Allegheny, PA

Until 1780 with the extension of the Mason-Dixon Line this area was part of the disputed region claimed by both Pennsylvania and Virginia. At the time Pennsylvania considered it to be part of Westmoreland County, while Virginia included it in Yohogania County.
In 1788, Allegheny County was officially created from parts of Washington and Westmoreland Counties.

SOURCE: Deaths 1834-1855 gleaned from The Pittsburgh Christian Advocate, published by Archives & History Ministry Team, Western Pennsylvania Conference, The United Methodist Church, 2000, US/CAN 974.886 V4p, FHL

Died 5 October 1855 at WILLIAM GUTHRIE’s, aged 8 years & 11 months, son of ALEXANDER & ALMIRA JERUSHA GUTHRIE, died in an accident with a threshing machine.
[13 November 1885]

SOURCE: Genealogical Abstracts of The Presbyterian Banner and The Presbyterian Banner and Advocate, Volumes 1-208, September 18, 1852 – September 20, 1856 inclusive, by Paul K. Heckethorn, Closson Press, US/CAN 974.886 B38p, FHL

Sept. 10, 1853
Died on August 10th near her home in Deersville, ?, NANCY, wife of R.C. GUTHRIE.

Died on February first at his residence in Deersville, OH, ROBERT GUTHRIE at age 69. He was a ruling elder in the Deersville church. He was confined to his bed the last two years of his life.

Mar. 12, 1855
Married on the 19th by Rev J.L. Vallandingham, ALEXANDER GUTHRIE to MRS HANNAH DUNNELL.

Died on December 12th in Derry Tp., Westmoreland Co., PA., COL JAMES GUTHRIE at age 75. Ruling elder at Salem Church.

SOURCE: The People and Times of Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Gazette Abstracts 1786-1797 Volume 1, by Clara E. Duer, Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society, 1988, US/CAN 974.886 B38d 1988 v.1, FHL

Saturday, February 3, 1787
Christopher TRUBY and James GUTHRIE, appointed wood rangers, inform all persons who may take up stray horses, cows, sheep, hogs, etc., immediately to enter them with us at Greensburgh, or they will be dealt with according to law. Greensburgh, Jan. 29.

Saturday, August 18, 1787
Christopher TRUBY and James GUTHRIE, wood-rangers of Westmoreland Co., have stray horses in their custody. Aug. 16.

Saturday, October 6, 1787
James GUTHRIE and Christopher TRUBBY, wood rangers, have several stray horses. Greensburgh, Oct. 5.

Saturday, May 17, 1788
Christopher TRUBY and James GUTHRIE, wood rangers for Westmoreland Co., have creatures which are strays. Greensburgh, May 7.

Saturday, August 15, 1789
Elie COULTER and John GRIFFIN, commissioners to hold appeals of fines for non-atendance at militia – 3rd Bn – meet at house of Major James WILSON, Derry Twp.; 2nd Bn – meet at house of Mr. JAMES GUTHRIE in Greensburgh; 1st Bn – meet at house of Adam RUDIBAUGH, near mouth of Sawickly creek. Aug 5.

Saturday, September 19, 1789
List of creatures entered on the book of the Wood Rangers for Westmoreland Co. /S/ Christopher TRUBY, James GUTHRIE, Greensburgh, Sep 15.

Saturday, October 24, 1789
Annual Election Results:
            Westmoreland County
                        Convention             – William Findley, William Todd
                        Council                         – William Findley
                        Assembly            – John Beard, James Barr
                        Sheriffs                        – JAMES GUTHRIE, John Cummins
            Washington County
                        Convention            – David Redick, James Ross, John Hoge, Alexander Addison
                        Council                        – Henry Taylor
                        Assembly            – James Allison, James Marshel, Thomas Ryerson, Alexander Wright
            Fayette County
                        Convention            – John Smilie, Albert Gallatin
                        Council                        – Nathaniel Breading
                        Assembly            – John Gilchrist, James Finley
Pittsburgh, Oct 24.

A list of letters remaining in the Post Office, Pittsburgh, January 5, 1790.

