Washington, PA

Created in 1781 from Westmoreland County.
Washington is the County Seat.
Part of the disputed territory between Pennsylvania and Virginia.

SOURCE: Index to Accounts of Wills of Washington County Pennsylvania. Register of Wills, US/CAN 974.882 P22r, FHL

Estate of:Acct.How Acting:FileNo.Year
Robert GuthrieWilliam GuthrieExecutorG191809
William GuthrieMargaret Guthrie

SOURCE: Index to Washington County, Pennsylvania Wills 1781-1900, compiled by Bob & Mary Clossen, 1985. US/CAN 974.882 P22c, FHL

Guthery, John                    Vol 8 – Page 135              Probate Date: 1859
Guthrie, Elizabeth            Vol 9 – Page 681              Probate Date: 1871
Guthrie, Robert                 Vol 2 – Page 145              Probate Date: 1808
Guthrie, Robert                 Vol7 –  Page 416              Probate Date: 1855
Guttery, Charles                Vol 13 – Page 588            Probate Date: 1892
Guttery, Ealinor                Vol 14 – Page 620            Probate Date: 1895
Guttery, George                 Vol 12 – Page 600            Probate Date: 1888

SOURCE: Washington County, PA Frontier Rangers 1781-1782, US/CAN 974.882 M2m, FHL

Guthrie, John – Rank: Adj. – Company: Not Listed – PA Archive Reference: 3-23-214

Guthrie, William – Rank: Capt. – Company: Not Listed – PA Archive Reference: 3-23-231

Guthrie, Wm – Rank: Capt – Company: Shranders – PA Archive Reference: 3-23-231

SOURCE: Abrstacts of Washington County, Pennsylvania Will Books 1-5 (1776-1841) recompiled by Bob & Mary Closson, Closson Press, 1995. US/CAN 974.882 P28, FHL

p.24 Caldwell, William – Buffalo Creek – 10 Apr 1787 – Prob: 31 Dec 1787 – Land Adj. Roats Guttery
[Note: Robt Guttery?]

p.124 Guthrie, Robert – Chartiers Twp (page 145) – Dated: 1 Sep 1801 – Probated: 12 jan 1888 – Exec: Agrness Guthrie; William Guthrie – Witnesses: John Nelson, George McComb, Hugh McComb – Bene: Wife Agness; sons: Robert, Joseph, William James; daus: Jean, Mary, Elizabeth, Martha, Isabel. – Account # 6-19-1808

p112 Lindsey, John – 27 March 1806 – 15 Jan 1807 – Witness: James Guthrie

p.424 Shaw, Gavin – 8 Oct 1827 – 21 Nov 1834 – Son in Law: Samuel Guthrie

p 426 Wilson, Thomas – Somerset Twp (page 168) – Dated: 25 Nob 1828 – Prob: 26 Dec 1834 – Exec: sons Thomas & John – Wit: Joseph McBurney; Thomas Smith, State of Ohio; Jos Henderson vouched for Smith’s signature – Bene: wife Hannah; sons: James, William, Alexander, John, Thomas; Daus: Jane, wife of Joseph Guthrie; Margaret, wife of Robert Guthrie; grandson Thomas, s/o Alexander Wilson; John and James; granddaughter Polly and Jane and children of Robert Guthrie by daughter Margaret. Mentions real estate – Somerset Twp; Strabane Twp; adj lands of James Smith, esq., Dickerson Roberts; Thomas Smith.

p.180 Neilson ,John – Chartiers Twp (page 481) – Dated: 10 mar 1814 – Prob: 26 Mar 1814 – Exec: Wm Neilson, Margaret Neilson; Wit: George McComb; James Guthrie; John Guthrie; Bene: wife Margret, son: James; Daus: Jane, Margret; Bro: William Neilson.

