Let’s Collaborate!

Collaboration is the key to making new discoveries and sorting out fact from fiction. You may be new to genealogy or an expert family researcher. Everyone has a unique viewpoint when it comes to their specific branch of the global Guthrie tree. Do you have a favorite resource book? Have you transcribed a will or deed? Is there any truth to that old family legend? How about that old family recipe? Genealogy research can be fun and as interesting as you want to make it, and it doesn’t have to be done in isolation. Don’t be the squirrel hiding your precious acorns of research away for the winter. Share them with your extended Guthrie family.

Guthrie Genealogy: Guthrie Ancestry and Genetic Genealogy

  • Learn whether your ancestors belong to a specific Guthrie Family Group, lineages genetically proven to share common Guthrie ancestry. Knowing these details can help target your research to the right families.
  • Explore research already collected on your family line.

  • Contribute to the growing database if you have facts or records to share with your cousins.

  • Read about the current Origin Theories associated with your family line. Share your thoughts or the clues you have found with the group.

  • Get some clarity about your Guthrie ancestors. Post your questions.

  • Discover details about the Mistaken Identities and errors frequently found in online trees in order to avoid those common mistakes.

  • Find research tools and resources.

  • Get involved in the Guthrie DNA Project. It’s a fun and fascinating way to get some clues about the origins of your Guthrie family. Participation also includes help with interpreting your Guthrie matches.

  • Be a Guest Researcher. If you have important discoveries to share consider posting a report.

  • Guthries and Guthrie descendants from Scotland, Ireland, England, the USA and Canada, France, Sweden, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand are exploring their Guthrie roots and contributing to our global family stories.

  • Add your comments and questions directly to your ancestor’s page, post them in the ‘Questions?’ section, or click ‘contact’ to send a private email to the site coordinator, Ann Guthrie.