Northwest Territory: 1787
Statehood: 1803
Counties: 88





Created in 1845 from Henry County, Paulding County, and Williams County. The County Seat is Defiance. It shares its western borders with Allen and DeKalb Counties, Indiana.

SOURCE: Defiance County, Ohio Death Records Index, US/CAN 977.114 V22d v.2, FHL

#121                Guthrie, William        Guthrie/McCormick        9 Aug 1928

#40                 Guthrie, Harriet E       Howell/Rowans               5 Mar 1935

#?                  Guthrie, Mary              Bauserman/Long             17 Apr 1969

#?                 Guthrie, Patrick             Walter M. Guthrie           11 Aug 1986
                                                               Marilyn Buehrer


Created in 1810 from Belmont County and Muskingum County. The County Seat is Cambridge. Muskingum County borders it on the west.  

SOURCE: The Heritage Collection: Biography and History from Unigraphic, Guernsey, Ohio, US/CAN 977.192 H2b, FHL


Joseph Guthrie is of Washignton Co., PA, birth. His father, Joseph Guthrie, Sr was born in 1776, and his mother Jane, d/o Thomas Wilson, was b. in 1778. They were in Muskingum in 1801 and located here in 1830. Four years later his wife died and in 1855, he, too, died. They had 13 children, of whom 5 are living, viz: Thomas; Jane, widow of Thomas Wison; Mary Ann, wife of Ebenezer Burt, all living here; Hannah, wife of John White, living in Muskingum County. Joseph Guthrie, the youngest child was born in 1818 and came to Ohio with his parents. In 1859 he married Maria Duff of Muskingum County. Miss Duff was born in 1818. They settled on the homestead where they now live. He is a farmer and owns 260 acres of land. He has held twp offices, and is a deacon of the United Presbyterian Church of Lebenon.

SOURCE: Five Generations in Guernsey County, Ohio, Volume 3, Guernsey County Chp OGS, 2000, US/CAN 977.192 D2f v.3, FHL

James McIntire 
b. 22 April 1798 KY
m. 1821 IN
d. 22 Oct 1859 Monroe, IA

Elizabeth Guthrie
b. 26 Dc 1792 VA
d. 27 Feb 1862 Monroe, IA

John Hammond
b.28 Feb 1835
m. 29 Mar 1860 Guernsey, OH
d. 1911

Martha Guthrie
b. 1843
d: 25 Feb 1913
p: Otsego, Muskingum, OH


Created in 1813 from Belmont County. The County Seat is Woodsfield. 

SOURCE: Monroe County Ohio Records Vol. VII, by Catherine Foreaker Fedorchak and Joseph Bachman, 1970. US/CAN 977.196 P2f v.7, FHL

p.12  Hardesty’s History of Monroe County (Index to)
Guthrie, James 214
Guthrie, Louisa Naylor 214
Guthrie, Mary (Dalley) 5
Guthrie, Samuel 8, 209, 210
Naylor, Louisa (Guthrie – 214)
Naylor, Robert F. 208, 212, 214

p.40 Journal 2 – Court of Common Pleas

P.409 Guthrie vs. John Burton – Debt. $100

p.51 Appearance Docket 8, p.103 – filed Jan. 29, 1847
John Davenport, admr of James Guthrie dec’d vs. Louisa Guthrie, widow; Rebecca Starkey and Lewis her husband, Robert Guthrie, Catharine Guthrie, Louisa E. Guthrie, Mary A. Guthrie and Samuel H. Guthrie – Petition to sell lands to pay debts. (Note – James Guthrie is buried at Egger Ridge Cemetery between Malaga and Miltonsburg – see one of my earlier volumes Louisa Guthrie, widow, is buried in the Pioneer Cemetery in Woodsville – see my Vol. VI).

Record Book 5, May Term, 1841, page 196 –  Petition for Partition: 
Samuel H. Guthrie and Rebecca Guthrie his wife and Nelson Driggs vs. Joseph Driggs, Pheobe Driggs and Rebecca Driggs, heirs at law of Joseph Driggs, deceased. Petition filed on 4 October 1837 by Samuel Guthrie and Rebecca his wife, late Rebecca Driggs, daughter and heir at law of Joseph Driggs, late of Monroe Co., deceased, and Nelson Driggs, son and heir at law of said Joseph, deceased, of which said Nelson and Rebecca are legally seized in fee of one equal undivided 4th part of the lands of said Joseph Driggs. Said Joseph died leaving as his heirs at law your petitioners and Joseph Driggs and Pheobe Driggs, minors now living in Belmont Co. Wm. Hubbard of Belmont Co., appointed as guardian for the minors. There is no widow living, nor any other heirs at law. Land in SW ¼ of S.10 T.4, R.5, and SE¼ of NW¼ s.28, T.4, R.5 

Record Book 5, Sept Term, 1842
Samuel H. Guthrie vs. Wm F Hunter and Elizabeth Ann Hunter, who survive Gibson Arell Hunter: An article of agreement was entered  into on the 19th of March, 1839 by the plaintiff and the defendants and Gibson Hunter, since deceased of the other part. The Hunters bought from Guthrie a house and lot and covenanted to deliver a deed for 160 acres in NE¼ S.19,T.2,R1W for military bounties in Arkansas, granted to Richard Hunter, father of said Wm F, Gibson A., and Elizabeth A. Hunter, by patent at the City of Washington dated 20 day of June 1837, and Guthrie agreed not to sell the same before the first of April, 1841, without the consent of the other parties…..(Note – Richard Hunter was probably a soldier and more information on this application for bounty lands can be gained from the National Archives in Washington D.C.)