Saturday, February 20? 1790 (can’t read)
Christopher TRUBY and James GUTHRIE, Westmoreland Co. wood rangers, report on stray creatures. Greensburgh, Feb. 5

Saturday, March 20, 1790 and Saturday, March 27, 1790
(There are 4 entries “by virtue of a writ” in which James Guthrie of Greensburgh in his capacity as sheriff of Westmoreland County posts notifications of land entries and seizures.)

Section II
Saturday, January 19, 1793
A list of letters remaining in the Post Office at Greensburgh, January 1, 1793.
JOHN GUTHRIE, Esq., Beaver Run

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Greensburgh, April 1st 1793.
Capt William GUTHRIE, Crab Tree Run

A list of letters remaining in the Post Office, Greensburgh, October 1st, 1793
John GUTHRIE, esq.; Matthew Jack, esq.

Saturday, January 18, 1794
A list of letters remaining in the Post Office, Greensburgh, Jan. 1, 1794
William Gottery, near Redstone; John GUTHRIE, esq.

Saturday, March 1, 1794
At a meeting of a number of respectable inhabitants of the town of Greensburgh and its vicinity.
            JAMES GUTHRIE, Esq., in the Chair, Resolved,
            That the underneath gentlemen be and are hereby notified to attend in the town of Greensburgh on Friday the 28th inst. In order to prepare a certain piece or instrument of writing in favor of the freemen of this county. – George ARMSTRONG, Esq., John YOUNG, Esq., Hugh ROSS, Esq., Robert TAYLOR, Esq., Colonel John BONNER, Mr James MCMASTERS, Mr John PROBEST, Mr John IRWIN, Major MURRAY, Mr. DENISTON, Joseph COOK, Esq., Colonel POMERY, Mr Robert DICKEY, Dr. MARCHANT, Squire ROUGH, Squire MARTIN, Col. DAVIDSON, Col. TRUBEY, Robert OAR, Esq.. By order of the chair, /s/ Terence CAMPBELL, sec’ry. Greensburgh, Feb. 19.

Saturday, March 22, 1794
We, the subscribers, do certify that at a meeting held in Greensburgh, on 19 February last, JAMES GUTHRIE was appointed chairman, and Col. Terence CAMPBELL, secretary, and in order to do justice to the secretary, we do declare, that he was directed by the voice of the meeting to give the earliest notice to those gentleman mentioned in the publication of… (failed to copy page 65)

Saturday, April 19, 1794
A list of Letters remaining in the Post Office, Greensburgh, April 1, 1794.

List of causes set down at March term for trial at June Term 1794 (Westmoreland County)
John GUTHRIE vss. A. ST. CLAIR, esq.

Saturday, July 26, 1794
A list of letters remaining in the Post Office, Greensburgh, July 1, 1794. 
John GURLEY, care of James GUTHRIE, esq
Capt. John GUTHRIE
John GUTHRIE, esq
Miss Nancy GUTHRIE, care of Ezekiel RODDY

Saturday, October 4, 1794
Volunteers who compose the Troop of Light Horse in the 2nd Brigade of Washington County Militia, are hereby required to attend on the 1st Monday in October next, at Major John HEATON’s, on Ten Mile Creek, and at Isaac ISRAEL’s, near Muddy Creek, on 3rd Monday, which are the days appointed by law for mustering. Those who do not attend in their uniform, may expect to be returned to their former stations. /s/  Joseph KERR, Capt., Sep 17.
            The following are the names which have been returned, as having voluntarily engaged, and whose attendance will be expected.
(List includes…)
John GUTHREY, jun.

Saturday, April 11, 1795
(Did not copy page 111. This looks like lists of letters left at the post office.)
James WIthrow, care of John GUTHRIE, esq.

Saturday, October 24, 1795
List of Letters remaining at the Post Office in Greensburgh, Octobert 1, 1795
John GUTHRIE, Beaver Run

Saturday, May 14, 1796
List of letters remaining in the Post Office in Greensburgh
John GUTHRIE, near Greensburgh

End Source.

