Fayette, PA

Created 1783 from Westmoreland County.
The County Seat is Uniontown.

SOURCE: Fayette County Pennsylvania Taxpayers, 1785-1799, by TLC Genealogy, 1991, US/CAN 974.884 R4f, FHL


George – Geor. – 1788
James – Geor. – 1793
James – Unio. – 1789

John – Germ. – 1785, 1788, 1789, 1790, 1795, 1796, 1798, 1799
John – Union – 1787, 1788
John, single – Germ. – 1786

SOURCE: Nelson’s Biographical Dictionary and Historical Reference Book of Fayette County Pennsylvania, S.B. Nelson, 1900, US/CAN974.801F29m pt.6

p.812)   JAMES ALLEN, a retired farmer of New Haven, Pa., was born near Laurel Hill Church, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. October 18, 1818. He is a son of David Allen and Rebecca (Smith) Allen. His father was born in Fayette County, Pa., was of Irish descent, and died in 1828. His mother, who was born in Westmoreland County, Pa., was of Scotch descent, and is also deceased. The subject of our sketch is the only surviving child. Mr. James Allen was reared and educated in Fayette County, receiving his education in the public schools of this county. After leaving school he commenced farming, and followed this vocation until 1882, when he retired and took up his residence at New Haven. He has never held any office except that of poorhouse director, school trustee and trustee of the Presbyterian Church, of which he has been an elder for many years. He has been married three times. His first wife was SARAH JANE GUTHRIE, daughter of REV. JAMES GUTHRIE, pastor of Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church, Fayette county, Pa. Sometime after her death he married Miss Sarah L. Allen, daughter of Jonathan G. Allen, of Uniontown, Pa., and after her death he married Miss Mary Miller, daughter of William Miller, of Fayette county. His third wife is also deceased. Mr. Allen has two children living, one by his first wife, Walter L. (married), who resides with his family in Harrison county, O.; and by his second wife one child, Sallie E. Allen, who lives with her father. Mr. Allen is a Democrat and a stockholder and director of the Yough National Bank. He and his family belong to the Presbyterian Church. They reside on Seventh street, New Haven.

SOURCE: Index to Fayette County, Pennsylvania Wills 1783-1900, by Bob & Mary Clossen, 1980. US/CAN 974.884 P2c, FHL

p.14 Guthrie, James (Rev.) 2-503 Prob. 1850
p.33 Torrence, Joseph 1-324 Prob. 1831
p.36 Work, John 2-161 Prob. 1839
p.36 Work, John 3-347 Prob. 1859

SOURCE: Fayette County Pennsylvania Wills, US/CAN 974.884 P2C

p.14 Guthrie, James (Rev.) Vol 2 p503 Probate: 1850

SOURCE:  Fayette County Deeds, Microfilm 0863540, FHL

#526 (p54) Guthrie, Rev. James (Grantee) – Elisha Pears Jr et ux (Grantor) – Deed – Date of Instrument: June 15, 1810 – Location: Franklin Twp – Area: 29-A+ – Date of Record: Sep 13, 1810 – Book F, p.368

#1698 (p44) Guthrie, Robert (Grantee) – Jacob H Ringer et ux (Grantor) – Deed – Date of Instrument: Dec 7, 1869 – Wharton – Area: 168A – Date of Record: July 7, 1868 – Book 20, p.257

#2246 (p61) Guthrie, James (Grantee) – Zalemon Ludington (Grantor) – Deed – Date of Instrument: June 30, 1865 – Henry Clay Twp. – Area: 506A – Date of Record: Sep 29, 1882 – Book 51, p.32

SOURCE: Cemeteries – Fayette Co. Pennsylvania, by Della Reagan Fischer, US/CAN 9774.884 V38f, FHL

p.82 Old Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church Cemetery


Joseph Sr – d. 2-23-1831 – age 80 yrs  {Ann’s Note: Author listed wrong name. This is Joseph Torrence}

Mary – d. – ag 3yrs

Martha – d. 5-7-1807 – age ?

Sarah – d. 2-21-1828 – age ? {Ann’s Note: duplicate of entry below}

Sarah – d. 2-21-1828 – age 46
Hannah – d. 5-6-1833 – ag 43 yrs

George – d. 9-9-1821 – ag 2 yrs

Anna P. – d. 2-14-1833 – ag 19 yrs {Ann’s Note: middle initial was B on headstone}

Same book, but listed under ‘Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church Cemetery’


Rev. James – d.8-24-1850 – ag73 yrs

Anna S. – d. 2-14-1833 – ag 19-6-0 {Ann’s note: middle initial was B on headstone}

James s/o J & A – d. 3-21-1851 – ag 2-4-21 {Ann’s note: was this s/o Joseph Torrence Guthrie?}

Hannah – d.3-6-1833 – ag 42 yrs

Sarah – d. 2-21-1828 – ag 45 yrs

Martha – d. 5-7-1867 – ag ?