Issue of Dec. 18, 1850
Sheriff’s sale – to be held 18 Jan 1851 – for 69-68/100 acres in N½ of NE¼ of S.19, T.4, R.5 – the property of Joshua Hawkins at the suit of David Person for the use of Samuel H. Guthrie.

August 20 1851
General Joseph Darlington of Adams Co. died at West Union of cholera on the 2nd inst. at an advanced age. He was a member of the Convention of 1802 which framed the Constitution of Ohio.

August 27, 1851
Probate Notices: John Davenport, admr of James Guthrie – final account

July 7, 1852
Samuel H. Guthrie, Ruth Brown, Hannah Windland, John Brown, Alexander Brown, Beniah Brown, Perry Brown, Benjamin Brown, Isaac Brown, Joseph Brown, Elijah Brown, Benjamin Whittem, Perry Whittem, Hannah Whittem, Mariah Whittem, Elizabeth Whittem, Tabitha Whittem, Mary Whittem, Josias Whittem, Jacob Starkey, Perry Whittem, Elizabeth Whittem, Alexander Whittem, and Alice Whittem will take notice that on the first day of July 1852 a suit was filed against them for sale of land in SE¼ of NE¼ of S.13, T.6, R.6 (Heirs of Alexander Brown Sr – ancestor of C.F. Fedorchak, except Guthrie- who was administrator of the estate.)

SOURCE: Monroe County Ohio Records Vol. X, by Catherine Foreaker Fedorchak and Joseph Bachman, 1970. US/CAN 977.196 P2f v.10, FHL

p.6 Center, Monroe, Ohio 1830
Samuel H. Guthrie
1M<5, 1M30-40, 1F 15-20

p.8 1830 Census of Monroe Ohio, Township Center
James Guthrie
1M 5-10, 1M20-30, 1M70-80, 1F<5, 1F5-10, 1F20-30, 1F50-60

p.14 Center Twp – 1830 Reference Notes
            18. Samuel Guthrie – supposed to be a brother of James Guthrie. Wife was Rebecca, daughter of             Joseph Driggs – see vol.VII p55

            31. James Guthrie – mar. Louisa Rebecca Nailer (or Naylor, dau of Robt. On Jan 20 1822 in             Monongalia Co., VA – see previous volume Spirit of Democracy issue of Nov 22 1845 “Died on             Friday morning last, Mr James Guthrie of this place (meaning Woodsfield)”

p. 32 Portion of Greene County Pennsylvania Census 1820 – Wayne Twp

Includes: Archibald Guthery
2M<10            2F<10

1M10-16            1F16-26

2M26-45            1F26-45

Deed Book A – p117
Samuel Guthrie and Rebecca his wife to Jacob Headlee – 10 May 1832 – part of Lot #19 – Woodfield

Deed Book B – p173Alexander Brown & Elizabeth his wife to Samuel H. Guthrie – for $400 – part of SW-¼ of S.7, T.6, R.6

Deed Book C – p462

Samuel H. Guthrie and Rebecca his wife to Isaac James – Apr. 1839

C-478: Joseph Driggs of Richland, Ohio and Phebe his wife to Samuel H. Guthrie and Rebecca of Monroe County 12-11-1832

C-501: Samuel Guthrie and Rebecca his wife, and Nelson Driggs to Jno. Gibson and Wm Steel – recorded 2-11-1834 (I believe Rebecca Guthrie was possibly nee Driggs – see earlier volumes for other records for Guthrie and Driggs)

C-548: Samuel H. Guthrie and Rebecca his wife to Isaac Baker 11-12-1831. 

SOURCE: Monroe County Ohio Records Vol. XII, by Catherine Foreaker Fedorchak and Joseph Bachman, 1970. US/CAN 977.196 P2f v.12, FHL

p.33 Spirit of Democracy (Newspaper) – Issue of June 23, 1874

Robert N. Guthrie, formerly of Woodsville is a candidate for assessor of Brown County, Indiana

p.60 Appearance Docket No.8 – Court of Pleas

P11-John Davenport admr of the estate of James Guthrie, deceased, vs. Lousia Guthrie, widow, Rebecca Starkey and Lewis her husband, Robt. Guthrie, Catharine M Guthrie, Louisa E Guthrie, Mary A. Guthrie petition to sell lands to pay debts.

SOURCE: Family Maps of Monroe County, Ohio, Deluxe Edition, with Homesteads, Roads, Waterways, Towns, Cemeteries, Railroads, and More, by Gregory A. Boyd, J.D., Arphax Publishing Co., US/CAN 977.196 E7b, FHL

This source includes a number of maps. See scans of the printouts at the end of the PDF.

12. Map B – Monroe County, Ohio and Surrounding Counties. Shows state & county boundaries.

15. Map D – Cities & Towns of Monroe County, Ohio. Shows the major towns in each Map Group.

74-77. Map Group 2. Includes 2 entries on p75 for Samuel H. Guthrie sections 1 & 13

            ID400 Individual in Patent: Guthrie, Samuel H. Section: 13 – Sec Part: E1/2SE – Date Issued:             1837-03-20 – For More Info: A1

            ID399 Individual in Patent: Guthrie, Samuel H. Section 1 – SWSW – Date Issued: 1837-08-21 –             For more info: A1

77. Includes location of local cemeteries near Miltonsburg, including Eggar Cemetery

136. Map Group 8. Includes 3 entries for Samuel H. Guthrie in sections\ 28.

            ID1971 Samuel H Guthrie – Section: 28 – E1/2NW – Date Issued: 1837-08-21 – More Info:A1

            ID2000 Samuel H Guthrie – Section: 28 – NWSE – Date Issued: 1837-11-07 – More Info:A1

            ID2001 Samuel H Guthrie – Section: 28 – W1/2NE – Date Issued: 1837-11-07 – More Info: A1

p.140 Map Group 8 – Patent Map 

p.142 Map Group 8 – Cemeteries. Shows location of Pioneer Cemetery in relation to Woodsfield.