SOURCE: Pittsburgh Gazette Abstracts 1797-1803, by Clara E Duer, Closson Press, Apollo, PA., 1986, US/CAN 974.886 B38d v.2, FHL

Westmoreland County, ff.
A list of causes for Trial at December Term, 1797.
Jennet BROWNLEE vs J. GUTHRIE, et als

Westmoreland County, ff.
A list of causes for trial at March Term 1798.
Jennet BROWNLEE vs. John GUTHRIE al.
Jas. GUTHRIE Register  vs.  Terence CAMPBELL

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office, Greensburgh, Jan. 1, 1798

Saturday, April 28, 1798
Land to be sold at a public sale at the Court House in Greensburgh on Friday, 4 May next by James BRADY, Sheriff. This includes 440 acres on waters of Crooked Creek belonging to Peter ALTMON, adjoining the lands of John YOUNG, John ROWLEY, and JAMES GUTHRIE.

Saturday, June 2, 1798
Property of William GUTHRIE to be sold at public auction at the suit of NYHOFF and CLAASEN, 200 acres situate in Washington Twp, adjoining lands of JOHN GUTHRIE and others.

Saturday, July 28, 1798
Allegheny County, ff.
A List of causes to be tried at September Term, 1798.

Saturday, August 25, 1798.
(Probably Letters remaining at the Post Office in Greensburgh)
George MILLAR or Robert MILLAR, care of James GUTHREY
Robert or James MILLAR, care of James GUTHREY

Saturday, October 13, 1798
The Return of the Election of 2 districts of Allegheny county were not received when this paper was put to press. We shall obtain a correct statement for our next.
            Return of Election in Westmoreland County
                                    William TODD                        907
                                    John SMILIE                        848
                                    James GUTHRIE            824
                                    Samuel KING                        1708
                                    Presley Carr LANE            909
                                    John KUNTZ                        1053
                                    Joseph BALDRIDGE            1048
                                    John KIRKPATRICK            842
                                    Michael RUGH, John WRIGHT, Abraham HENDRICKS
                                    Henry ALHOUSE, Jeremiah MURRAY

Saturday, November 17, 1798
Allegheny County, ff.
A List of Causes for trial at December Term, 1798.

Saturday, November 24, 1798
Letters remaining at the Post Office in Greensburgh
Revd Joseph HENDERSON, Conemagh settlement, care of JAMES GUTHRIE, in Greensburgh.

Saturday, February 2, 1799
Letters remaining at the post office in Greensburgh
Robert STORY, care of JAMES GUTHRIE 3

Allegheny County, ff
List of Causes to be tried at March Term, 1799.
ROBERT GUTHRIE  vs  David Miller

Saturday, February 16, 1799
Westmoreland County, ff.
A List of Causes for Trial at March Term, 1799.
JAMES GUTHRIE vs. Andrew Campbell

Saturday, April 27, 1799.
Letters in the Post Office at Greensburgh, Westmoreland County, on the last day of March 1799.

John WRIGHT, jun, Forks of Yough, care of JAMES GUTHRIE

Saturday, May 18, 1799
Allegheny, ff.
List of Causes to be tried at June Term, 1799.

Saturday, July 20, 1799
Letters remaining in the Post Office in Greebsburgh, the last day of June 1799.
John FERGUSON, jun, care of JAMES GUTHRIE, Greensburgh.

Saturday, November 23, 1799
List of Causes, Westmoreland County (include…)

Friday Evening, June 9, 1801
List of Letters in Pittsburgh Post Office on January 1, 1801 (includes…)

Friday Evening, April 10, 1801
List of Letters includes…. Wm GUTTRIE

SOURCE: The People and Times of Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Gazette Abstracts, 1812-1816, Volume 4, by Clara E Duer, Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society, Pittsburgh, PA, US/CAN 974.886 B38d v.4, FHL

Friday, December 3, 1813
Articles of Association of the “Westmoreland Bank of Pennsylvania”.
The president and directors resolved, that books of subscription for the capital stock of the bank be opened on the second Monday in December next, at the following places, and under the direction of the following Commissioners: 
            In Greensburgh, at the house of Simon DRUM, sen.—Simon DRUM, jun, Samuel JACK, SAML GUTHRIE, Esq, Robert WILLIAMS, and Michl. P. CASSILLY, commissioners.
(Similar lists for New Alexandria, Mount Pleasant, Youngstown, Laughlinstown, Robbstown, Dunbar’s Tavern, Stewart’s Tavern, Littanning, Indiana, Somerset, Pittsburgh, Stoystown, and Bedford.