P 265  Miller, Samuel, farmer, Mt Pleasant Twp (p392) – 26 Dec 1817 – 11 Jan 1821 – Witness: Joseph Guthrie

P361 Officer, James, farmer, Chartiers Twp – 28 Jan 1818 – 22 Sep 1829 – Witness: Joseph Guthrie

SOURCE: Washington County Pennsylvania Tax Lists for 1781, 1783, 1784, 1793 and Census for 1790, US/CAN 974.882 R49b, FHL

Cecil Twp 1783 Tax List
p.29 Robert Guttery – 260 acres – 2 horses – 3 cattle – 7 sheep – 135 value

p.33 James Gutthery – “single freeman” – 1 horse – value 10

Donegal Twp 1783 Tax List
p.40 Robert Gutry – 100 acres – 1 horse – 1 cattle – value 64

Fallowfield Twp 1783 Tax List
p.92 John Guthry – 0 acres – 1 horse – 1 cattle  – 6 value

Somerset Twp 1783 Tax List
James Gutteridge – single freeman – 100 acres – 3 horses – 2 cattle – 3 sheep – value 62/15
James Guffy – single freeman – no property – Value 0
John Gutteridge – 100 acres – 2 horses – 2 cattle – 5 sheep – value 57/5

Greene Twp 1783
John Guttery – 318 acres – 2 horses – 3 cattle – 3 sheep – value 73

1790 Census – Chartiers Twp
Guttery, Robert:  1-2-1-0-0
Guttery, James:            1-0-2-0-0

West Bethlehem Twp 1793 Tax List
William Guthrie

Cecil Twp 1784 Tax List
Robert Guthrie
James Guthrie – single freeman

Chartiers Twp 1793 Tax List
James Guthrie
Robert Guthrie
Hugh Dougherty
Roger Dougherty

Fallowfield Twp 1793 Tax List
John Gutrie

Fallowfield Twp 1784 Tax List
John Guthrie

Fallowfield Twp 1790 Census
John Guthery:            1-5-3-0-0

Greene Twp 1784 Tax List
John Guthrie

Hopewell Twp 1785 Tax List
Robert Guthrie

Somerset Twp 1784
John Gutteridge
James Gutteridge

Cecil Twp 1781 Tax List
Robert Guthrie – 360 acres – 2 horses – 3 cattle – 4 sheep – 202 value
James Guthrie – single freeman – 0 acres – 1 horse – 6 vaule

Fallowfield Twp 1781 Tax List
John Guttery – 300 acres – 3 horses – 2 cattle – 0 sheep – 24 value

Greene Twp 1781 Tax List
John Guttery – 300 acres – 2 horses -2 cattle – 3 sheep – 83 value

Hopewell Twp 1781 Tax List
Robert Guttery – 0 acres – 1 horse – 1 cattle – 0 sheep – 10 value

Nottingham Twp – Effective Supply Tax
Adam Guttery – 0 acres – 0 horses – 0 cattle – 0 sheep – 0 value

Somerset Twp – Effective Supply Tax
John Gutteridge – 100 acres – 3 horses – 3 cattle – 7 sheep – 69 value
James Gutteridge – 100 acres – 2 horses – 2 cattle – 5 sheep – 69 value

SOURCE: Early Landowners of Pennsylvania: Atlas of Township Warrantee Maps of Washington County, PA, by Sharon Cook MacInnes, Ph.D., Closson Press, US/CAN974.882 R2m, FHL

p.204 This page is a detailed map of Mount Pleasant Township with its many individual land warrantees. You can see the one for Robert Guttery in Grid E-4. (Map Below)

Warrantee Name: GUTHRY, ROBERT
Tract Name: Waterford
Size: 366 acres 2 Rd and allowance
Warrant Date: 1785, 9 Feb
Survey Date: 1785, 20 Jul
Patent Date: 1788, 10 Mar to warrantee
Patent Book: P12-407
Coordinates: E-3, E-4, F-4