Source includes plat maps showing location of Guthrie properties in Monroe, OH.

Township 6-N Range 6-W (Ohio River Survey) Map Group 2
Section 13 – Section Part. E-SE – Date Issued 1837- 03-20
Section 1 – Section Part. SWSW – Date Issued 1837 -08-21

Township 4-N Range 5-W (Ohio River Survey) Map Group 8
Section 28 – E-NW – Issued 1834-10-08
Section 28 – NWSE – Issued 1837-11-07
Section 28 – W-NE – Issued 1837-11-07


Created in 1803 from Fairfeld and Washington Counties, Ohio.
The County Seat is Zanesville. Guernsey County neighbors it on the east.  

SOURCE: Cemetery Book for Adams, Highland, Monroe & Salem Townships, Printed by the Muskingum County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, US/CAN 977.191 V3 ma, FHL



Guthrie, Andrew P. – death 1850 Feb 28 – age: 24-1-3 – S1 R18
Guthrie, Carl Scott – S1 – R29
Guthrie, Elizabeth A. – Born: 1855 – Died: 1940 – S1  R29
Guthrie, Ellsworth T. – Died: 1882 Jan 28 -16y-7m-3d – S1 R28 – s/o RB & M
Guthrie, Flora Bell – Died: 1881 Apr – S1 R29 – d/o SR & MH
Guthrie, Hugh A – Died: 1881 Apr – S1 R29 – s/o SR & MH
Guthrie, Infant – Died:1891 Jan 4 – S1 R29 – s/o Jas & Eliz.
Guthrie, James – Died: 1848 Aug 3 – 87y-8m-0d – S1 R18
Guthrie, James C – Born: 1857 Oct 7 – Died: 1899 Dec 30 – S1 R29
Guthrie, John – Born: 1845 – Died: 1913 – S1 R22 – Co. D 160 OH NO Infantry
Guthrie, Lizzie Jane – Born 1859 – Died 1905 – S1 R28
Guthrie, Margaret – Died 1846 Feb 5 – 47y-10m-0d – S1 R18 – d/o James & Sarah
Guthrie, Martha – Died: 1888 May 5 – 45y-6m-29d – S1 R12 – w/o John Year?
Guthrie, Martha H – Born 1849 – Died 1925 – S1 R29
Guthrie, Robert – Died: 1868 Apr 14 – 35yr – S1 R18
Guthrie, Samuel  R. – Bord 1841 – Died: 1900 – S1 R29
Guthrie, Sarah – D:1844 Jan 18 – __8__ (78)yr S1 R18 w/o James
Guthrie, Willard N. – Born 1856 – Died 1930 – S1 R28
Guthrie, William F – Born 1870 – Died 1916 – S1 R29
Guthrie, William M – Born 1867 – Died 1892 – S1 R22

This cemetery contains about 40 “unreadable” stones.

SOURCE: Muskingum County Graves Registration Index, MCGOGS, April 1997, US/CAN 977.191 V3f, FHL

Guthrie, Albert A. – 14 Feb 1883 – Woodlawn – 159th Reg OVI
Guthrie, Robert – 23 Feb 1903 – Irville-Nashport – Co. H 159th Reg OVI
Guthrie, Samuel R – 4 July 1900 – Bloomfield UP – Co. A 15th Reg OVI
Guttery, James – 6 Nov 1894 – Greenwood – Co.F 178th Reg OVI

SOURCE: Internment Records of Greenwood Cemetery, Volume 1, 1895-1916, Published by the Muskingum County Genealogical Society, US/CAN 977.191 / Z1 v3i

Godry, John 
Inter No. 41 – Sex: M – Age: 86 yrs – Color: white – Social State: Married – Nativity: American
Place of Death: Zanesville, Ohio
Cause of Death: Infirmities
Date of death: 1896 – June 19
Date of Internment: 1896 – June 21
Place of Internment: Sec 13 Tier 4 Lot 7
Relative or Friend: McQuaid, Dan’l
Undertaker: FF Mader

Godfrey, Sarah J
Inter No 714 – Sex: F – Age: 60 – Color: white – Social State: Widow – Nativity American
Place of Death: Zanesville, Ohio
Cause of Death: Apoplexy
Date of Death: 1898 – Dec 12
Date of Internment: 1898 – Dec 15
Place of Internment: Sec 15 Tier 4 Lot 10
Relative or Friend: Godfrey, Henry
Undertaker: A&B
South 5, West 5

Godfrey, Florence
Inter No 1355 – Sex: F – Age: 39 – Color: White – Social State: Single – Nativity: American
Place of Death: Zanesville, Ohio
Cause of Death: Complications
Date of Death: 1901 – April 7
Date of Internment: 1901- April 9
Place of Internment: S3 T4 L7
Relative or Friend: McQuaid, Dan
Undertaker: A&B
In vault 01-4-9 7’ from S line, 2’ from West line

SOURCE: Genealogical Abstracts from Zanesville Courier 1898, MCCOGS, June 2003, US/CAN 977.191 / Z1 B38g v.2, FHL

DEATHS OF A DAY. 13 Dec 1898
Mrs Sarah Godfrey
Mrs Sarah Godfrey died yesterday afternoon at the house of her son Henry, on North Fifth Street. Mrs Godfrey was taken suddenly ill in the early part of the day and sank steadily until 4 o’clock when she died of hemorrhage of the brain. She was 60 years of age. Three children are Henry Godfrey, Mrs. Patrick Carr, and a son who resides in Columbus. The funeral will be held at 1:30 o’clock Thursday afternoon from the family residence. Rev Carlos H Hanks will conduct the services. The remains will be interred in Greenwood cemetery.