Wednesday, October 12, 1814
Samuel GUTHRIE is listed for Westmoreland County as an appointed member of a sub-committee

SOURCE: The People and Times of Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Gazette Abstracts, 1817-1820, Volume 5, by Clara E Duer, Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society, Pittsburgh, PA, US/CAN 974.886 B38d v.5, FHL

January 2, 1817
Sheriff’s Sale.
By virtue of sundry writs of Venditioni Exponas issued out of the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny co., and to me directed, will be exposed to sale, at the Court House in the city of Pittsburgh, on Monday, the 13th day of January, inst. At 2 o’clock P.M…..
(3rd property)
And also all the right, title, interest and claim of JAMES GILLESPIE, of, in and to a certain lot or piece of ground, situate in PLUMB TWP., bounded and described as follows: Beginning on a street 3 perches wide, at the corner of JAMES GUTHRIE’s lot, no. 5, and running by the said lot, no.5, east 11 perches, thence north 4 perches to the corner of Thomas SALKELD’s lot, no.3, and thence by the said lot… The last mentioned piece of ground for the use of a shipyard and for not other use whatever. Seized and taken in execution and to be sold by /s/ L. STEWART, Sheriff. Jan. 2. 

SOURCE: Marriages, Deaths, Obituaries and other Noteworthy Items from the Pittsburgh Gazette and Manufacturing and Mercantile Advertiser, March 16 – July 24, 1820 exclusive, The Pittsburgh Gazette Dec 27, 1822 – September 27,1825 inclusive, The Pittsburgh Post Sept 27, 1829 – July 26, 1833 inclusive, by Paul K Heckethorn, Closson Press, US/CAN 974.886 B38hp, FHL

Friday, August 17, 1832
Died on Sunday, evening, last at 5 o’clock A.M.; JOHN GUTHRIE of this city. He was a soldier of the Revolutionary War. He was born in CARLISLE, [Cumberland County], PA. on January 11, 1739.  He served under Gen. Armstrong in 1774. In 1776, he served under Gen. Lacey. He continued in the service to this country until 1779, when his war wounds compelled him to retire. –Short obituary. ‘Democrat’Ann’s Note: This obituary refers to Branch E’s Guthrie line. John was the son of Robert & Bridget (Dougherty) Guthrie and the widower of Sarah Ann Davis.

Ann’s Note: This obituary refers to Branch E’s Guthrie line. John was the son of Robert & Bridget (Dougherty) Guthrie and the widower of Sarah Ann Davis.

SOURCE: Allegheny Pennsylvania Estate Index (

Isabella Guthrie (img 392 of 856)
            DOD: May 14, 1883
            S. Fayette Twp
            Personal Rep:            James Guthrie, admr
            Proceedings Index: Vol 25   /  Page 236  / Block 9

Images for Guthrie “J” Given Names begins at img 461 of 856.

Guthrie, James
            Wm E Gaw, gdn
            Vol 25 / page 378 / Blk 10

Guttery, John B
            DOD: Nov 27, 1881
            Pgh 32 Wd
            Sophia M Guttery admx
            Vol 25 / page 378 / Blk 8

Guthrie, Joseph L K
                        E K
            DOD: Dec 8, 1892
            Gilbert F Meyer, admr
            Vol 25 / page 379 / 3

James A Guthrie
            5 Dec 1901
            James T Miller, admr
            Vol 25 / page 379 / Blk 2

John McK Guthrie
            Aug 30, 1948
            Mary G Guthrie admx
            Vol 69 / page 97 / Blk 11

Josephine Guthrie
            Feb 1, 1961
            Vol 84 / page 20 / Blk 9

Johanna Ruth Guthrie
            Nov 4 1971
            Charles R Guthrie exr
            Vol 96 / Page 11 / Blk 2
            #5162 (1971)

To use the Orphan’s Court Dockets: See Estate Index > Estate Index leads to Proceedings Index > Proceedings Index shows correct Orphans Court Docket Vol 25 = img 393 of 930.

