South Carolina

One of the Original 13 Colonies





The County was established in 1785 along with 33 other counties formed within the 7 original districts. Lancaster was formed within Camden District.

SOURCE: The Waxhaws, by Louise Pettus, assisted by Nancy Crockett, 1993. US/CAN975.745H2p, FHL

Preface: “There have been handicaps in the gathering of information. In 1865, Union soldiers destroyed all or Lancaster County’s wills and estate papers and most of the court records. Only the land transactions were spared. There was no county newspaper before the 1850s. The state did not require the recording of births, deaths or marriages until this century. Old Waxhaw Church’s first century of records are lost. In the first half of the nineteenth century, cotton created large plantations forcing many farmers to move West. The Civil War destroyed plantation life and more of the population left to make their fortunes elsewhere. Families took their Bibles and papers with them. There are gaps that we cannot fill.”

p.18 WILLIAM GUTHRIE, cordwainer in 1774, made rope for the farmer and the tradesman. In the days before bedsprings, his cordage was used on beds to support the feather mattresses–a necessary part of the “bed furniture”. Dependant upon its intended use, the cordage might be of straw, hemp, flax, or cotton origins.

SOURCE: Deeds A Lancaster County Recorded in 1787 & 1788, by Mrs. Ida McDow Rodman, Waxhaws Chapter DAR, US/CAN975.745R2d v.1, FHL

pp.66-67 – (Oct Term 1787)

Page 216, 217This Indenture made Between James Guthrie in the County of Lancaster and State of South Carolina Planter of the one part and Richard Wright in the County and State aforesaid Planter of the other part Witnesseth that the said James Guthrie for and in consideration of the sum of 80 pounds to him paid by said Richard Wright the said James Guthrie hath granted Bargained and sold and confirmed unto the said Richard Wright and to his heirs and assigns forever 194 acres of land Situate lying and being in the Waxhaw settlement in the County aforesaid Beginning at a pine thence ________ thence along the dividing line between the said tract and Robert Guthrie’s land to the beginning pine containing one hundred and ninety four acres, it being a part of a tract of land at first granted to William Guthrie by the 

Honorable William Bull Esq. bearing the date 4th day of May A.D. 1771 which said piece or tract of land the above named William Guthrie by his last Will and Testament did five and devise to his beloved son James Guthrie and I the said James Guthrie am the true owner of the said 194 acres of land and the same to the said Richard Wright with all the houses, Edifices, etc., as William Guthrie by his Deed Patent did or might enjoy the said Richard Wright paying the yearly reserved Quitrents or Taxes as the Law directs To have and to hold the said tract of land and all  and singular the promises to the said Richard Wright his heirs and assigns forever. 

The said James Guthrie and Jane his Wife have hereunto set their hands and seals the 2nd day of October 1787.

James Guthrie (Seal)   Jane Guthrie (Seal)

Signed Sealed & Delivered in presence of Thomas Wells, Robert Waller, Robt. Guthrie

Page 218

Received the day and year first above written of the within named Richard Wright the sum of 80 pounds it being the full consideration money within mentioned, I say Received by me.

James Guthrie

Thomas Wells and Robert Guthrie personally appeared before me John Craig Justice assigned to keep the Peace and being duly sworn and that they were both present and did see James Guthrie and Jane Guthrie his wife sign seal and deliver the within mentioned Deed unto Richard Wright Jun and that they did see Robt. Waller witness the same.

Given under my hand this 14th day of April 1788)    John Craig, J.P.

SOURCE: Abstracts of Deeds B (Old) 1788-1797 Lancaster County, South Carolina, by Mrs. Ida McDow Rodman, Genealogist, Waxhaws Chapter DAR, US/CAN 975.745R2d v.2


Page 70 (10th Feby. 1789) Indenture betweem Elizabeth Guthrie and William Guthrie of Lancaster County, South Carolina Spinster and Planter of one part and William Sprunt of aforesaid County and State Planter witnesseth for sum of 89 pounds 10 shillings and 5 pence sterline hath sold to William Sprunt, his heirs, etc. forever a tract of land containing 229 acres situation on north side of Cane Creek in Waxhaw Settlement being a tract of land first granted to William Guthrie by his Excellency William Bull Esq. – dated July 26, 1774 which said tract of land the said William Guthrie by his last Will and Testament did give and Demise unto his well beloved wife Elizabeth Guthrie and his well beloved son William Guthrie and to their heirs and assigns forever, Now we the said Elizabeth and William Guthrie are true owners of said 229 acres and the same unto said William Sprunt with all houses, etc., July 25, 1788. Witnesses: John Craig, Robert Guthrie, John (his x mark) Hood. Signed: Elizabeth (her x mark) Guthrie (seal), William Guthrie (seal)

Rec’d the day and year first within written of the within named William Sprunt the sum of 89 : 10 : 5 it being the whole consideration money within mentioned. I say Rec’d by us  (blank)

Memorandum that on the 7th day of January 1789 I do hereby certify that I was personally present and did see Elizabeth Guthrie and William Guthrie sign seal and deliver the within written Deed unto William Sprunt for the use and purpose within mentioned and that Robert Guthrie and John Hood was present and did witness the same Given under my hand the day and year above written.

John Craig J.P.

SOURCES: Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790 …. (1908). United States: U.S. Government Printing Office. Digital Repository: Google Books
Index p. 120
Guthery, James – p.91 – Ninety-Six District, Union County – 1M > 16, 2F
Gutrie, William – p.73 – Ninety-Six District, Laurence County – 1M > 16, 1M < 16, 4F
Guttery, Joseph – p.35 – Charleston District, St Bartholomew’s Parish – 2M > 16, 2F
Guttery, Robert – p61 – Ninety-Six District, Abbeville County – 3M > 16, 4F
Guttery, Thomas – p.58 – Ninety-Six District, Abbeville County – 2M > 16, 2F
Guttery, William – p.35 – Charleston District, St. Bartholomew’s Parish – 1M > 16, 2M < 16, 1F