SOURCE: 1828 Muskingum County Tax List Duplicate, MCCOGS, 1989, US/CAN 977.191 R4b, FHL

Highland Township – shows no Guthrie listings

SOURCE: Index Muskingum County Ohio Deaths, Probate Court, Volume 1, 1867-1893, MCCOGS, US/CAN 977.191 V22i v.1-2, FHL

SOURCE: Guardianship Records 1816-1942, Muskingum County, Ohio, US/CAN 977.191 P22mcg v.1, FHL

SOURCE: Zanesville Muskingum County Directory 1890-1891, US/CAN 977.191 E4z, FHL

SOURCE: Salem Township, Muskingum County, Ohio, New Hope Lutheran Church Cemetery, US/CAN 977.191 H2st, FHL

1 Mile east of Adamsville on Rt93

Guthrie, Carl E b 1921, d 1962, Pvt FC 178 Mil Pol. Co. WWII
Guthrie, Ruth L b 1923 D 19___ wife

SOURCE:  Administration Docket, 1830-1889, Ohio Probate Court (Muskingum County), Microfilm 0865159, FHL

Nov Term 1830
Case No. 980
December 10, 1830. Elizabeth Guthrie & John C. Howard are appointed admins of Jno. Guthrie dec’d, Bond in 1200$ John H. Keith, H. Leand Hart, securities
Appraisors appointed, land executed, letter issued (216) Nov Term 1831. Settlement filed & cont’d June Term 1832. Settlement accepted & recorded.


James Guthrie Senr dec’d & will proved Sep 29 1848. 
Case No. 2687
Inventory Field dec 1848
August Term 1850 (a.124)
November Term 1850

SOURCE: Last Will & Testament of James Guthrie, Senior, of Muskingum County, Ohio
James Guthrie, deceased
The State of Ohio, Muskingum County
The Court of Common Pleas
September Term, 1848, to wit September 29 1848

The last will and testament of James Guthrie senior late of the county of Muskingum and state of Ohio, deceased, was this day produced in open court and duly proved by the oaths of Thomas Hunter and James Hunter whose testimony in such behalf was reduced to writing and filed and  it appearing to the satisfaction of the court from the said testimony that the said testator James Guthrie senior was at that time of executing the said last will and testament of full age of sound mind and memory and not under any restraint, it was thereupon by the court ordered that the said last will and testament be and the same is hereby admitted to probate and that the same together with the said testimony so reduced to writing and filed as aforesaid be recorded.


“Know all men by these presents that I James Guthrie senr of the township of Highland in the County of Muskingum being of great age but of sound mind and judgment do make and ordain this as my last will and testament. It is my will that after my death all my ____ able property be sold and also the land which I now own being fifty ____ acres more or less situated in Southwest corner of the northwest quarter section from Township Two and Range five of United States lands in ___ Zanesville District and the proceeds appropriated in the following manner:

Firstly, all court charges funeral expenses and just debts are to be paid.

Secondly, twenty dollars I bequeath to my granddaughter Mary Al Guthrie who now lives with me and also twenty dollars to my grandson Samuel Guthrie who also lives with me.

Thirdly after paying the above mentioned legacies out of the proceeds of said sales the remaining of said proceeds is to be divided into four equal shares of which I ____ two shares to my Daughter Sarah Barnet and one share to my son John Guthrie and one half of the remaining share to be equally divided between my two grandchildren James & Alexander Guthrie ______ Robert Guthrie who is deceased and the remaining half to be divided in an equal manner among the following named children of my son James Guthrie, deceased, viz., Elizabeth, Katharine J., James, Eleanor and Rachel Guthrie five in number.

Fourthly, I authorize my executor to construct head and footstones for my grave shortly after my decease.

And Lastly I do constitute and appoint William McCall executor of this my last will and Testament and I do declare this my last will and testament. Given under my hand and seal this day being the twelfth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty six.

James Guthrie {seal}

Signed sealed and acknowledged by
James Guthrie sen and declared by him
to be his last will & testament on the date
before written in the presence of the subscribing

Thomas Hunter
James Hunter

And the examination and testimony of the attesting and subscribing witnesses so seduced to writing and filed and ordered to be recorded as afore said is now here accordingly recorded as follows, to wit

“The State of Ohio, Muskingum County:

At a Court of Common Please held at the Court House in Zanesville within and for the county aforesaid, on the 29th of September 1848 the last will and testament of James Guthrie sen late of said County deceased was produced at the above term and day in writing and Thomas Hunter and James Hunter subscribing witnesses thereto being duly sworn and examined in open court declared that the said testator James Guthrie sen deceased was at the time of executing and signing said last will and testament of full age, and sound mind and memory and free from any restrain, that he signed the same in their presence and that they heard him acknowledge said instrument of writing as and for his last will and testament and that they subscribed these names as witnesses thereto in his presence.”

I certify that the foregoing testimony was taken in open court at the above term and day.” Attest. A. Wilkins. Clerk


Created in 1815 from Adams County, Ross County, and Scioto County. Waverley is the County Seat.  

