the Pricing for New Test Kits. Upgrades to Existing Tests are about half the cost of those new tests. Exact pricing of the upgrades depends on how much testing has already been done. Check out the Upgrade Button on your personal kits to get additional price break information to upgrade existing Y-DNA tests to Y-111 or Big Y-700.

Father’s Day graphic courtesy of Personal Creations blog 2017.

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