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  1. The Most Recent Y-DNA Matches and Guthrie Family Group Placements.
  2. Big-Y DNA Collaboration with the Joyce DNA Surname Project (GFG14)
  3. More Big-Y Results and Current Group Time Tree Branching
  4. Our Collaboration with Clan Guthrie USA for Arlo’s Inaugural Guthrie Family Gathering
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Guthrie Family Group 2A – Branch F
Kit #996753
John Guthrie 1700CT-1756CT / Abigail Coe > James Guthrie / Abigail Betts > Dr Nathan Guthrie / Abi Richardson > Jesse H Guthrie / Hannah R Crean > James Chauncey Guthrie / Mary Ellen Walker (GGP)

Three of John Guthrie and Abigail Coe’s sons are now represented by direct paternal line descendants. This is the first participant descending from James Guthrie and Abigail Betts, which verifies the family’s placement within GFG2A. A 111-marker Y-DNA test resulted with a 110/111 match to the Group Mode Y-DNA result, which is typical of Branch F participants. They either present with Group Mode (most common value at any given genetic marker) Results or close to it. This basically means the participant’s Y-DNA is as expected in comparison to others in the same family branch.

Guthrie Family Group 6 – Branch K
Kit #993191
William Guthrie c1710IRE – 1775DE > William Guthrie / Mary Welch > Alexander Guthrie / Mary Maffett > Alexander Guthrie / Maria Newell > John Libbens Guthrie / Nancy Margaret Starrett (GGP)

This is the first direct male Guthrie descendant of Alexander Guthrie & Mary Maffett. His Y-DNA is a match for the genetic profile of GFG6. The group is believed to be a very old Guthrie family as it has had time to develop more genetic mutations than other groups while still showing relatedness between its matches. The participant’s test is at the Y37-marker level, and interestingly matches the most common variable at every marker representing the group’s Mode DNA. Overall, I recommend members of Group 6 upgrade to a Big-Y test in order to evaluate the timeline of branches within the group. This would provide a visual record of the group’s most recent common ancestors and the timeline of its division into branches from Middle Ages to the Modern Age.

Guthrie Family Group 14 – aka – The Joyce Group

Nearly all descendants of GFG14 trace their ancestry back to George Nelson Guthrie, born est. bet. 1736-1756. He is the father of several children born in the Washington County, New York area who moved through Pennsylvania to Ohio. His spouse remains unidentified. Note that George is often misidentified as George Guthrie 1750PA-1850PA, a son of GFG2A’-Branch E’s Robert Guthrie and Bridget Dougherty, who married Margaret Campbell.

Also genetic matches for GFG14 are the descendants William Guthrie 1803NY-1853NY and Susan Wright. Considering the timing and location, William is most likely also descended from George Nelson Guthrie.

George Nelson Guthrie’s origin theory reveals that he was one of several Guthrie brothers. The others were said to be Revolutionary War Patriots, but their names were never noted in the family story. Since no obvious Y-DNA Matches have presented themselves, and nearly all of GFG14’s matches are to men of the Joyce / Joice / Joss Surname, it seems most likely that a Non-Paternal Event (NPE) or Adoption occurred involving George Nelson Guthrie as the primary occurrence.

Y-DNA Participants in GFG14 are encouraged to join the Joss/Joyce DNA Surname Project as well. At least one of you has already done so and upgraded his kit to include a Big-Y Test. David Joyce from the Joss/Joyce Family Association has shared an analysis of results and some thoughts about the origins of the Guthrie-Joyce connections.

Origins of the Guthrie Family of New York (jossjoycefamilyassociation)

Two participants have tested at the Big-Y Level.
The Group Time Tree currently predicts that their Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) lived in the late 1300s-1400.

Six participants have tested at the Big-Y Level.
Two are Branch A brothers.
Two descend from Branches C and D.
Two are a father and son with a non-Guthrie surname who descend from an American soldier with Guthrie YDNA.
One Big-Y tester’s results remain pending for the group from Branch B.
The chart shows that the Branch A brothers share a more recent common ancestor with each other than they do with Branches C and D. Kind of obvious, but the chart does show that fact.
Branches C and D are projected to have a slightly more recent common ancestor than the one shared with Branch A.
The MRCA for A, C, and D is projected to be 1600

Four participants have currently tested at the Big-Y Level.
Three are designated as descendants of Francis Guthrie Sr:
Kit 8393 – Francis Sr > Robert Guthrie / Esther Giles > John Guthrie c1756-c1830OH / Mary Fuller (Branch B)
Kit 129769 – Francis Sr > John Guthrie / Unk Spouse > Robert Guthrie 1778VA / Frances Fowler (Branch E)
Kit 208725 – Francis Sr > John Guthrie / Unk Spouse > Alexander Guthrie 1777PA-1850IN / Eleanor Amis (Branch D)
One descends from Branch C – William Guthrie:
Kit 319359 – William Guthrie – d.1844 Ayrshire, SCT / Ann Hunter (Branch C)
One new order remains pending:
Kit 645225: Francis Sr > John > James Guthrie c1774MD/VA-1850VA(WV) / Elizabeth Casdorph (Branch A)
The current results show Branches D and E attached to a MRCA (presumably mutual father John Guthrie). The Branch B descendant is attached to the MRCA of all three branches (Francis Sr)
Branch C’s William Guthrie is from Ayrshire, Scotland. The Group Time Tree indicates that his MRCA with the rest of the group is likely to be found around the 1400s.