SOURCE: The Tenmile Country and Its Pioneer Families, A Genealogical History of the Upper Monongahela Valley, by Howard L. Leckey, US/CAN 974.88 H2, FHL

This book is an oft-quoted resource for many of the other Guthrie publications. There is a section on Col. John Guthery & his family:

COLONEL JOHN GUTHERYJohn Guthery (Guthrie, Gutherie, etc.) one of the prominent pioneer settlers on the Monongahela, settled near the mouth of Big Whiteley Creek before 1772, where his name is found as an inmate or boarder in the Springhill Township, Bedford County tax lists for that year. According to his pension application from Pike County Ohio, October 13, 1820, he was living there in May 1776, when he enlisted in Captain Wilson’s Company (perhaps Lieutenant Colonel George Wilson) of the 8th Pennsylvania Regiment of the Continental Line under command of Colonel Aeneas McKay, with which he was identified until May 1779. Records of the Regiment show that it was recruited at Fort Pitt and that many of its men came from the Monongahela River country. It assembled at Kittanning in the Fall of 1776, and marched from there in January 1777, to join Washington’s Army at Quibbletown, New Jersey. This march, in mid winter, was a terrible ordeal and many men died from exposure. After taking part in the in the Battles of Brandywine and Germantown, the Regiment went to Bound Brook, New Jersey, where it again saw battle. After this Battle, the Regiment was sent back to Fort Pitt in 1778, though a part of its men were detached and joined Colonel Morgan’s Rifle Corps and took part in the Battle of Saratoga. When the Regiment arrived at Fort Pitt a part of the fort was sent to Fort MacIntosh, but John Guthery says he was discharged after taking part in Colonel Brodhead’s Expedition against the Indians at Coshocton and on the Muskingum River. John Guthery had been made an Ensign on December 21, 1778. (For Complete story of this Regiment see Penna. Archives Series Vol. 3. Pp. 305-376.)

On his return to the Monongahela John Guthery was elected a captain of the militia company from his district on Big Whitely Creek. L.C. Draper maintained one of the protective forts in his section. He was the captain of this company from 1780, until 1790, and then in 1793, was made a lieutenant colonel of the First Regiment of Washington County Militia in preparation for Wayne’s Campaign. From “Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Ohio” pp.167, we learn that John Guthery was born in Pennsylvania, April 14, 1744 (although his pension claim of 1820 gives his age as 90 years old), and that he was of Scotch-Irish parentage. After selling his land on the Monongahela by a series of deeds recorded in Greene County Deed Books, he left here about 1797 or 1798, and we have the story of his migration from the pen of his daughter, Lydia (Guthery) Peters. She says that, “my parents with all their children except Francis, who died in infancy, took their flat boat from Greensboro down the Monongahela to Pittsburgh, thence down the Ohio to where Portsmouth now stands. Though not a tree of the primeval forest was cut, we ascended the Scioto River with our goods in a keel boat. Some of the family road on horse back over a blazed trail, while others followed on foot. We passed but one house the whole distance between the mouth of the Scioto and where Piketon now stands. We camped there all night and next morning resumed our journey. Father had to begin felling trees to get room to build a house at our destination, and while building the log cabin depended a great part on the abundance of wild game to feed his large family.” From a history of Pike County we learn that his claim was several miles south of Piketown, which he had caused to be laid out and which he was instrumental in making the first county seat. He died here June 1, 1823, and is buried in Mound Cemetery on his own land. This source also says that he married on March 1, 1771, Lydia Baldwin. She was a daughter of Francis and Charity (Hackney-nee Harlan) Baldwin and the mother of twelve children. Greene County records show that Lydia Baldwin had a tract of land facing on the Monongahela, near the present site of Greensboro, warranted to her on November 1, 1770, under the title “Lydia’s Bottom.” This tract was patented on April 17, 1792, to John and Lydia Guthery. John and Lydia Guthery were members of Goshen Baptist Church.


  1. William Guthery, born 1772; married Catherin___. They had six children
  2. Archibald Guthery, married Rachel Hudson, daughter of William and Mary Hudson
  3. John Guthery, Jr.
  4. Francis Guthery, died in infancy; born January 11, 1778.
  5. George Guthery, born March 26, 1779; married Sarah Howard. Had four children.
  6. Elizabeth Guthery, born January 26, 1781; married Jonathan Clark.
  7. Priscilla Guthery, born January 1783; married William Collings.
  8. Aaron Guthery, born December 1784; married Nancy Howard. Had three children.
  9. Rebecca Guthery, born January 21, 1786, died June 16, 1819; married James Daniels. They had two children. 
  10. Moses Guthery, born February 12, 1787; married Hannah Hastings. He died about 1828. They had three children.
  11. Joseph Guthery, born March 29, 1790; married Hannah Dever. They had three children.
  12. Lydia Guthery, born October 17, 1794; married William D. Peters. They had ten children.


Lydia (Guthery) Peters, youngest daughter of Colonel John and Lydia (Baldwin) Guthery, has left an interesting account of the migration of the family to Ohio. In her Memoirs she says that her father left Greene County after living there fifty years. He bought a great tract of land extending a mile South and East to Beaver Creek. He left for what was then a wilderness just so his children could have good farms or money and a good start in life. His wife became very homesick for her old home on the Monongahela and the friends she had left, so they started back with their little girl, Lydia (Guthery) Peters, on a visit and got as far as Chillicothe, when the little girl fell sick. The father continued to journey to close up some business back here, but the homesick mother had to return to their home in the wilderness until the girl recovered. Later they made the trick back together, but by that time all their friends were gone and so many changes were made that she did not want to stay. They returned to Ohio where the mother was contented to live the rest of her life. This hardy pioneer woman trapped wolves for the rewards offered for the ___ and each morning accompanied by the older sons, would go out to the traps to see how many they had caught during the night, some times finding two or more of entangled beasts.

