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A Brief History of the Guthrie Family‘ by Seymour Guthrie, 1889, Chicago
Focus: GFG2A – Branch F – John Guthrie & Abigail Coe and Descendants
Online Access: Ancestry Collections

American Guthrie and Allied Families‘ by Laurence R. Guthrie, 1933, Kerr Print, Chambersberg, PA.
Focus: Guthries of PA, CT, MD, DE, VA, NC, SC
Online Access: Open Library, Ancestry Collections
Also: Correspondence & Notes at Family Search

Early Virginia Guthries and their Kentucky Descendants‘ by Joseph A Guthrie, 1946, Kansas City, MO
Focus: Colonial Virginia Guthries
Online Access: Internet Archive, Family Search

Records of the Guthrie Family of Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Virginia‘ by Harriet N and Eveline Guthrie Dunn, 1898, Chicago, IL
Focus: GFG2A – Branch F – John Guthrie & Abigail Coe and Descendants
Online Access: Internet Archive

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SOURCE: Index to War of 1812 Pension Files, Volume II: G-M, transcribed by Virgil D White, pp891-892

– David
, see case of Robert Ridgway, W)-5959, srv Capt Isaac Tinsley’s Co VA Mil

– Presley or Presley
, SC-4628, sd 19 Aug 1874, serv Capt William Obanion’s Co VA Mil, lived Fauquier Cty VA 1850-5 & Livingston Cty MD 1871

– Jesse, Jane,
W0-3733, srv Capt Abner Barrett’s Co OH Mil
– John, Elizabeth H., W0-44823, srv as a Teamster in KY Vols
– Presley, See Presly Gutheridge

– Abner,
Old War IF-#14665 Rea, serves as Ordain Sgt in 2nd Regt US Arty
– Anselmn or Anslem Guthry or Anslem Guthrie, SC-8730, Matilda (Guthrie) m 14 Jun 1822 Limestone Cty AL, sd about 1878, srv John Kennedy;’s Wiley Huddleston’s Co’s TN Mil, lived Union Cty IL 1851-71
– Benjamin, Rebecca (McMurtry) WC-10490, S0-26707 Rej, m 15 Aug 1841 Anderson Cty SC, sd 24 Oct 1873, wd about 1901, srv Capt John P Benson’s Co SC Mil, lived Anderson Cty SC & did also lived Greenville Cty SC 1888
– Daniel, Old War IF-#27910, srv Capt Odell’s Co US Inf as a Pvt
– Ephraim, SC-7974, Nancy (Blackwell) m 15 Dec 1811 Halifax Cty VA, srv Isaac Medley’s Co VA Mil, lived near Halifax Cty VA 1852-71
– Francis, Catherine, W0-40887, srv as a Capt in GA Mil
– Georeg G, Sidney Ann, W0-45027, srv Cape Nathaniel Pinkham’s Co NC Mil, alleged
– Harvey, Harriet N., W)-39988, S0-4273, srv Capt Levi Lacy’s Co NY Mil as a Pvt
– Henry P.. Mary C. (Stedman) WC-25560, m 19 Dec 1818 York Cty VA, sd 24 Nov 1869 Martins Ferry OH, wd 30 Nov 1883, srv Clayborn’s VA Mil, lived Ohio Cty VA & Belmont Cty OH
– James, Margaret (Phillips) WC-5610, SC-10541, m 7 Apr 1814 Casey Cty KY, sd 30 Mar 1873 Nodaway Cty MO, srv Robert B McAfee’s Co KY Mil, lived Buchanan & Nodaway Ctys MO
– John, see case of Prudentia Gravosz former widow of Alexander Fowler & daughter of John Guthrie, Old War WF-#14235 Rea, also see Peter Graves’ BLW #41216-120-55
– John, SC-24898, Mary (New) m 4 Jul 1821 Halifax VA, srv Capt George Booker’s Co VA Mil, lived in Halifax Cty VA
– Jonathan, Sarah (Dobbins) WC-27319, m 12 Apr 1821 Adams Cty OH, sd 17 Oct 1864 Jefferson Cty IL, wd about 1888, srv Capt V Geesey’s Co PA Mil, lived in Jefferson Cty, IL
– Moses, SC-9110, Charity (Reaugh) m 5 Apr 1841 Columbus IL, srv Capt Thomas Joyce’s CO KY Mil, lived Adams Cty IL 1851-71
– Robert, Amy (Ent) WC-27655, m 24 jun 1819 Butler Cty OH, sd 7 Apr 1842 Cincinnati OH, wd 1 Nov 1882, srv Ephraim Brown’s Co OH Mil, win lived Hamilton & Butler Ctys OH, 1st wife was Hannah (McGillard)
– Robert, Old War IF-#10208, srv as Pvt in Capt (Snymer’s ?) Co 1st US inf as a Pvt

– Robert, Acenith (Motherel) WC-18913, m 19 May 1820 Wilson Cty TN, sd 29 May 1855 Sumner Cty TN, srv Capt William McCall’s Co TN Mil, lived Sumner Cty TN, wid there 1878
– Robert, Castilla (Simpson) WC-23400, SC-13387, m 12 Oct 1817 Glascow PA, sd 15 Jun 1874 Wetzel Cty WVA, wd 25 Apr 1879 Halls Mills WVA, srv Capt Samuel Kennedy’s Co VA Mil, lived Wetzel Cty WVA
– Vincent, Sarah (Stowe) WC-26051, S0-17068 Rej, m 28 Aug 1817 Person Cty NC, sd 27 Feb 1872 Cerulean Spring KY, srv Samuel Carter’s VA Mil, lived Trigg Cty KY
– William, Old War IF-#25127, srv Capt Nathan Towson’s Co US Arty as Pvt & Arty Driver
– William, SC-4374, Hannah (Troy) m 9 Aug 1818 Clermont Cty OH, sd about 1878, srv Moses Davis’ & John Houk’s Co. TN Mil, lived Madison Cty IN 1850-55 & Clark Cty IL 1871
– William, SC-12266 or 12268, Elizabeth (Rigney) m 9 Jan 1823 Orange Cty IN, srv Brown’s Co OH Mil, lived Orange Cty IN 1850-71

– Anslem or Anselmn Guthrie or Anslem Guthrie

– William
, Old War IF-#1468, srv as a Pvt in 19th US Inf in 1814

– William
, SC-4195, Mary (Cawgill) m 19 May 1814 Warren Cty OH, srv Capt William B Fordyce’s Co OH Mil, lived Warrant Cty OH 1850-71