Footnote: Crumrine (pg. 851) says, “Robert GUTHRIE was one of the pioneers of the county, and settled on a tract of land in the township which was patented to him Sept. 25, 1788. It lay about three miles for Hickory, on the road to Canonsburg…”

SOURCE: Washington County Orphans’ Court – Book B – Page 231
July Orphans’ Court 1809
Poor Copy – Smeared

Came into Court MARY WALLACE GUTHRIE of the last will & testament of JOHN WALLACE GUTHRIE late of the County of Washington cleared and exhibited an account of his administration by which there appears to be a balance of four hundred and thirty one dollars and eighty-one and one half cents remaining in her hands of which account the court approves and orders that the distribution be made according to law. ~

Came into Court WILLIAM GUTHRIE Exr of the last will & testament of ROBERT GUTHRIE late of the County of Washington cleared and exhibited account of his administration by which there appears to be a balance of twenty six dollars and fifty nine and one half cents remaining in his hand of which account the court approves and orders the distribution thereof to be made according to law. ~

ANN’s NOTES: These two court orders are written into the OC Book as consecutive entries.

SOURCE: Washington County Orphans’ Court – Book B – Page275
Poor Copy – Smeared and Partially Covered with Tape

Came into Court MARY STEWART GUTHRIE, widow and relict of _____ GUTHRIE late of Washington County deceased and presented her petition to the Court setting forth that her husband lately died intestate having (smeared) minor children to wit, BETSY, AGNES, and WILLIAM all under the age of fourteen years – praying the Court to appoint WILLIAM NELSON as guardian of the two girls and JOHN LINDSEY as guardian of the person and Estates of the children above mentioned – which choice the Court approve. (Exit Order 3096

SOURCE: Washington County Orphans’ Court – Book C – Page 325 – No.21
Petition of James Guthrie
On the petition of JAMES GUTHRIE gent of Mount Pleasant township — the court appoints Alexander McElroy guardian for JAMES and ALEXANDER GUTHRIE minor children of ______ GUTHRIE decd under the age of fourteen years.

SOURCE: Washington County Orphans’ Court – Book F – Page 30 – No.44
May Term Orphans’ Court 1851

Upon the petition of WILLIAM GUTHRIE, guardian in the State of Ohio, of ROBERT GUTHRIE and JOHN GUTHRIE, the court appoint the said WILLIAM GUTHRIE guardian of the Estates of the said miros in this state. May 20 1851. Bonds approved and filed.

SOURCE: Washington County Orphans’ Court – Book F – Page 235 – No.22
Administrator’s Account, Estate of William Guthrie, decd

Came into Court MARGARET GUTHRIE administratrix of the Estate of WILLIAM GUTHRIE decd and presented his final account by which it appears there is a balance in the hands of the administratrix of $658.78.

SOURCE: Washington County Orphans’ Court – Book F – Page 541 – No.49
Petition of Thomas Guthrie

Petition of THOMAS GUTHRIE represents that WILLIAM, THOMAS P, JOHN and MARGARET GUTHRIE are minor children of your petitioner and therefore prays the appointment of a Guardian for said minors whereupon the Court appoint THOMAS GUTHRIE guardian of said minors. May 24th 1850

SOURCE: Washington County Orphans’ Court – Book F – Page 546 – No.67
Petition of Dickerson Guthrie

Petition of DICKERSON GUTHRIE for the appointment of guardian of NARCISSA GUTHRIE minor daughter of JOSEPH GUTHRIE whereupon the court appoints DICKERSON GUTHRIE guardian of said minor. May 20, 1850, and May 21st Ex cer. Bond approved and filed.