Lydia tells that she was ferried across the Scioto River to school by her big brothers, where one of her brothers, Aaron Guthery, taught school. She is described as being a Guthery absolutely, large blue-grey eyes far apart, close, rather thin lips, a very straight nose with “wing” nostrils. In telling of the family she says:“William Guthery, the eldest, took his family and moved to Illinois.
“Archibald Guthery moved to Indiana and died there.
“John Guthery had three daughters, Cynthia, Priscilla, and Eliza. 
“George Guthery’s children were Samuel, Baldwin, John, and Priscilla. He went to Illinois.
“Elizabeth Guthery had five children, Minerva, Joseph, Aaron, Lovie, and Charlotte.
“Priscilla’s children were Maria, Louisa, Lydia, Isaac, James, Minerva, and Rebecca.
“Aaron’s children  were William, Alfred, and Hannah.
“Rebecca’s children were Hiram and Eliza.
“Moses’ children were Jane, Silas, and Eliza.
“Joseph’s children were William, John, and Isaac.”

SOURCE:One Hundred Years, 1815-1915, of Pike County, Ohio Marriages, compiled by Margaret Hiles Scott and Medrith Mollenkamp, US/CAN 977.1847 V2, FHL  

SOURCE: County Commissioners Records of Pike County Ohio 1815-1821, by Carol (Detilian) Montrose, 2003, US/CAN 977.1847 N2m, FHL

p.1 1815 June 12

Ordered that John Guthery receive an Order No 7 for clk same            1.00

(Initial entry for “bringing the election returns for Pee Pee Twp and Judge of the same)

p.6 Piketon Dec Meeting 1815
Ordered that the following persons for the amount annexed to their names for services rendered as Petit Jurors at last September Term. ( Included: ) William Guthery Order No. 69                .50

p.21 Piketon November Term 1816

— Ordered that the following orders issue to the Grand Jury for their services @ November Term, 1816 (included) Aaron Guthery                         No.301                        1.55

— Ordered that the following order issue to Moses Guthery No.305 for his attandance on the Grand Jury at August and November Term 1816.                        3.00

p.22 Piketon January the 7th, 1817

Issued: Ordered that Moses Guthery receive an order No. 314 for one day attendance on the Grand Jury

p.23 Piketon April the 14th, 1817

–Issued: Ordered by the commissioners that Moses Guthery coroner & constable receive an order No. 315 for her hees for (crossed out: a holding body) an inquest over the dead body of Jesse Huff, deceased.    4.20

–Issued: Ordered that Moses Guthery receive and order No. 318 for his services attending on the Grand Jury, April Term, 1817.            1.50

p.30 July Term 1817

–Issued: Ordered that Moses Guthery receive an order No. 373 for one day attendance on the grand Jury.            1.00

p.35 Piketon, March Term 1818

–Issued: Ordered that Moseps Guthrei receive an Order No 434 for taking William and Henry Davis and keeping the jail expenses & c.            18.50

p.36 Piketon, June the 1st 1818

–Issued: Ordered that and order issue to Aaron Guthery for his fees as Justice of the Peace for the trial and commitment of Henry Davis.  No. 442            .87 ½

–Issued: Ordered that Moses Guthery receive an order No 443 for his services as constable in apprehending Henry Davis                        2.00

p.49 Piketon March Term 1819

At a meeting of the commissioners on 3rd day March 1819…

–Issued: An order that John Guthery receive an order No 576 for surveying same            7.00
(Viewing the road leading from Murphy’s Mill on Pee Pee Creek to the Scioto River opposite Piketon & c)

p.64 Piketon March 9th 1820

–Issued: Ordered that Moses Guthery receive an order no. 763 for summoning witnesses before the Grand Jury at March Term 1820.                        2.00

p.81 Piketon February 21, 1821

–Issued: Ordered that the following persons receive the following orders for their services as Grand Jurors for at February Term 1821. (Includes) Joseph Guthery No. 876                        1.50

p.104 Piketon, December the 5th 1821

–Issued: Ordered that John Guthery receive an order for surveying and plotting and returning the road beginning at the Bridge. No 256            10.50

–Issued: Ordered that Aaron Guthery for carrying chain and finding markers for one day. No.2611   1.50

SOURCE: County Commissioner Records of Pike County Ohio 1822-1827, by Carroll (Detillion) Montrose, US/CAN 977.1847 N2m, FHL

p.6 Piketon 13th March 1822

–Issued: Drawn for Aaron Guthery for services as Sheriff at march Term and furnishing the Grand Jury with paper $4.12 No 331                4.12 ½

p.8 Ordered by the Commissioners that the following persons receive orders for the sums annexed to their names, for their services in viewing, surveying, chain carrying, and marking a road from James Reeves on No Name Creek, to Lewis Wheatons.

