Monongalia, VA

This territory was originally part of the land dispute between Virginia and Pennsylvania. In 1776, Virginia claimed it as part of the extensive stretch of land in the West Augusta District. The north tip of the VA region overlapped with Westmoreland County in Pennsylvania, territory that is now part of Fayette, Greene, and Washington Counties. Virginia terminated its claims in 1786 to the parts now located in PA. Then, in 1863, 50 counties separated to form West Virginia, including Monongalia. 

SOURCE: The Monongalia Story: A Bicentennial History, Vol. II: The Pioneers, by Earl L. Core, McClain Printing Company, 1976, US/CAN 975.452 H2c v.2, FHL

James Guthrie settled east of the site of Brandonville. (Morton p356)

1815 – Capt Samuel Kennedy’s Company – Privates included Robert & Edmund Guthrie

SOURCE: The Monongalia Story: A Bicentennial History, Vol. III: Discord, by Earl L. Core, McClain Printing Company, 1976, US/CAN 975.452 H2c v.3, FHL

p.17  – A map showing average precipitation in the Monongahela River Basin, which shows some of the creeks and rivers named in Guthrie land records. (See Next Page)

pp.287-288 The Mexican War
Early in 1847 Lt. (afterwards Captain) George W. Clutter recruited men from Monongalia for Capt. John Tyler Jr.’s company at Old Point Comfort, VA. Their names (included) Oliver Guthrie.

p.318 The Regular Baptist Church of Minorsville
(includes) Joseph Guthery

p.513 Chapter 85: 1861
William H. Guthrie, killed in action at Bull Run, Aug. 29, 1862

Company A, First West Virginia Cavalry, locally known as “Kelley Lancers”, recruited at Monongalia County and mustered at Morgantown July 18, 1861 for three years. Took part in engagements @ Romney, Blue’s Gap, Winchester, Port Republic, Orange C.H., Cedar Mtn., Kelley’s Ford, Second Bull Run, Droop Mtn., Cloyd Mtn., and was mustered out at Wheeling July 8, 1865. (Included) Privates: William H. Guthrie.

SOURCE: Monongalia County, West Virginia Records of the Dist. Superior and Co. Courts 1800-1802, 1810, Volume 4, compiled by Melba Pender Zinn, Heritage Books, US/CAN 975.452 P282 v.4, FHL


#1229 – 1802 – Monongalia County Court. Samuel Baldwin summoned to answer Joseph Graham, asignee of JOHN GUTHERY, in a plea of debt for 10 pounds Pennsylvania currency of the value of $26.57 due by note dated 29 Nov  1797, 14 June 1801. Appearance bond for Samuel (x) Baldwin secured by James Robinson, 12 Oct 1801. Nov 1802 term of court, judgment confessed.

SOURCE: Monongalia County: Index to Commissioners Records, Microfilm 0250080, FHL

Land Entry Book

Guthrie, James – no date – 150 acres – adj Joseph Sovarns, his entries on Little Sandy, Near Muddy Cr & Sandy Creek

Guttery, James 11-10-1783 – 150 acres – adj Geo Ma & John Willets

Land Tax:
Guthrie, James – 1795 – Brandon
Guthrie, James – 1796  – Brandon
Guthrie, James – 1797 – Brandon
Guthrie, James – 1798 – Brandon
Guthrie, James – 1799 – Tricket
Guthrie, James  – 1800  
Guthrie, James –  1802
Guthrie, James – 1803
Guthrie, James – 1804
Guthrie, James – 1805
Guthrie, James – 1806

SOURCE:  Deaths, Monongalia County: 1853-1899, by Lorna Trickett, Microfilm 163902, FHL

Part 1 Covers 1853-1872, 1864 Missing, Part 2 Covers 1873-1899.

Monongalia Deaths 1 Jan 1853 – 31 Dec 1872

p.45 Guthrie, Elizabeth – 6-x-1854 – age 3 – place of birth: Monongalia County – parents: Benjamin & Catherine Guthrie – person making death report: Jacob Minney, neighbor

p.45 Guthrie, Wm M – 8-31-1854 – age 3 months – place of birth: Monongalia County – parents: Edmund & Margaret I. Guthrie – person making death report: Margaret I Guthrie, mother.

p.186 Guthrie, Clarinda – 3-15-1899 – age 67 – birthplace: Cass District, Monongalia County – parents: Samuel & Dorothy Dusenberry – person making death report: Joseph Guthrie, husband

{Ann’s Note:  This is apparently ‘Clemency’ Dusenberry. Was Clarinda her legal name? The death date is also different. Current family tree lists DOD as March 18th instead of 15th.}

Guthrie, Oliver – 3-9-1888 – age 61 – birthplace: Cass District, Monongalia County – parents: not listed – person making death report – Tiricia Guthrie, wife

Guthrie, Joseph
Date of Instrument: 2-10-1893
Date of Probate: 3-1-1893
Devisees: Elmina E. Powell, daughter; Sarah J. Baremore, daughter; Mary Ann Guthrie, executor
Witnesses: J.A. Ramsey, U.J. Courtney, J.J. Wharton
Book/Page: 4-228

Names of persons found in Vendues in Real Estate Book No. 2
Guthrie, James p.20 1815

SOURCE: Deed index, grantee, vol. E-G, 1784-1935 – Monongalia County, W. VA., Microfilm 174713, FHL

SOURCE: Deed index, grantor, vol. G-H, 1788-1935. – Monongalia County, W. VA., Microfilm 174721, FHL