SOURCE: Washington County Orphans’ Court – Book G – Pages 136 – No.37
May Orphans’ Court 1852
Petition of Michael Leatherman, Guardian

McKinnon   37.
Upon the petition of MICHAEL LEATHERMAN guardian of MARGARET GUTHRIE, ELIZABETH GUTHRIE, SARAH ANN GUTHRIE, ROBERT GUTHRIE, JACOB GUTHRIE, THOMAS GUTHRIE, and HANNAH GUTHRIE minor children of THOMAS GUTHRIE, late of Allen County Ohio, setting forth _____ that said minors are entitled to shares in the estate of their grandfather ROBT GUTHRIE decd and that said shares are in the hands of JW ALEXANDER and LEONARD GUTHRIE administrators of said estate and that the money coming to said minors is necessary to their support and education. Praying the Court for an order on said administrators to pay onto the said MICHAEL LEATHERMAN all monies to which said minors are entitled whereupon the Court order and direct the admrs of ROBERT GUTHRIE decd to pay over to the Guardian of the minor children of said Guthrie any money which may be in their hands and owing to said minors.
                        19th May exit order

SOURCE: Washington County Orphans’ Court – Book G – Page 355 – No.1
February Term 1854

And now 1st March 1854. Doct J W ALEXANDER and LEONARD GUTHRIE administrators of ROBERT GUTHRIE deceased presented their petition setting forth that the monies arising from the sale of the Real Estate of said decd are in their hands for distribution and that they are advised that certain of the heirs and children of said deceased were advanced by him in his lifetime and that the amount of said advancements should be deducted from the shares of said heirs but that your petitioners are ignorant of the amounts to which should be deducted therefore praying that the court to appoint an auditor to ascertain said advancements and make distributions of the money in the hands of the administrators. And now Marth1st 1854 the Court appoint JL JUDSON Esq auditor to ascertain advancements to the heirs and make distributions of the funds in the hands of the administrators. 1 March 1854 Exit Cert. to auditor.

SOURCE: Washington County Orphans’ Court – May Term 1849 – Pages 447 & 448 – No.73
Petition of Dickerson Guthrie

The petition of DICKERSON R. GUTHRIE respectfully sheweth:    That ROBERT GUTHRIE, late of West Bethlehem township, farmer, died on the 2nd day of January 1848 leaving issue eleven children, to wit: ROBERT GUTHRIE, residing in Allen County Ohio; THOMAS GUTHRIE late of Allen County Ohio now dead leaving seven children (names not known), JOHN GUTHRIE, deceased, without issue; RUTH, dead and no issue; NANCY GUTHRIE intermarried with WILLIAM GUTHRIE residing in Guernsey County Ohio since dead leaving children; (names and number not known); HANNAH, intermarried with THOMAS GUTHRIE, residing in Guernsey County Ohip; JOSEPH GUTHRIE, late of Warren County Ohio, now dead leaving one child, to wit NARCISSA GUTHRIE; LUCINDA GUTHRIE intermarried with D. Uhlery of Washington Co., PA, who is deceased, leaving two children, to wit, JOSEPH and ELI UHLERY; MARGARET GUTHRIE, intermarried with JESSE HALL residing in Putnam County Ohio; SUSAN GUTHRIE; LEONARD GUTHRIE and the petitioner, of Washginton County, Pa…..That the said ROBERT GUTHRIE died intestate seized in his demesne as of fee of and in a certain tract of land situate in West Bethlehem Township containing on hundred and sixty acres more or less adjoining lands of WILLIAM BUTES on the East, ASA ROBERTS on the North, and DANIEL WARD on the South …. The petitioner therefore prays the court to award an Inquest to make partition of the premises aforesaid to and among the parties interested therein, in such manner and in such proportions as is directed by the laws of this Commonwealth, if such partition can be made without prejudice to or spoiling the whole; but if such partition cannot be made thereof, then to value and appraise the same, audit and make report of the proceedings herein according to law. May 21, 1849. Inquest awarded and now to wit, June 7th 1849 Exit ___ partition.  And now August Term 1849. Sheriff Masterman returns the ___ to him____ by which it appears that after having given due public and timely notice of the time and place of holding the inquisition & all of the heirs named in the writ, and as many of them as chose being present, he went in his own proper person and upon the said described premises on the 30th day of June AD 1849 taking with him twelve good and lawful men of the bailiwick who upon the solemn oath and affirmations presents that the said lands and ____ will not accommodate all the heirs in said writ named without prejudice to or spoiling the whole, and the Inquest do further say that said lands and _______ will accommodate one of the heirs, and they have appraised the same at and for the sum of thirty dollars per acres, (see diagram) containing one hundred and sixty acres and sixteen perches, amounting to the sum – $4,803.00.  And now August 27th 1849 Inquisition confirmed and rule on the heirs and legal representatives of said deceased to come into Court on the first day of next Term and accept or refuse the said Report.