–Issued: Moses Guthery, Surveyor. No.272                        4.50

p.10 Piketon, June 26th 1822

Orders drawn in favor of Aaron Guthery sheriff for six months salary to wit: From the 29th day of December, 1821 to the 19th day of June, 1882 at $50 for year. Also summoning grand jury and for paper furnished the court at June Term:

–Issued: Aaron Guthery – 6 months salary as Sheriff   No.398            25.00

–Issued: Aaron Guthery – Summoning Grand Jury  No.399            2.00

–Issued: Aaron Guthery – 1 quire paper furnished court  No.400  .37 1/2                                                                                          

Orders drawn in favor of the following persons for attendance on the Court at June *(smeared)
–Issued: Moses Guthery 3 days No 403.            2.50

p.13 Piketon October 16th 1822

Orders drawn for services rendered Oct Term 1822 to wit:

–Issued: Aaron Guthery, Sheriff, keeping prisoners in jail 
No 447  4.50

— Issued: Aaron Guthery, Sheriff, summoning Grand Jury            
No 448  2.00

p.15 Piketon December 2, 1822

Ordered by the Court that orders issue to the following persons for services rendered previous to the 4th of June last to wit:
–Issued: Moses Guthery Grand Juror  No.460            .75

p.16 Piketon December 31, 1822
Draw for Aaron Guthery the following fees January Salary as Sheriff, ending on the 29th of Dec 1822.  No.504                        25.00

p.18 Piketon April 23rd, 1823

–Issued: Drawn for Moses Guthery for his services as Deputy Sheriff going to and returning from the County of Meigis in the case of State vs N. Newton.             No. 543            10.00

–Issued: Order drawn for Aaron Guthery, Sheriff for summoning Grand Jury to April Term, 1823. No.544.            2.00

p.20 Piketon June 3rd 1823
–Issed: Drawn for Aaron Guthery for his services as Auditor from the first day of March to the 4th day of June 1823.   No. 567            22.50

p.23 Piketon, July 17, 1823
–Issued: Drawn for Aaron Guthery for six months services as Sheriff ending on the 29th day of June 1823 and for summoning the Grand Jury to July Term 1823.  No.636            27.00

p.25 Piketon, October 25, 1823
–Issued: Moses Guthery const. attendance on court  No 673            1.00

p.26 Piketon, December 1st 1823
Drawn in favor of Aaron Guthery in part for his services as auditor from 4th June to 2nd Dec 1823 for:
–Issued: Paper furnished for use of office and ofr postage used.             No.691.                        10.00
–Issued: Drawn in favor of same in full for same                                    
No.692.                        69.00

p.27 Piketon, December 29th, 1823
–Issued: Drawn in favor of Aaron Guthery for six months services as Sheriff ending on the 29th of December 1823.              No.698            25.00

–Issued: Drawn in favour of same for summoning grand jury to Sept Term, 1823.             No.698            2.00

p.30 Piketon, March 8th, 1824
–Issued: Drawn in favour of Aaron Guthery Sheriff for summoning Grand Jury to March Term 1824. No.754                        2.00
–Issued: Drawn in favour of Aaron Guthery for his services as auditor and clerk to the commissioners from 3rd Dec 1823 to 4th March 1824.  No.756.            20.25

p.32 Piketon, May 29th, 1824
–Issued: Aaron Guthery Sheriff summoning Grand Jury. No 787            2.00

p.34 Piketon, June 9th, 1824
–Issued: Drawn in favor of Aaron Guthery for services as auditor and clerk to commissioners from 5th day of March to 9th 1824.  No.811            14.72

p.34 Piketon, July 17th, 1824
–Issued: drawn in favor of Aaron Guthery for 6 months service as Sheriff when the state failed & c ending 29th June 1824. No.816.            25.00

p.37 Piketon, September 8th, 1824
–Issued: Aaron Guthery, auditor for diving notice of amerecment to John Dunham late collector and his securities. No.863            1.00

p.38 Piketon, September 8th 1824
–Issued: Aaron Guthery for summoning Grand Jury and Furnishing paper candles & c. at September Term 1824. No. 864.            3.12 ½

p.39 Piketon, October 13th, 1824
–Issued: drawn in favor of Aaron Guthery Sheriff for procuring and sending ballot box to Perry Township. No.888.                        2.50

p.43 Piketon, November 2nd, 1824

(The following was crossed out)—Issued: Drawn in favor of Aaron Guthery for advertising the Election for Electors of President and Vice President and attending to receive poll books.  No.972.            6.00 (End of Crossed out Section)

p.45 Piketon, Jan 6th 1825
–Issued: Drawn in favor of Aaron Guthery for 6 months service as Sheriff when the state fails & c. as allowed by the court.  No.991.            25.00

p.47 Piketon, March 2nd, 1825
–Issued: Moses Guthery 2 days Grand Juror                        No.1019                        2.00
–Issued: Joseph Guthery Petit Juror Case: Ohio vs Rogers & Taylor            No.1021                        0.50

p.48 Piketon, March 2nd 1825
–Issued: Drawn in favor of William Guthery for wood furnished for the use of the Court House at February Term 1825.            No.1934                        3.50
–Issued: Drawn in favor of Adam Guthery for paper and candles furnished for the use of the court at Feby Term 1825.             No.1025                        0.87 ½
–Issued: Drawn in favor of same for summoning Grand Jury to Feb term, 1825.             No.1036.            2.06
–Issued: Drawn in favor of same for services procuring and gauging half Bushel for standard measure for Pike County.             No.1038                        1.00
–Issued: Drawn in favor of William Guthery for making standard measure.             No.1039                        0.75

p.49 Piketon, March 8th,1825
–Issued: Drawn in favor of Aaron Guthery for his services as auditor and clerk to the commissioners since December 8th, 1824.            No.1052                        25.47

p.50 Piketon, May 9th, 1825
Drawn in favor of the following persons for their services as commissioners at a special meeting for the purposes of appointing a county auditor to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of Aaron Guthery late auditor of Pike County.
            –Issued: James Daniel:             2 days            No.1062                        4.00
            –Issued: Benj’n Daniels:            2 days            No.1063                        4.00
            –Issued: Loyd Howard:            2 days            No.1064                        4.00

