Territory: 4 June 1812
Statehood: 10 Aug 1821
Counties: 114
Independent Cities: 1





Created 16 November 1820 from part of Howard County. It was settled primarily from the states of the Upper South, especially Kentucky and Tennessee.

Brief Biographical Sketches of some of the Early Ministers of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Second Series, by Richard Beard, DD, Nashville, TN 1874

Historical Foundation of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Biographical Sketches for Ministers:
Rev. Robert Guthrie, 1770MD-1843MO
Rev. James Smith Guthrie, 1793TN-1885TX
Rev. Allen Washington Guthrie, 1813TN-1891MO
Rev. Eli Guthrie, 1801TN-1837MO
Rev. William H Guthrie, 1803TN-1872MO


SOURCE: General History of Macon County, Missouri, Volume 1, by Edgar White, pp.299-302

Biographical Sketch of Capt. Ben Eli Guthrie


Created in 1845 from Andrew County, Missouri. Maryville is the County Seat. It shares a border with Iowa.  

SOURCE: The Civil War and Nodaway County, Missouri Part 1: A Border County in a Border State, by Martha L Cooper, 1989, US/CAN 977.8124 M2, FHL

Other soldiers who at one time resided in Nodaway County and served in the 1st Nebraska are: (includes) Samuel Guthrie, Co. I, enlisted 1861 and also served on the plains.

‘In 1891, Nodaway County men met to plan a fund drive for the Confederate Veterans Home at Higginsville Missouri. The home had been incorporated 17 Aug 1889 and admitted its first residents that year.’ Those assisting in Nodaway County included Virgil Gutherie.

SOURCE: The Civil War and Nodaway County, Missouri Part II: Military Data of 2,041 Civil War Soldiers, by Martha L Cooper, 1989, US/CAN 977.8124 M2cm pt.2, FHL

Guthrie, Samuel. Union. NODAWAY. Born in Illinois, moved to Nodaway County ca 1856. Enlisted in 1861, Union, Co. I, First Nebraska, remained in service until end of war and for some time after was acting as a soldier on the plains. Farmer, near Dawson. (HNC, 1882, p.532)

[Guthrie, Virgil. Solicitor for Confederate Home in Missouri, residence Burlington Jct. )Nod Dem 12 Nov 1891) Born ca 1853 and came to Nodaway County in 1855.]

Guthrie (Guthery), William, Union. NODAWAY. Served in Company K, 4th MO State Militia, Cavalry, enlisted 10 may 1862 Nodaway County, discharged 13 May 1865. Age 19, 5’8” light hair and complexion, single, farmer at enlistment; born in Vermillion, Illinois; residence Nodaway County. (MO Archives, roster). Special census: Private Co. K, 4 mO St Cav. 2 Oct 1861 – Apr 1864 & Co H, 25 MO S. Inf, Sep 1864-June 1865. PO Braddyville, Iowa (1890).

SOURCE: Direct Index to Circuit Court Records, Nodaway County, Missouri, US/CAN Microfilm 1006947, FHL


Gutherie, S.F.  – John F Shearer  – B – 3,4,10,14,67,81,143,155,158,225
Guthrie, Michael – James S. Pringle – B – 50,71
Guthrie, Samuel F. – George Lloyd – B – 128,153,167
Guthrie, Samuel F admr – Cyrus W. Hardesty et al – E – 524


Guthrie, Samuel F. – James H. Sanders – A – 335,337
Guthrie, Samuel & – John Sanders Jr – A – 442
Guthrie, Shearer F. – Isaac & John Curd – B – 226
Guthrie, Irwin – William Johnston – E – 526,638,F12,F48
Guthrie, Joseph – State of Missouri – H – 469,474,498,531,559,561,569

SOURCE: Index to Deeds, v.1-2, 1845-1870, Nodaway County Missouri, Recorder of Deeds, US/CAN Microfilm 1006768, FHL

SOURCE: Abstracted Newspaper Index of Nodaway County Missouri 1869-1900, by Patricia Combs O’Dell and Vickey Sanders Baumli, US/CAN 977.8124 B32o, FHL

ND = Nodaway Democrat.p.160 
Guthery, Maria c Uriah Baxter
Guthrey, Emma c Milton Lamme
Guthrie, C.V. sf S.F., of Standard, Logan Col, Okla orders Democrat. S.F. was a former judge in Noda. Co. ND 11 Feb 1897
Guthrie, Charles V. sf S.F. wed Marietta Stansberry at Standard, Okla. ND 10 Mar 1898
Guthrie, Cordella c S. Combs
Guthrie, Emma, 23, d. 17 Oct 1873, Hopk ND 06 Nov 1873.
Guthrie, Henrietta c John Tibbs
Guthrie, James, 77yr, enlisted Harrodsburg, Ky, wed Margaret Phillips; in old soldiers of Noda. Co. ND 24 May 1871
Guthrie, James, 80, b. Boyle co., Ky,; d. 30 Mar 1873. ND 10 Apr 1873
Guthrie, James B. wed Henrietta Wiseman. ND 03 Nov 1881
Guthrie, John wed Mrs Eliza Cohn. ND 30
Guthrie, Judge c Jennie Thomas
Guthrie, Judge vis dau Mrs Jessie Jones at Cleardale, KS. ND 27 May 1886
Guthrie, Lucy c L.D. Hendenbrook
Guthrie, Madora A. c John W. Vert
Guthrie, Margaret c Nanmore Nolen
Guthrie, Mitchel; AOF; from Ill; in Noda co 23 yrs. ND 15 Jan 1879
Guthrie, Perry wed Oceania Wifley, 13 Aug. ND 24 Aug 1882
Guthrie, S.F.,  moving to Logan co, Okla from BJct. ND 04 Feb 1892, ND 11 Feb 1892: now of Okla. ND 13 Jan 1898: to Guthrie, Okla. ND 03 Mar 1892.
Guthrie, S.F. fam reunion in Standard, Okla. Virgil Guthrie and Mrs John Vert of Mvle there; others of Okla; gives names. ND 26 Oct 1893
Guthrie, S.F. c Joseph Thompson
Guthrie S.F.’s mother, 82, D 15 Jan. ND 20 Jan 1876
Guthrie, S.F.’s son, 8, d. spinal meningitis. ND 12 mar 1874
Guthrie, Samuel;s dau, b 16 Jul 1884, father 38, b Illinois, far; mother Estella, 28, b Can; ret by Dr R.F. McClain. ND 28 Aug 1884
Guthrie, Sarah c Isaac Davault
Guthrie, V.A. & sis Mrs John Vert all of nr Wilcox, will vis father Judge Guthrie nr Standard, Okla. ND 12 Oct 1893: V.A. & sis Mrs John Vert vis par M & S.F. Guthrie at Standard, Okla. ND 24 Mar 1898
Guthrie, V.A. (Mrs.) c Ida Nessel
Guthrie, Virgil c Ella Vert
Guthrie, Virgil (M&) c Mrs J.D. Vert
Guthrie, Virgil A.’s son, nee. ND 16 Mar 1893
Guthrie, William wed Rebecca Barker df Sam, 29 Aug 1872. ND
Guthrie, William wed Mary J. Ivins/Irvines, 05 Jun 1853. NC
Guthrie, Wm; AOF. ND 17 Apr 1879
Guthry, Michael, estate; Perry Guthry, excr. P.C. ND 12 Nov 1891; final estate settlement. ND 27 Jul 1893

SOURCE: Past and Present – of – Nodaway County Missouri – Volume 1, B.F. Bowen & Company, 1910, US/CAN 977.8124 H2 v.1, FHL