SOURCE: Washington County Deed Book 1I – Page 699
15 June 1793
ROBERT GUTHRIE & wife AGNES of Chartiers Township, to JAMES GUTHRIE, son of the said Robert & Agnes.

SOURCE: Washington County PA Deed Book 1I – Page795
5 November 1793
ROBERT GUTHRIE & Agnes his wife of Chartiers township, to JOHN LINDSEY of same.

SOURCE: Washington County PA Deed Book 2N – Page 248
Consideration: $480

SOURCE: Washington County PA Deed Book 2Z – Page 152
13 April 1830
ROBERT GUTHRIE & Margaret his wife of Nottingham Township, Washington County, PA, to JOHN MORRISON, SR
Consideration: $1300

SOURCE: Washington County Deed Book 4T – Page 190
16 October 1852
JW ALEXANDER, Administrator of ROBERT GUTHRIE, late of West Bethlehem, deceased, to LEONARD ROBERTS, of same.
Neighbors: Weilliam Butes (E), Asa Roberts (N), Daniel Ward (S)
Property: 160 acres and 16 perches
Mentions: Orphans Court hel 21 May 1849 upon the petition of Dickerson R Guthrie, a son & heir of Robert Guthrie to request partition of the estate.

SOURCE: Washington County Deed Book L – Page 290
8 April 1795
Property: 49 acres

SOURCE: Washington County Deed Book N – 341
31 March 1797
ROBERT GUTHRIE SENIOR & AGNES his wife of Chartiers Township, to ROBERT GUTHRIE JUNIOR of said township.
Consideration: 60 pounds
History: Part of the tract called “Waterford” granted by warrant to Robert Guthrie Senior dated February 9, 1785 with a patent of 366-1/2 acres on Octobert 1, 1788. Book No.12 – Page 407.

SOURCE: Washington County Deed Book N-570.
10 November 1797
ROBERT GUTHRIE & wife JEAN, to HUGH PORTER, all of Washington County.

SOURCE: Washington County Deed Book R – Page 182
27 March 1798
Property: One house and lot in Canonsburg, on Pitt Street, Lot No.59.

SOURCE: Washington County Estate Records, Family Search, Online 
W #30 1837, Estate of Thomas Wilson

ANN’s NOTES: Guthries and Wilson intermarriages seems to be a fairly frequent finding in Colonial America and occur in more than one of our MD/PA Group Branches. This particular Wilson estate has to do with the THOMAS WILSON who died in Washington County, Pennsylvania in 1834. Daughters Jane and Margaret married Guthries, two sons of Robert & Agnes (Gordon) Guthrie Jr.. Jane married Joseph Guthrie, the youngest son about 1801. They moved to Guernsey County. Daughter Margaret married Robert Guthrie, whom we believe to be the man who remarried to Ruth Roberts after his wife Margaret’s death, and died in West Bethlehem Township, Washington County, PA in 1847.

There are almost 30 pages to the Estate Records, which I will not post here. If you want a full copy, you can simply look online at Family Search. The papers contain a few payment receipts made out to individuals who were owed money by the Estate. There is also an Estate Inventory. Only 1 entry mentions the name Guthrie, a receipt to JOSEPH GUTHRIE for appraising Thomas Wilson’s estate.