The following Guthrie Family Groups have 1 Y-DNA participant with a Big-Y test:
GFG5, GFG6, GFG8, GFG11, GFG14.

June 23rd – 25th 2023

If you are a Clan Guthrie USA member or have recently visited their website or Facebook page, you’ve probably already seen the announcement for Arlo Guthrie’s Inaugural Guthrie Family Gathering to be held June 23rd-25th at The Guthrie Center in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

There is great fun in store for all attendees including nightly live concerts from Arlo’s family members, tours of The Guthrie Center where historical items from Guthrie Castle are now housed, a Guthrie Tartan & Kilt Night, Silent Auction, a lecture on the life of Woody Guthrie, vendors and craftspeople, and more.

Go to the Clan Guthrie USA website for more information on purchasing discounted tickets if you’re a member. Others who wish to attend can find Ticket Info at The Guthrie Center website.

Clan Guthrie USA’s Mike Guthrie (Genealogy Coordinator) and Julie Pooler (Program Development) will include a panel discussion on genealogy, DNA testing, and plans for ongoing collaboration with the Guthrie DNA Project and Guthrie Genealogy. Mike’s presentation will include a deep dive into the Lenox, Massachusetts Guthrie family.

Since the host site is located in Massachusetts, Guthrie Genealogy’s upcoming May & June posts will focus on some of our Guthrie families from the colonial era who made it their home.

We’ll sort out who’s related to whom in a Connecticut/Massachusetts edition of Mistaken Identities. Someone has been hanging out in the wrong part of the family tree for 125 years.

Guthrie Genealogy’s Revolutionary War Series continues with a review of our Massachusetts Patriots and their records.

For our Family Focus we’ll take a look at an extraordinary man raised in Brimfield, Massachusetts whose discoveries and inventions impacted the future of medicine and warfare, Dr Samuel Guthrie, Jr.


  1. Ann: Chauncey is an
    unusual first name right? That name also show up in the William and Sarah Neill Guthrie line. ?? Also in RECORDS OF REV, WAR CONTAINING THE MILITARY FINANCIAL BY WM. THOMAS you will find some of my Guthrie mem receiving land bounty right, John serving in Charlotte Co., New York Militia as enlisted soldier and Samuel and George are in those records also have records of history books from Poland showing William of Fenwich did have surviving son and because of royal blood line the King of Poland awarded them land for helping with their war and staying in Poland. The family is still there today and has a silver cup presented by the King at that time. I suppose the family in Scotland assume these family member died in the war that King James sent to Poland to help. All of this is online if you take the time required to research which I have for 20 plus years. Have so much more to share.

    • Wish I could move your comment to the original discussion thread to keep it all together. It was posted on the GFG6-Branch J page for James Guthrie & Editha Munson.

      The given name Chauncey is probably one of those names that was popular at a specific time or period in history. There are 3 pages of men named “Chauncey” as a first or middle name in the Guthrie Research Tree, so it may not be as rare as you think. Some were named because a female ancestor in that line had a maiden surname of Chauncey. In general, finding less common names in trees should be explored as a possible clue, especially coming from historical stock where naming patterns were frequently utilized. Just don’t make the mistake to assume relatedness because someone has the same name. People also named children for family friends, war heroes, lofty legends and community or religious leaders.

      As to the Guthrie family in Poland, after your previous post I researched what was available online and found no definitive connection to any specific Guthrie ancestors in Scotland. However, I did expand our world Guthrie connections by creating a space for the family under the “POLAND” location in the Guthrie Research Tree for additional evidence. For now, I have linked every significant resource online to the page for George “Jerzy” Guthrie / Guttry / De Gutry. His eventual title in Poland had nothing to do with his ancestry, but his service to the Polish crown. He was awarded a certificate of Polish Nobility for his wartime service. There is a history of Scots in the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth and other resources listed. Check it out to see if you have any additional resources that mention the Guthrie connections you have suggested.

  2. Also found out Uncle Miltons info in the Russian YDNA Research Date base. related to the Kurgan Tribe 10.000 year old mummy’s in Siberia, Russia. Now Ukraine. I gave permission for them to use the results. I told Uncle Milton before he passed that they domesticated the horse and his comment ” I knew we were not so dumb”. I have learned alot from those Dr.s.

    • This is exactly why we need some Big-Y Upgrades for GFG6. It would be interesting to see a progression of branching from the Prehistoric Era to the Middle Ages and the Modern Period so that we can pinpoint when Guthrie families formed and separated for the group.

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