SOURCE: Allegheny County Proceedings Index

Block 10 
            William E GAW, dgn
            GDN Appt
            OC Vol 8 p 296 No 43 
           March 1850

Block 8
John B Guttery admx            Docket            Vol            Pg            Novemer 27 1881
            Record of Death            RD                        3            350            Pgh            32            Wd
            Letters of Adm            Bd                        37            211

More on p 379, img.394.

SOURCE: Orphans’ Court Docket 2C, Allegheny County, PA. 1831-1838, Abstracted by K.T.H. Mcfarland, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Archives – Vol 4, Closson Press, Apollo, OA, US/CAN 974.885 B4m v.4


p.57 #14 GUTHRIE, (—), decd.
WILLIAM W. GUTHRIE, a minor over 14, chose Samuel Kingston to be his guardian.


SOURCE: Partition Dockets 1, 2, & 3 Allegheny County, PA 1858-1873, Abstracted by KTH McFarland, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Archives – Vol.7, Closson Press, Apollo, PA., US/CAN 974.885B4m v.7


p.219            #3            McKEE, ALEXANDER, dec’d.            – July 1, 1871
On petition of ROBERT B. GUTHRIE of Stowe Twp., guardian of the minor children of CATHARINE GUTHRIE, dec’d, stating that ALEXANDER McKEE, late of Robinson Twp., decd, died Feb. 3, 1867, leaving a widow ELLEN (who died Sept. 14, 1867) & three children (& their heirs), to wit: ANDREW, having issue – OLIVIA & ELLEN (minors & wards of ALEXANDER CHAMBERS); MARIA LOUISA, wife of JAMES McGUNNIGLE, leaving issue – DAVID K., JANE, ALEXANDER McK. & MARIA LOUISA (the last three minors); and CATHARINE (who died April 8, 1866), wife of R.B. GUTHRIE, leaving issue –ELLA, MARTHA, MARIA LOUISA, KATE, MARY K. & ALEXANDER McK. (all minors & wards of the petitioner., adjoining land of THOMAS McKEE, ANDREW McKEE & the Ohio River (excepting two tracts totaling ten acres, previously sold to ZERI W. REMINGTON & LORENZ HUFNAGLE). The court appointed JAMES McGINNIGLE to be the guardian of his minor children.
                                                                                                Nov. 14, 1871
The property was to be divided into 3 portions.

SOURCE: Orphans’ Court Docket I, Allegheny County, PA. 1789-1820, Abstracted by KTH McFarland, Clossen Press, Apollo, PA. US/CAN 974.885 B4m v.1


p.61   #258            LAUGHRY, EDWARD, decd. – June 1801

            On petition of MARGARET GUTHRIE (late MARGARET LAUGHRY), administratrix of EDWARD LAUGHRY, late of Pittsburgh, decd, the court directed that JOHN DARRAGH & JOHN PARK, guardians of DANIEL LAUGHRY, bind the said minor to JOHN DOBBINS “to be taught the art and mystery of cabinet making” & to 18 months of night schooling.

SOURCE: Will Book 6, Allegheny Co., PA, 1845-1850, Abstracted by KTH McFarland, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Archives – Vol. 9, Closson Press, Apollo, PA. US/CAN 974.885 B4m v.9, FHL

p.333            #236            GUTHRIE, NANCY


Mentions:         Money from father’s estate (WM GILLELAND, trustee)
Executor:          Husband REV THOMAS GUTHRIE
Witness:            WM. DUNCAN, SAMUEL MARSHALL
Dated:                April 6, 1847            
Recorded:         Oct. 26, 1847