p.55 Piketon, June 8th, 1825
–Issued: Joseph Guthery viewing a road from Little Scioto. 1 day. No.1152.             1.00

p.56 Piketon, July 7th, 1825
–Issued: Drawn in favor of the following persons for a Special Election held in the County of Piketon on the 1st day of June 1825 for one sheriff to fill vacancy occasioned by the death of Aaron Guthery Esqr. (A long list of people from multiple townships followed)

p.60 Piketon, Sept 27th 1825
State of Ohio vs Charles Cessna 
—Indictment: Fisticuffs with Moses Guthery in which the state failed at May Term 1825

p.68 Piketon, April 5th 1826
State of Ohio vs James Davis
—Indictment for gaming. Jury Trial. In which case the Defendant was acquitted. Jurors included: William Guthery Senr. No 1415   0.50

p.71-73 Piketon, June 20th 1826
State of Ohio vs Baldwin Wilcote
—Indictment: Assault & Battery. Verdict: Not Guilty. Witnesses Included: George Guthery 2 days No1510 1.00

State of Ohio vs William Guthery Jr
—Indictment: Fisticuffs. Verdict: Not Guilty. Witnesses included: George Guthery 2 days No 1553  1.00

p79-80 Piketon, November 23rd, 1826
State of Ohio vs Dennis Hill
—Indictment: Assault & Battery. Jury Verdict. Not Guilty. Witnesses Included: William Guthery. No.1696.                0.50

p.97 December 19, 1827
State of Ohio vs Wm Welch & c
—Indicted for riots. State failed at May Term. Witnesses included George Guthery. 1 day. No 2106.   0.50

SOURCE: County Commissioners Records, Pike County, Ohio, 1828-1832, US?CAN 977.1847 N2m, FHL

p.6              3 May 1828
Wm Guthery Admr of Aaron Guthery dec’d vs William Collings Admr

p.25            8 Apr 1829
State of Ohio vs James Guthery

p.26            State of Ohio vs James Guthery
—Indictment: Assault & Battery
Nolli pronque entered by prosecuting atty

p.29            29 May 1829
—Aaron Guthery’s admr vs William Collings admr

SOURCE: General Index to Deeds, Vol: 1799-1854, Pike County, Ohio, US/CAN Film 0292726, FHL

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Heirs of Aaron Guthery (Grantor) – Thomas Waldron (Grantee) – Kind:: AD – Town: Piketon – Lot 16 – Date of Deed: 9-1-1828 – Date of Record: 9-5-1828 – Volume C Page 147 – Consideration: $1

Heirs of Aaron Guthery (Grantor) – James Carvine (Grantee) – Kind: WD – Town: Piketon – S6 T5 R20 – Date of Deed: 8-30-1815 – Date of Record: 9-1-1815 – Vol A Page 16 – ConsiderationL $700

Alfred Guthery (Grantor) – L.G. Bejington (Grantee) – Kind: WD – Town: Piketon – Lot: 167 – Recorded: 3-21-1848 – Vol 8 Page 445 – Consideration $35

Hannah Guthery (Grantor) – Alfred Guthery (Grantee) – Kind: Atty – Town: Piketon – Lot 167 – Recorded 3-28-1848 – Vol 9 Page 425 – 

John Guthery (Grantor) – Archibald Guthery (Grantee) – Kind: WD – Town: Ross – S6 T5 R22 – 83 acres – Dated: 10-21-1806 – Vol1 Page 90 – Consideration: L100

John Guthery (Grantor) – Archibald Guthery (Grantee) – Kind: WD – Town: Ross – S6 T5 R22 – 7 acres – Recorded 10-21-1806 0 Vol 1 page 91 – Consideration: L100

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Guthery, Joseph et al (Grantor) – Jonathan Clark (Grantee) – Kind: WD – Town: Pike – S6 T5 R20 – 96 acres – Dated 11-29-1817 – Volume A Page 223 – Consideration: $2400.00 

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Guthery, John & Moses (Grantors) – James Allison (Grantee) – Kind: WD – Town: Pike – S1 T4 R21 – Dated: 10-4-1843 – Recorded: 12-30-1845 – Vol 9 Page 63 – Consideration: 200

Guthery, Joseph (Grantors) – Peter Forney (Grantee) – Kind: WD – Town: Piketon – Lot 119 – Dated: 5-26-1827 – Recorded: 8-18-1827 – Vol C Page 34 – Consideration: 250.00

Guthery, William (Grantor) – Heirs of John Guthery (Grantee) – Kind: WD – Town: Not Listed – S1 T4 R20 – Dated 1-24-1824 – Recorded: 1-24-1824 – Volume B Page 329 – Consideration: 150.00

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Guthery, George et al (Grantor) – Wm Collings (Grantee) – Kind: WD – Town: Not Listed – S5 T4 R22 – 58 acres – Dated: 10-12-1818 – Recorded: 3-3-1820 – Volume A Page 385 – Consideration: 400.00

Guthery, Moses (Grantee) – James Allison (Grantor) – Kind: WD – S18 T5 R 20 – Dated 4-11-1841 –  Recorded: 3-3-1820 – Vol 7 Page 320 – 100.00

Guthery, William (Grantee) – Maxfield Gallaher (Grantor) – Kind WD – Town: Piketon – Lot164 – Dated 6-15-1819 – Recorded: 6-22-1819 – Volume A Page 344 – Consideration: 65.00

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